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Sam could feel the pain in the atmosphere when he came back to the penthouse. He had left Ruby and Michael to talk, knowing that he couldn't interfere or try to influence either of them. Ruby needed to find the memories on her own because Michael needed her to, not because Sam wanted her too.

But as he walked back into the penthouse and saw his son standing at the office window looking out at the city, a part of his heart broke. Michael was standing exactly how Sam stood when he was faced with horrible thoughts and unable to process them - forehead pressed to the always cool glass, staring at the dots of people moving and not trying to let the thoughts in his head crash over him.

Taking a deep breath, he moved silently behind his son and just let his arms come down on Michael's shoulders, and them gently pulled him back against his chest. They both stared out the window together, not speaking. The only thing that shifted was Michael's hand which eventually reached up to hold his father's.

"It will eventually be alright, son," he said softly after awhile, resting his chin on the top of Michael's head. "The most important thing is that she's back, and trying to remember. We have all the time in the world to give her, so don't let this break you too."

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ooc: takes place after this

He waited until the next morning to call his son. Ruby was settled in a warm bubble bath and after he had sat there for awhile, he promised her he would be just in the living room as he went to feed Buster and then pick up the phone.

How was Sam going to explain to Michael that his mother didn't remember him? It was one of the fears he was certain his son had, and now it had come true. But Sam had to be the optimist and could only hope that once she saw her baby boy in flesh and blood in front of her, something would spark and fill in those holes Hell had left in her.

It wasn't too late in Switzerland, so he dialed his son's cell phone and hoped he wasn't interrupting anything important between him and Tara.
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OOC: Goes with this. Michael is [ profile] herecmestrouble and used with permission

She is the sunlight.
The sun is gone.
- Trading Yesterdays "She is the Sunlight"

Ruby always went on jobs on her own. That wasn't what worried Sam. It was her way of relieving stress sometimes - go off on a small case, beat up a few demons and come back and take a long hot shower or else... well, that was another way they both burned off stress.

Sam sat up in bed reading until he fell asleep, waiting for her. It wasn't like her to take that long on a routine matter. He tried to call her again before bed, but it went to voicemail. If she was working, she wouldn't answer her phone. Maybe she needed to wait until late to hunt whatever she was after.

He was expecting her to come in during the night and wake him up by pressing her cold body against his back and wanting to share his warmth. But when he woke up and her half of the bed was still cold, that was when he started to worry.

It got worse when she didn't answer her cell phone still in the morning. It took him seconds to dress and then without even meeting his son for breakfast like planned, he went straight to the library and grabbed Bobby's journal and headed right for a spell room.

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The dangers of having a child had always been present in Sam's mind, long before Ruby had found out she was pregnant. When the reality of Michael coming into the world finally stuck in his head, Sam had done everything he could to make the nursery into a virtual fortress within a fortress. He was not going to let any demon near his son... except his mother, of course.

But Sam knew that there was going to be a danger. That six month birthday was the keystone. He had done so much research into baby development and why six months was so important in the plan that Azazel had once had. He learned that it was around that time in a baby's development that they started to show independent thoughts and actions.

The medics couldn't confirm if Michael was fully human or a half-blood like this father. Mutters of his son being an anti-christ were looked at with angry eyes from his father and harsh words from both parents. Their son was a perfect, innocent child and anyone who had an issue with his existence was given the offer to leave.

So as the day came, Sam worried that someone would slip through. A demon ally who had turned traitor - there were many times he had ended up attacked within his own walls - or worse, a human who wanted to make Michael into a weapon against this peace. He wasn't going to let his child be turned into a pawn in this war.

All of this led to Sam fortifying the nursery on the night before Michael hit that milestone. There was a salt line across the door and Sam sat in the rocking chair as the baby slept, a shotgun in his lap as he read a book. There was a coffee maker in the room, and Sam kept himself up.

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ooc: this is also a request for [ profile] enjoythe_ride who wanted a Sam/Bela kiss on the nose. Bela and their children are used with permission and love

"And then Cindy-ella got a purdy dress!"


"And gwass swippers!"

"It's glass SLIPPERS, dufus."

"Daddy! Mickey cawwed me a dufus!"

Sam looked down at the two children curled up next to him. He was sitting in Sophia's bed - just barely able to fit - with his daughter in his lap trying to see the pictures in the big fairytale book he was reading from. Michael was sitting next to him, wedges between the wall and his father's hip, his head managing to sneak over enough to see the pictures as well, even if it was a girly story and he didn't really care.

"Hey guys, do you want to hear the story or not? Mommy's going to be home soon and you both need to be asleep by then."

"Sorry, daddy," they both said, and curled up closer to Sam so he could keep reading.

"and so then the fairy grandmother turned the pumpkin into a coach and told Cinderella that she had to be back by midnight, or everything would turn back to normal..."


Bela came back home to a quiet home, smiling as she put the keys on the table and her jacket in the closet. "Sam? Are you awake?" she called softly into the house, not wanting to wake the children. However, when her husband didn't reply, she made her way towards the bedrooms to see where everyone was.

As she opened Sophia's room, her hand came to her mouth to hold back to sound of her intake of breath. Sam was slumped in the bed, half sitting and half starting to slide out as long leg was already on the floor. Sophia was curled tightly against his chest and one of Sam's arms held her close. The other arm was wrapped around Michael and he tried not to fall between the bed and the wall from his spot against Sam's side.

Walking into the room quietly, she picked up the book from the floor and put it on the bookshelf. She then walked over and ran a hand through Sam's hair. "Sam, wake up," she said softly.

He whimpered, his hands instinctively clutching his kids tighter to him as he opened his eyes. He saw Bela and gave her a sleepy smile. "Hey, didn't hear you come in."

"Well, you look completely adorable right now, so I will forgive your lack of hunter instincts this time." She leaned down and kissed his nose. "Though I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous."

He got a goofy half-asleep smile at the kiss, then looked at her in confusion. "Why?"

"Here I am, out working hard to pay for everything, and I come home to find you in bed with not only a beautiful girl draped across your chest, but a handsome young man clinging to you. Maybe I should go back out and find myself someone to snuggle with tonight."

Sam sighed and gave her a pitiful look. "Would you feel better if I told you my neck is killing me from having fallen asleep like this?"

Bela considered a moment, then smiled. "I can make do with that." She moved to pick Sophie up off Sam's chest, and the little girl didn't even wake up as she curled into her mother's arms. "Put Michael to bed, and then I'll help massage that neck of yours before I get some snuggle time with you."

Getting out of the bed, Sam picked his son up, holding him close. He watched Bela a moment as she knelt down to tuck Sophia back in before heading out of the room and across the hall to Michael's. Laying his son down, he smoothed the tousled hair and kissed the boy's forehead before heading back into the hallway. Bela met him there, and Sam wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning down to kiss her gently.

"So now do I need to read you a story before bed as well?" he asked her, taking her hand and they walked towards their bedroom.

"I'm sure I can think of easier ways for you to help me get to sleep," Bela teased, turning to walk backwards into the bedroom. "After all, I already know how this fairy tale ends."

"How's that?"

Bela just smiled. "Happily Ever After."
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ooc: using the prompt picture after the rain

Sam stood at his office window, looking down at the city. There was something about it just after a storm had washed away from of the grime... the smog was parted for just a bit, and it looked beautiful. His city. His achievements all there for him to see with a small rainbow even if the sun hit the water molecules just the right way.

His city... but it wasn't. Not anymore. Today he was going to give the controls over to his son for the first time. Michael was in his mid-twenties, and it was time for him to start taking on these types of responsibilities. It was an empire and Michael was the prince. If the king ever fell, he would have to take up the mantle permanently...

Sam was worried, though. It wasn't that he didn't think his son could handle it - hell, look at half the things Sam had done in his own 25th year of life - but it was the protective father in him. He still looked at his son and remembered how tiny he had been in his arms when he was born. How Sam had nurtured and raised him over the years and now he couldn't deny that he had not done his job.

It was the fear in the unknown that clenched his heart and made this hard. Fear that doing this was putting his son in more danger than normal. Fear that with Sam gone, the Triad would attack. Michael didn't have the three hundred years of experience dealing with demons and there would be one thing Sam hadn't taught him yet that would be Michael's downfall.

Sam couldn't bear to lose his only son to that kind of mistake.

But Ruby was going to take him on this vacation no matter what, so it was time to do that. He had texted his son to come to his office, so it was now just a matter of waiting and getting up the nerve to see beyond the storm and hope that it was a rainbow that lay beyond, and not destruction.
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ooc: in response to this. Michael and Bela ([ profile] enjoythe_ride) are used with love and permission.

Sam couldn't believe it. He had seen it with his own eyes, but still it was too amazing to have happened.

His baby boy walked. Ran. Right to him.

The pride going through him just wasn't something he could even measure. Mikey was growing up so fast and Bela was the one who witnessed all of the firsts. Dean had told him that it was normal when Sam pouted after missing each one, but this memory was going to be his.

Dinner was forgotten as he spent the next hour putting Mikey on the ground, letting him explore the world now on two legs. He winced the few times his son took a bad fall, but watched him just pick himself up and keep trying.

He had learned months ago now that his son was smart and could figure a lot of things out for himself. But it was moments like this where Sam was reminded about that. However, when Michael was about to take a header into the television stand, Sam was up and grabbed him before anything was broken or bruised.

The sound of keys in the door got Sam's attention and he went into the hallway. Bela was just stepping in, tossing her keys on the table when Sam appeared a few feet away from her, Michael in his arms. "Hey."

"Hey." Bela looked towards the kitchen. "Something happen? I don't see dinner ready."

"You could say that." Leaning down, Sam put their son on the ground on his two feet. "Go to Mommy."

Michael smiled his chubby baby grin and started to walk to Bela with his arms out. Bela gasped, watching as their son made it about eight steps, then fell forward onto his hands and knees. He stayed there for a second, then kept crawling to get to her, laughing.

Sam leaned against the wall, arms crossed as he watched Bela pick Michael up and hug him, then kiss his baby belly. "He did it.. he really did it..." Bela walked over, and Sam pulled them both close, kissing Bela quickly.

"Yes, he did." Sam grinned.

"But that doesn't give you an excuse not to have made dinner."

Sam rolled his eyes, then looked at Michael and shook his head. "We can never win. Remember that."

Michael's only answer was a giggle and clapping his hands together happily.
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ooc: Birthday Fic for [ profile] enjoythe_ride

"Shhhhh, don't wake her up..."

"Be careful Mikey..."

"Can I kiss her 'wake like a pwince?"

"No, stupid. That's Dad's job."

So much for the silent approach. Sam watched as Bela's eyes opened from the spot in the bed he had left her earlier that morning. Caught in the doorway, Michael held a tray of food while Sam held onto the youngest Talbot child that waved a crayon picture in the air. "Mommy's 'wake!" Sophia shouted, and realizing it was useless, Sam put her down.

The three year old was in the bed instantly, arms around Bela's neck as she kissed her cheek. "Happy Birthday Mommy! Look, I made you a pwincess and daddy is a pwince and I'm a fairwy and Michael's a big ugly fwog!"

"Hey, I'm not a frog!"

Sam moved quickly, grabbing the tray from his son as Michael jumped onto the bed and chased after his sister. He sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over to give her a quick kiss, and then put the tray on her lap. "Happy Birthday," he said.

"Thank you. For everything." She looked at the kids wrestling on the edge of the bed, then at the tray. Sam had taken care to make everything that she liked, the kids eating while he had cooked. Michael had helped him with the tray, and ran outside to pick a few flowers for the vase on the edge by her cup of coffee.

"Well, there's one last thing." He shifted a bit, pulling out a small package from his pocket and then held it out to her. "For you."

"You shouldn't have," she grinned though as she took the box, pulling the ribbon off and opening the box. Inside was a diamond ring - a small stone set in an antique band. There were two smaller colored gemstones on either end. She looked up at him in shock. "Sam?"

"Well, I was thinking the other day about how in all of this, the one thing I never got to give you was an actually engagement ring. Since well... you know." He smiled a bit. "I figured it was about time, and they had a setting which let me put in side stones." He pointed at them. "That one is Michael's birthstone, and this here is Sophia's."

Bela bit on her bottom lip, doing her best not to tear up as Sam took the ring out and slid it onto her finger. It matched the band set that they had picked out a few years ago when the Vegas rings started to tarnish. Sam then kissed her hand before letting it go.

"Thank you," she said softly, looking at the ring on her hand, then reaching over for Sam to give her another kiss. They did so until the Sophia's giggling separated them. Michael had his hands over his eyes and Sophia was smiling.


"It's pwetty!"

Sam looked over at the kids and shook his head. "Ok you two, Uncle Dean is going to be here in twenty minutes. You both need to go get dressed."

With excited shouts, the two kids crawled over to hug Bela and kiss her cheek before running for their rooms. Sam got up, fixing the tray so it was sitting better on Bela's lap. "Dean's going to take the kids to the zoo for a few hours. He says that the best gift he can give you is just to stay out of your hair for the day, and he's willing to give you a few hours of peace in the process."

"That's really generous of him," Bela laughed, sipping her coffee. "What about you, Prince Charming?"

"Well, I need to clean up the mess in the kitchen, then after that, I'm all yours."

Bela smiled around the rim of her cup as she watched Sam leave to start cleaning up, thinking just of all the things she and Sam could do to celebrate her birthday while the kids were away. This was looking to be a wonderful day after all.
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It had started at the playground. Sam was getting into the habit now that springtime had come of taking baby Michael to the park. He would lather the baby up in sunscreen - no skin cancer on his son - and then sit on a blanket in the grass.

Michael was starting to learn to sit up, so Sam would stretch out on his side, reading a book while he son was propped up against his legs and playing with a swinging toy that Sam had straddling them both.

A few feet away, two mothers were playing with their infants, teaching them a word and then showing them the sign for it. After a moment, Sam put down his book and watched them.

"What are you guys doing?" he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

"Sign language." One of the mothers looked at him. "Since Cynthia can't speak yet, it's a good way for her to communicate her needs to me."

"You mean crying isn't enough?" Sam joked... he learned that wasn't something to joke about real quickly.

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When word had come along that there was a werewolf terrorizing local folks in a small Nebraskan town, Sam realized he had still yet to teach Michael about hunting werewolves. Michael had wanted his training to come from his father, and Sam actually enjoyed the outings.

Now that Michael was older, it was a bit harder to find things in which there both connected. It wasn't like how Sam had been with his own father, it was just that Michael was making his own path in the world, and Sam had chosen to take a step back and let his son make the choice on inviting his father into certain parts of his life.

Sam hoped it was the right choice. Fatherhood didn't come with an instruction manual, after all.

He just treated Michael how he had wanted to be treated growing up. It was the best option, and really the only thing he could think of as being the fairest way to do it.

So when the werewolf case came across his desk, Sam went up to their suite level and knocked on Michael's door, offering him a chance to do a bit of training. Michael had jumped at it, so they made plans to head out that night.

As Sam was packing, his eyes fell on the weapons safe. He remembered Dean and him talking about passing down the guns, and Sam remembered that he still had a box of silver bullets for them. It was probably the best time to do this and have it mean something more than just a gift.

He packed the guns and the rounds in his bag, then packed it all into the car to go.

Nebraska wasn't that far away, but it would involve them having to get a place to stay and setting up a post. Sam found it amusing that 200 years later, the crappy motels still existed with their bad designs, ugly wallpaper, and questionable sheets.

But it was familiar, and unless Michael had an objection, it was where they would end up staying while tracking this werewolf.
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It was the middle of the night when Michael started to cry. Sam groaned, hiding deeper in his pillows. Bela nudged at his shoulder. "It's your turn."

"I went last time," came the muffled response.

"No, you slept through last time," Bela pointed out, sitting up. "Come on, Sam..."

Sam pushed himself up on his elbow, half turning to face her. "How can I sleep through this?"

"Your brother sleeps through it all the time when he's here. It's genetic." She just gave him that look she did when she knew she was right and didn't see the point in him arguing. "Will you go already?!"

Sam growled and got out of bed, tossing the blankets back onto her as he stumbled out of the room in only his sweatpants and went into Michael's bedroom.

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His name was Michael John Winchester, and he was a miracle child. The son of an Immortal and a demon, blessed by angels to have this gift for their work done over two centuries.

There were prophecies written for this child. Expectations with the hopes and dreams of an organization would rest on his shoulders as he grew up to stand in the 6'4" shadow that his father cast.

Demons were going to hunt him because of this. To get at Sam and Ruby and hit them where it hurt most. Try to destroy this family that Sam had wanted for centuries now.

Today, however - Sam wasn't thinking about that. The future didn't exist beyond the dreams of a father as he stared down into the bassinet that his infant son was sleeping in. Ruby was still recovering as she slept in their bedroom, and Sam just stood there.

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“Mr. Vaughn, you're young and you're eager, and I understand that. But one thing you're not, and this is something only time can provide, really, is wise.” -Jack Bristow, Alias

It was a Tuesday night. Sam remembered it well, like he did most days of his near 300 years of life now. He had finished a meeting with one of the specialist teams and was ready to eat a cold dinner - he had missed it being warm by 2 hours now - and check on his son while Ruby went out on a "thing" she had to do.

He noticed that there was a growing pile of college pamphlets on the counter, and he flipped through them absently as he realized that Michael was actually old enough to start thinking about things like college and a future. There were times Sam still wished his boy, his miracle baby boy, was still just that - his baby.

But he knew that time went on and his son was becoming an adult before his eyes. It was a blink in his life now, but Michael was turning 17 soon... Sam chuckled as he remembered himself at 17. Interesting times.

There were a lot of pamphlets here... and envelopes that weren't open. Confusion crossed his face and finally Sam just gathered them up and headed back to the room with the loud music playing. This wasn't something Ruby would really know how to talk to Michael about - when she had been alive, college wasn't really an option - so it was going to be a father & son talk.

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ooc: follows this

Sam left the chapel and headed back down to the medical ward where he knew Ruby and Michael were waiting. Michael because he wasn't going to be leaving the ward for another day or two, and Ruby because she was his mother and that was what mother's did.

Ruby was going to get a laugh out of this - part of Sam was still laughing at the idea of his brother being bored in heaven - and perhaps it would lead to Sam being able to finally talk to his son about Dean.

Something that had been painful to do ever since Dean had died.

He watched them for a moment through the window of the door, a swelling of pride in his chest. His family - his life - and Dean was proud of him. 200 years of self doubt started to bleed away and he felt years younger as he finally opened the door and walked back into the room.
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"I'm not going to ask again, where is my son?"

Sam pressed the demon against the wall, one hand on the throat of the human as he held the guy against the wall a few inches off the ground. Gone was the business suit and tie, and founder of the Winchester Initiative. Now in a pair of dirty jeans, a flannel shirt under a faded leather jacket and military boots, Sam Winchester was a hunter, a weapon, and one pissed off father.

The demon against the wall laughed, blood dribbling out of his mouth as he laughed. "You really think I'm going to talk, Winchester? You don't scare me..."

"I don't, do I?" Sam tilted his head just a bit, lifting his free hand. Pointing his index and middle finger, the others curled, he focused his powers until the tips of them started to glow yellow. His eyes started to glow to match and he just smirked. "How about now?"

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