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Dec. 31st, 2014 03:42 pm
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Hey, this is Sam. Can't take a call right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you.

ooc:you can reach the pup or the mun this way
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Sam Winchester (26)
6'4" nerd beanpole of lovin'. Likes long walks on the beach, coffee houses with froo froo drinks, and listening to emo music. Be prepared for talking on and on about nerd topics. Probably into kinky shit if you ask, but no clown makeup. It makes him cry.



[obviously someone else wrote up the bio. >.>]
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This was a long time coming... Sam kinda exploded on me in the last year, and I think anyone who comes here new might want to know just how many Sams live in this journal.

So here is the breakdown of the verses. More to be added as they come along:

List O'Doom )

Updated last on May 15th, 2010. Total Verses: 29 (not counting open or undefined)
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Off on a business trip. Be back Friday evening. Hopefully will have net so I am not going on Hiatus, but if you need me, ping this post and it'll go to my phone.

Later guys!!!
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So if you haven't heard through Facebook, Twitter, or me being annoying in person, I'm actually fundraising for charity. The Special Olympics of Tennessee has an event called "Over the Wall" in which instead of doing some kind of run/walk event, I get to rappel down the side of a 27 story building in downtown Nashville.

Yes, I'm crazy. But that's why many of you love me :)

However, I have to reach a $1,000 minimum to be able to actually get to take the plunge, so to speak. And I figured that, hey, I know a great way to not only do my fundraising, but to also give back to everyone who helps me help the Special Olympics.

So I'm going to be doing a Random Acts of Fiction Drive to go along with my fundraising.

Here's how it works... )

And if you just want to donate and don't want fic written, just let me know. You'll still get a big hug from me.

Also, feel free to share this post with anyone you think would be interested in supporting the Special Olympics! Even if I don't get to jump, all the money still goes to their organization so it is for a good cause.

Thanks guys!

*~ Alison ~*

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For the purposes of the AU event, demon!Sam and his Dean are swapping histories. This is just Sam's side and information that he knows. Em will be making her own determination on how she's handling a BB!demon!Dean.

More Details )
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It had been almost two years since Sam had stood in the doorway to Lana's home. Two years since he had wished her goodbye to go off and fight the devil. Fifteen months since he had sent her his Ipod with a goodbye audio file on it. And apparently when he had come out without a soul, he either had not come back, or he had but had screwed up royally.

Either way, now that he was himself again, he knew he needed to see her. He needed to let her know he was alive and that the devil was gone. To see just how her life had changed after that, and most of all, to just see if she was happy.

Leaving his brother at the motel a few towns over, Sam parked the Impala on the street and walked up to her door, and knocked on it gently. He turned a bit to look around the neighborhood as he waited for her to answer, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

He just hoped this wasn't a big mistake.


Jan. 31st, 2011 01:23 pm
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Ben got lucky. Sam? Not so much. LJ inactive icon selection really sucks for Sam Winchester. Then again, when doesn't Sam get screwed?

... dirty minds, all of you Yes, you. I know exactly what you were thinking. especially since I also went there

So yeah, scrounging money up. I think Sam wins on priority since Ben got a good luck of the draw. but still, 15 icons suck when you're used to 100+

[puts out paper cup just in case]
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People who play with me might have noticed I've slowed down a lot in playing. I've been sick for about a month now with what my doctor calls bad allergies. Which I say is a crock. but either way, some days I'm good, some days - like today - I want to physically remove my nose or shove a hoover hose up it.

Either way, Ali feels like crap, which means Sam goes at a slow pace.

Add in shit at work, as well as some personal issues... yeah.

What does that mean for Sam?

Seeing that I'm still able to at least rep for an hour or two a day, I'm not in need of any hiatus notices. I've probably made activity for all my games for this month anyway if I did fall off the face of the planet.

But Sam will be going slow, and I will try to at least answer ALL my tags each night. Hopefully I'll shake this thing soon.

After Christmas, however, I'm going to start focusing on more personal things I keep putting off. Which means that I may drop a game, or else I won't be as active as Sam "I will talk to anyone who needs a friend" Winchester normally is. I'll figure that out in the new year though, so no need to fret just yet.

But yeah. Ping me on AIM if you need me, or if it's been a few days and I haven't tagged something. I don't mind being poked. I may even giggle like the doughboy :)
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Off to ChicagoCon. Things go until 11pm and later, so i probably will not be online beyond checking e-mail before bed. So text me if you need to, and if there's Wifi at the con hotel I will tweet.

Love you!
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Sam hadn't told anyone he was alive. Ok, that wasn't true. His not-dead-yet grandfather knew he was alive. So did some cousins that Sam was still deciding on if he wanted to trust. And yeah, Bobby knew, but he was under obligation not to tell.

Dean didn't know, and that was what mattered. Bobby kept him in the loop on how his brother was doing, but otherwise he didn't go near. He wasn't about to bring him back into the insanity that was surrounding him. At least not until he figured out what was going on himself.

Which Led to this Job in Jersey... )
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In fa/ct, this isn't an Alison at all. This is an Emily posting for an Alison.

This is just to say that I'm taking over her Sam journal and am going to use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! [cackle cackle ... cough] Ahem. I mean that her business trip has taken a rather negative turn and she has found herself without internet. Business trips are clearly cruel, cruel things.

She will be back on Wednesday to do fun plotty things with you all, but for right now, there's not much she could do.

That will be all.

EDIT 9/28/10 @ noon - I HAS INTERNETS! It will probably die on me in another hour. I'm in the middle of a state park so it's not really easy for the people to get here to fix it when it goes down. So I'm on slowatius until tomorrow, but will try my best to rep as I can.
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Dean had the letter, left in the glove box with his own. It was an eventuality - if Anna ever got her memories of them back. Words he felt needed to be told to her after he was gone, whether it was a week, year, or ten years later. And it came by mail one day since Dean couldn't hand it over himself.

Letter to Anna )


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