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Dean was starting to get a bad feeling about this case.

They'd been trailing Ruby for a while now after the whole church incident, trying to keep an idea on her and what she was up to, but she was all over the map as far as victims were concerned. Dean would acknowledge that she was too good at what she did to not have some other kind of ulterior motive. There was a pattern there, but Dean just hadn't found it yet. He also knew that going in blind wasn't the smartest plan in the world, but there was a kid involved. Little eight year-old girl who Ruby had grabbed and hauled out of town like she was some kind of sacrifice to whatever Hell god she worshiped, and while Dean my not have known anything about what exactly it was Ruby was up to, but he wasn't going to take a risk on the kid's life.

He pulled the Impala up to the side of the cabin where they though the kid was being held. He could see the lights on through the window, and the small silhouette of a girl who was most likely scared out of her mind. If they could get in there and get out without alerting the demon bitch, then they would be golden. "Alright. In and out, right guys?"

Sam didn't like this. Something was just wrong. Wrong beyond the fact that Ruby had kidnapped a child because Ruby didn't kidnap people. She killed them. At least that was what Sam knew of Ruby beyond the very bad but feel good sex she shared with him that he wasn't allowed to do again. But why would she kidnap this child without doing anything else and bringing her back to the toy cabin in the woods?

"I still don't like this," he said softly. "There is something more. More than we can see and I don't like that. We should go."

"More? What more?" Alec asked. Sam knew his stuff no matter how childish in manner it may come out. He was feeling a bit edgy too. Maybe he was picking up on Sam's nerves or maybe it was the animal instinct. He wasn't sure yet.

"Yeah, Sammy. What do you mean?" Dean frowned. He didn't like going in blind, but this was a kid they were dealing with.

He bit his lip. "It just... not right. Not like her. Feels wrong."

"Okay. What part of this isn't like her?" Alec believed in trusting the expert.

"It's not bloody." He couldn't think of any other way to describe it.

"Okay." That description made perfect sense to Alec. "So we need to know why."

"It's an eight year-old kid," Dean pointed out. "We can't just leave her in there for Ruby to screw with. Maybe she just hasn't gotten bloody yet."

Sam bit his lip. He really really didn't like this, but Dean was right. It was a little girl. And Alec was right. They needed to know why it wasn't bloody. Yet. "... maybe."

"No, we can't but gut instinct says I'm about to become prey."

"Yeah, well -- that's not anything new," Dean sighed before pushing the door open and starting to climb out of the car. "Even we go for it or we don't. What're we gonna do?"

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What is something forbidden that you want to indulge in?

There are nights were Samael still wakes up and can taste her against his lips; closes his eyes and remembers the press of her body against his, Lilith's cries of ecstasy in his ears that keeps him coming back for more.

To please her. To pleasure her. To be her king to her Queen in Hell.

He had been powerful there. No demon dared to disobey him. He could still feel the hellfire in his veins as he remembered being able to rip demons apart with his bare hands, and then rewarded as her fingers laced through his hair and she pulled him down for a kiss.

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[verse: [ profile] greypicketfence in which Sam is in Hell as Lilith's consort. After this but before this]

Samael's head rolled on the rack. Today was a bad day and Samael knew he deserved the punishment that had been dealt to him. He had refused her and that meant he was back with Alastair. But this was a short punishment - only 6 months. And he took it, giving the screams Alastair loved to hear so that it went faster.

It hurt less when you screams, Samael had learned.

And now there was the gentle touch on his face, and he opened his eyes to look at her. Lilith smiled at him, her other hand gently pushing back his hair from his face. "My darling, do you feel you have repented from you sins against me?"

"Yes, my love," Samael stated, turning his head to kiss her palm in apology. Lilith smiled at that and nodded, the hooks retracted and he slid off the rack. But he did not fall this time, instead standing on his feet and looking down at the beautiful queen in front of him.

"Then you can come home to me." She took his hand and led him away from the racks, back to the castle he had come to call home.

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Title: Cutting at the Heart and Soul
Author: [ profile] likely_evil
Fandom: Supernatural
Prompt Used: [ profile] 50prompts: Table 4.10 - Flesh
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester, Alastair, Lilith
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. Sorry. Just like playing with the pretties.
Warnings: Following a major character death.
Notes: takes place in [ profile] greypicketfence verse after this post.

You can't hold back the screams, Alastair had told him his first day on the rack. You may think you're brave. That you're noble. But everyone screams. Listen to them, Sam. Join in the chorus and maybe I'll be gentle.

Sam had rolled his eyes to the demon with the knife. Lilith stood off to the side, a demented smile on her face. He could see her now, not the children that she inhabited. Instead it was the form she saw herself as, the sulfur acting as flesh in this dimension.

Any other time, any other person, he would have thought her beautiful. Beyond his reach even. But he knew better, and just hissed as the knife cut deeper into him.

He didn't scream until the 23rd cut... )


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