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[ profile] 15_song_titles: I Slept With Someone

ooc: this is also a request for [ profile] enjoythe_ride who wanted a Sam/Bela kiss on the nose. Bela and their children are used with permission and love

"And then Cindy-ella got a purdy dress!"


"And gwass swippers!"

"It's glass SLIPPERS, dufus."

"Daddy! Mickey cawwed me a dufus!"

Sam looked down at the two children curled up next to him. He was sitting in Sophia's bed - just barely able to fit - with his daughter in his lap trying to see the pictures in the big fairytale book he was reading from. Michael was sitting next to him, wedges between the wall and his father's hip, his head managing to sneak over enough to see the pictures as well, even if it was a girly story and he didn't really care.

"Hey guys, do you want to hear the story or not? Mommy's going to be home soon and you both need to be asleep by then."

"Sorry, daddy," they both said, and curled up closer to Sam so he could keep reading.

"and so then the fairy grandmother turned the pumpkin into a coach and told Cinderella that she had to be back by midnight, or everything would turn back to normal..."


Bela came back home to a quiet home, smiling as she put the keys on the table and her jacket in the closet. "Sam? Are you awake?" she called softly into the house, not wanting to wake the children. However, when her husband didn't reply, she made her way towards the bedrooms to see where everyone was.

As she opened Sophia's room, her hand came to her mouth to hold back to sound of her intake of breath. Sam was slumped in the bed, half sitting and half starting to slide out as long leg was already on the floor. Sophia was curled tightly against his chest and one of Sam's arms held her close. The other arm was wrapped around Michael and he tried not to fall between the bed and the wall from his spot against Sam's side.

Walking into the room quietly, she picked up the book from the floor and put it on the bookshelf. She then walked over and ran a hand through Sam's hair. "Sam, wake up," she said softly.

He whimpered, his hands instinctively clutching his kids tighter to him as he opened his eyes. He saw Bela and gave her a sleepy smile. "Hey, didn't hear you come in."

"Well, you look completely adorable right now, so I will forgive your lack of hunter instincts this time." She leaned down and kissed his nose. "Though I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous."

He got a goofy half-asleep smile at the kiss, then looked at her in confusion. "Why?"

"Here I am, out working hard to pay for everything, and I come home to find you in bed with not only a beautiful girl draped across your chest, but a handsome young man clinging to you. Maybe I should go back out and find myself someone to snuggle with tonight."

Sam sighed and gave her a pitiful look. "Would you feel better if I told you my neck is killing me from having fallen asleep like this?"

Bela considered a moment, then smiled. "I can make do with that." She moved to pick Sophie up off Sam's chest, and the little girl didn't even wake up as she curled into her mother's arms. "Put Michael to bed, and then I'll help massage that neck of yours before I get some snuggle time with you."

Getting out of the bed, Sam picked his son up, holding him close. He watched Bela a moment as she knelt down to tuck Sophia back in before heading out of the room and across the hall to Michael's. Laying his son down, he smoothed the tousled hair and kissed the boy's forehead before heading back into the hallway. Bela met him there, and Sam wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning down to kiss her gently.

"So now do I need to read you a story before bed as well?" he asked her, taking her hand and they walked towards their bedroom.

"I'm sure I can think of easier ways for you to help me get to sleep," Bela teased, turning to walk backwards into the bedroom. "After all, I already know how this fairy tale ends."

"How's that?"

Bela just smiled. "Happily Ever After."