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Name:Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester: Brother. Hunter. Hero.

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Sam Winchester
After the tragic death of his mother on his 6 month birthday, his father, John, embarked on a quest to find what had murdered her. This led the Winchester men into the life of a hunter of demons and other things that go bump in the night. As Sam grew up, he tried pulling away from that life, even getting into law school and managing, somehow, to pretend everything was 'normal'. When his brother shows back up, however, to get Sam to help him find their father, and then his girlfriend is murdered in a way eerily similar to his mother, Sam slips into his old life again. As time passes, they will discover that the demon who killed their mother has plans in store just for Sam...

Rules of the Journal
This journal is a wank-free enviorment. Please do not bring your personal or fandom drama here. There will be spoilers in this journal with no spoiler cuts. Read at your own risk.

Want to RP?
Sam is always willing to meet new people. Feel free to introduce yourself to him in [info]sixwordstories or [info]just_postit when he posts. However, his verses are set with specific muses and are invite only. If you want to have a verse with Sam, please feel free to message him. It will depend on the mun's schedule at the time if he will be available.


Supernatural is a show on the CW and belongs to Eric Kripke. All things that are recognizable as being from the show obviously belong to him. I claim no money is being made from this journal or the posts inside. I am also not Jared Padalecki, nor do I know him or his views on the character.

There is a chance there will be content that goes into adult concepts and even exlicit adult content. I have marked this journal as such. If your underage child has worked their way around the parental controls that LJ has set up in order to view this content, then it is beyond my control. I have done my part in protecting them, and you should reprimand the child, and not me, for their actions. Thank you.

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