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Sam knew that look in his brother's eyes as he sat next to the fireplace at Bobby's place. It was the hurt and lost look. The "I don't want to talk about it" look. The "I'm hurting and I can't let myself show it."

The "I failed" look that Dean wore anytime someone died on a job. But this time Sam knew the look better than Dean could know.

It was the look Sam had worn so many times before - Jess. Dad. Madison. Dean. And even Ruby. The pain of losing someone who you loved more than just a girl in the next town, or the buddy you saw once a year if you were lucky. he knew that pain intimately, and he knew it wasn't something that you could face alone. Hell, Dean had already shown just how well he could handle it on his own.

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When he was deep inside, it wasn't about lust. Feeling himself buried to the hilt, two legs wrapped around him as he tested to see how far he could go... how far she'd let him... it wasn't because he wanted her.

There was no power play here. His back, her back - didn't matter. The slap of skin; the sliding; caress; slick and heat; It had it's own power. Magic. It brought him into the moment and made him forget about the world.

Nothing existed but the tightness around him, urging him to take and give. There may have been love, but in the heat of the moment he didn't think of it. It was a means to an end. A sharing of pleasure and hinted with an edge of pain.

Only those who got this close knew there was a hell hound behind those puppy eyes. A beast who had been whipped so many times and needed to find some release. His heart was too pure to hurt others, but in this act, it was felt.

Thrusts that rocked more than just the body under him. Teeth. Bruises that appeared for days afterward that kept a soreness that reminded them for days of that night. Feeling his skin tighten until the darkness seeped out in gasps and growls as he took.


Hearing his name from another's lips kept him grounded and getting lost in that dark side. Hazel eyes watching pleasure vibrate off his partner. Soft breaths in his ears, moans that vibrated his skin as he broke out in sweat. Fingernails gripping his skin as he gave.

This wasn't something he wanted. He needed this. A moment where he could balance the light and dark in him. A moment of focus and clarity.

A moment of love, hate, and everything in between that just grew until it exploded behind his eyes and he collapsed into waiting arms that slicked his hair back and whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

A moment where he could just be without judgment or punishment. The fate of the world didn't rest on his shoulders, just her hands squeezing out every ounce of him until there was nothing left to give.

A moment in which he was everything.


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He had accompanied Jo to the shooting range, intending to just sit back and watch her fire her weapon at the targets and few times and then go out for lunch like they had intended. That was the plan, and as the days of him being off the habit passed - minus the one setback - following a plan helped Sam get through each day.

He was working himself, writing in a little journal that he had brought to write out how he was feeling when he started to get an urge. It was a secret journal that no one was supposed to be able to look in but him, and he always kept it hidden in his back pocket.

Lately, there were two major topics. Dean, of course, and how Sam was afraid to face him. The other was about the woman who stood in front of him, firing her gun at the target until it started to make the clicking noises of an empty chamber. He knew that the feelings that were surfacing were reminiscent of those from when they had been teenagers, but still. Sometimes when he looked into her eyes, he wondered if she was feeling the same things he was.

"Seriously, Harvelle? You think you're gonna be able to take out one of the Kings with that little pea shooter you're always carrying?" Detective Megan Damon walked over, her short cropped blonde hair cutting a sharp angle around her face as she pulled off her goggles. She pulled out a larger semi-automatic, holding it up for Jo to see. "A girl's gotta make a statement, after all, when you're running with this crowd."

Meg turned and put her goggles back on, turning to the target and firing off a round until the click click made her stop. Most of the shots were in the stomach and face, nearly perfect. Jo watched, trying not to scowl as Meg leaned back, blowing smoke from the end of her gun. "That's how it's supposed to be done."

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Also for Serena's requested kiss on the forehead

It was a rainy day and the traveling circus - as Sam was getting used to calling it - had found a hotel to take over for the night. All he had heard was something about strip poker game and Sam had snuck out the door and found his room.

There were days he realized that he was probably the only sane person in this group. He had stopped counting the amount of Deans and Sams that flocked to the inter-dimensional aura that surrounded Serena, and instead just put a tag on his real brother so that he could find him in the crowd of clones.

It was around 11:30pm that Serena walked into his room, looking at Sam and then the television. "You realize that when you don't hang out with the others, you make them think that you don't like them."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "There's enough Winchester in that room to bring the world to it's knees. Missing one won't really make a difference."

"Yeah, but you should hear the things they say about you." Serana sat down next to Sam. "I swear, they gossip more than the girls at school did, and that is saying a lot."

"You have any examples you care to share?"

"Nope. You want to know, you have to come back and ask them yourself."

Sam leaned forward, dropping his voice down a bit in register. "What about if I torture you for information?" One hand slid up along her rib, a teasing tickle.

Serena tried not to laugh and pushed his hand away. "Dino won't let you torture me. The moment I cry for help, he'll have you backed up against a wall..."

"Oh really?" Sam smirked and flipped her over on the bed, pinning her to it while looking down at her with a very evil grin. "Of course, he'd have to get past the salt line. That's plenty of time to torture you." He started to tickle her again until Serena was screaming for him to stop over her laughter.

"Alright! Alright! They're talking about you having a cyberspace lover and how you have sex with your computer!" she said breathlessly.

Sam smirked and leaned down to kiss her on her forehead. "See, now that wasn't so bad. And rest assured, i do not have sex with my computer. That would be too messy, and after cleaning up after Dean that one time, I refuse to go through that again."

"What one time?" Serena asked, her eyes showing she was interested in getting some inside Dean gossip.

Sam licked his lips and smirked. Oh, Dean was going to kill him, but what the hell? It'll be fun seeing his reaction. "Well, this one time..."
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ooc: takes place during the season 2 ender. Thanks to [ profile] iluvroadrunner6 and [ profile] gusthemoose for bits of research help.

C'mere, c'mere -- lemme look atcha. Hey, look at me. It's not even that bad. It's not even that bad, alright? Sammy? SAM! Hey, we're gonna patch ya up, alright? You'll be good as new. I'm gonna take care of you. I gotcha. That's my job, right? Watch out for my pain in the ass little brother. Sam? Sam...


His eyes drifted open, having fallen asleep when he felt his brother's arms around him and the soft, white light wrapping around the fuzz in his head, laying him to rest gently. He wasn't expecting the soft voice calling his name, and it took him a moment to adjust to the bright light before his eyes focused.

"There you are. Time to wake up, sleepyhead."

Sam blinked, then sat up and rubbed at his eyes. Then he just looked at the woman kneeling next to him. "... Jess?"

Her bright smile welcomed him as her hand come to rest against his cheek. "Yeah, it's me, Sam. It's really me."

"I don't understand. How..." he brows moved in in confusion, then he looked at her in fear. "Dean?"

"He's fine. Well, not fine, but he's alive. Other than that, I don't know." She stood up, holding her hand out to help Sam stand up.

"Alive... then I'm..."

Jess nodded, squeezing his hands as Sam stood up. "I'm sorry, Sam." She pulled him into a tight hug, holding him close. Sam was hesitant, and then he hugged her back gently at first, then tightly.

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It was on the third day that Sam found her knife. Dean had gotten them to safety, hiding them from humans and angels alike until they could get their bearings. Bobby knew where they were... vaguely. They didn't need him to get involved in this at the moment.

Dean had left to get them some things. Sam... hadn't been very mobile in the time since he had been dragged from the nunnery. Dean had barely gotten him to the car, then into the bed. He had slept for almost a day, so worn out and emotionally drained that he had just hidden under the rough motel blanket and tried to ignore the world.

But all they had right now was his... Ruby's car. The few things that he had in it, which wasn't much in the way of clothing or toiletries. Just a few weapons, his laptop... not much else.

He had hoped to find himself at least a clean pair of underwear in his bag as he dug around, but instead his fingers came across the handle of her knife. Holding it for a moment, he sat on the edge of the bed, lost in thought.

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His name was Michael John Winchester, and he was a miracle child. The son of an Immortal and a demon, blessed by angels to have this gift for their work done over two centuries.

There were prophecies written for this child. Expectations with the hopes and dreams of an organization would rest on his shoulders as he grew up to stand in the 6'4" shadow that his father cast.

Demons were going to hunt him because of this. To get at Sam and Ruby and hit them where it hurt most. Try to destroy this family that Sam had wanted for centuries now.

Today, however - Sam wasn't thinking about that. The future didn't exist beyond the dreams of a father as he stared down into the bassinet that his infant son was sleeping in. Ruby was still recovering as she slept in their bedroom, and Sam just stood there.

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ooc: for [ profile] 50prompts # 7: Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate).

Sam Wesson sat in the library, his pen tapping a fast beat on the desk while he was looking through a stack of books. Researching. Trying to figure out where he was going to start in this madness of becoming a "hunter".

The Ghostfacers' website only gave so much information. The internet itself offered a lot more, but unless you know what you were really looking for, it was almost impossible to find real facts. This elusive "hunters network" didn't seem to have made it to the technical age, apparently.

So he was on his own to figure this out. However, it just didn't feel "right" doing it alone. Hell, it was probably dangerous to do it alone. Who would have your back when it got down and dirty?

Sam kept thinking of the guy from the office - Dean Smith. But the guy had turned out to be a total douchebag and chose the safe and comfy lifestyle for being in the field. And then a day later was trying to piss him off by saying Sam's real last name was Winchester and that his life wasn't real, but his dreams were.

And of course pulling a bunch of people in on the gag too.

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It was Dean who had noticed it first. How as the mirror showed the gray in Dean's temples, the wrinkles from his eyes getting longer, but Sam didn't. It was like Sam stopped aging right around the time he turned 30.

Sam healed from all his injuries, faster than Dean did. He got stronger as his years went by, while Dean got weaker. Around age 50, it shifted and now it was Sam who protected Dean from life as it marched on.

Then it was the summer when Dean was in his late 60's that it happened. Sam had sat by his brother's side, listening to the raspy breath as his brother fought against another lung infection. Breathing in the smoke from too many burning bodies, they had learned, was worse than any smoker's lungs. Sam held his hand, soothing the other along Dean's mostly gray hair as the breaths came less and less, then stopped completely.

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ooc: yeah, hide all your Dean muses now. Total AU!Future fic that will probably lead to a verse. WARNING: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH

They had been gone for three days... )
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ooc: takes place in [ profile] wayward_au verse concurrent to this.

Sam stood in the hallway, watching the people pass him by. He had stopped trying to get their attention days ago, knowing that they couldn't see him. No one could. When they saw him, all they saw was the broken body that lay on the bed in ICU, machines working to keep it going.

So this is how Dean must have felt that time he was in the coma...

He had told Dean to destroy his body, but because there had been a faint heartbeat, he hadn't. Dean couldn't do it, and now Sam knew it was just going to stay there until some demon came along and decided to do a bit of recycling with the AntiChrist.

But now that his body was stable, he wasn't fizzing in and out anymore. That had been weird, seeing the maw of hell opening up before his eyes, trying to pull at him before the doctors got his heartbeat going again and he returned to his land of limbo.

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ooc: also in response to a fic request for Sam/Sarah with a dreaming prompt

They were in New Paltz, Sam realized as they pulled into a familiar motel for the night.

It had been 3 years since he and Dean had traveled through this part of the state. Now they were here after finishing a particularly tricky case and the snow was making it hard to travel the roads.

At least that's what Dean said as he got them a room and then proceeded to go find himself a bar to find some dinner, drinks, and company.

That left Sam alone to sit and watch the snow fall. Three years. So much had happened to them since the last time he had been in this town that he doubted they would be recognized. Be remembered.

That she would remember... )
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Title: Cutting at the Heart and Soul
Author: [ profile] likely_evil
Fandom: Supernatural
Prompt Used: [ profile] 50prompts: Table 4.10 - Flesh
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester, Alastair, Lilith
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. Sorry. Just like playing with the pretties.
Warnings: Following a major character death.
Notes: takes place in [ profile] greypicketfence verse after this post.

You can't hold back the screams, Alastair had told him his first day on the rack. You may think you're brave. That you're noble. But everyone screams. Listen to them, Sam. Join in the chorus and maybe I'll be gentle.

Sam had rolled his eyes to the demon with the knife. Lilith stood off to the side, a demented smile on her face. He could see her now, not the children that she inhabited. Instead it was the form she saw herself as, the sulfur acting as flesh in this dimension.

Any other time, any other person, he would have thought her beautiful. Beyond his reach even. But he knew better, and just hissed as the knife cut deeper into him.

He didn't scream until the 23rd cut... )


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