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Cos all of the stars
Are fading away
Just try not to worry
You'll see them some day
Take what you need
And be on your way
And stop crying your heart out
- Oasis “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”

The nightmares were horrible, and Sam could barely sleep for weeks after it happened. He closed his eyes and all he saw was her on the ceiling, whispering his name before bursting into flames. Sometimes her eyes were sad, and sometimes they were angry and full of blame.

Every time he woke up to find Dean looking over at him, worried eyes not sure what to say to make it better. It was the first time Dean wasn't going to be able to solve a problem of his. Only later would Sam realize that it was the first of many.

But one time, Dean was standing there with a cup of coffee, a small smirk on his face. "Drink this. It'll keep you up for a few hours."

"Thanks." Sam ran his hand through his hair, then took the cup. Dean tilted his head, then motioned towards Sam's wrist.

"You expecting to grow it out long enough to make a little topknot?"

"Huh?" Sam looked at his wrist, then his expression fell. "Oh. No."

Dean noticed the look and sat on the bed opposite from him. "It's Jess', huh?"

Sam nodded, thinking back to a few weeks ago...

. . . )
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"... Samuel Winchester, Magna Cum Laude."

There was a big round of applause as Sam got up and made his way across the stage to get his diploma. Now he was a college graduate, something he thought he would never be. He could hear the distinctive hooting of his brother in the audience somewhere, and Sam wondered if their father was with him.

Jess had already walked across the stage, and now stood at her spot, smiling at him. Then she started to laugh.

In fact, as he walked up onto the stage, the cheers from everyone in the audience turned to laugher as flashbulbs went off, blinding him a moment.

What's so funny...? he thought, the looked down to realize that he was completely naked except for his cap and the yellow sash for the magna cum laude status. Instantly he took his cap off to try and cover himself, but it was already too late as he blushed himself into a new shade of red.


"Sammy, wake up!" Dean's voice jarred him out of sleep, and he realized that he was in the Impala, driving off to find their father. He saw his brother looking at him, grinning. "You ok there, kid? You were making some interesting noises."

Sam rolled his eyes, shifting to get comfortable against the door again. "Shut up. I was just dreaming."

"Dreaming of that hot girlfriend I bet. Don't worry, Sammy, you'll be back to her in no time."

Sam just snorted and closed his eyes, planning on getting some more sleep before they got where ever Dean was taking him. Maybe if he was lucky, he could even get a different dream of him naked in that would be much better for him.
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ooc: also in response to a fic request for Sam/Sarah with a dreaming prompt

They were in New Paltz, Sam realized as they pulled into a familiar motel for the night.

It had been 3 years since he and Dean had traveled through this part of the state. Now they were here after finishing a particularly tricky case and the snow was making it hard to travel the roads.

At least that's what Dean said as he got them a room and then proceeded to go find himself a bar to find some dinner, drinks, and company.

That left Sam alone to sit and watch the snow fall. Three years. So much had happened to them since the last time he had been in this town that he doubted they would be recognized. Be remembered.

That she would remember... )
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December 2004



"Sam, stop being such a damn Grinch and just put the star on top of the tree already."

Sighing, Sam pushed his textbook aside and got up, taking the silver star from Jess and reaching up to put it on the top of the almost 7 foot tall tree. Jess stood back, arms crossed and smiling. "Perfect."

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