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Sam sat on the steps of the apartment building, waiting as he flipped a coin between his fingers. It was his “One Year” sober token, having earned it actually a few weeks ago, but he wasn’t counting anymore. His parole officer and social worker, yes, but not him; it was easier to just put it all in the past and focus on the future.

A future that might include Jo again. The thought made him smile, remembering seeing her again for the first time at Cas and Pam’s wedding. Seeing her happy, smiling, and enjoying herself had made him smile, but afraid to walk over to see her. But of course his “family” had other ideas and now…

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Just one hit turned into two. That turned into stay the night... please don't go Sammy... just one more... soft words whispered against soft skin and his head tilted back to let them take more. Let her take more. Let her take him.

On a low he remembers the light of his life, curled up into another woman's arms on the crappy green couch that was the front seat to his personal hell. She pets his hear and whispers in his ears that everything will be alright. She will take care of him.

She's gone...

I know, Sammy...

I can't live without her. I don't want to...

Don't say that. Just stay here with me, Sammy. I'm not going anywhere and you know I would never hurt my big puppy.

And she pet his hair and pushed the next needle in, and somewhere along the way Sam just let himself break apart and float away as he finally gave in on that couch and let her take control to ride them both straight into hell.

The heat rose and as they cried out she leaned forward and whispered sweet promises of nothing and everything in his ear. But the only thing Sam could do was cry at the life that lay broken on the floor beside him.

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Detective!Verse Log 1 - Starts just after Sam gave Jo a Reese Peanut Butter filled chocolate rabbit

Exchanging Presents and is that a ring? )

Detective!Verse Log 2 - Next Morning - Quick call to Dean by Sam while Jo calls Ellen

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ooc: and for all those without the scorecard, Sam did proposed to Jo in verse about a month ago in this post riiight about here. They kept it quiet for about a month already.
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2. "Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." - Muhammad Ali

"Sam, come on."

"I have a test tomorrow, Jo."

"You already know everything in class. You don't need to study."

Sam looked over the library table at Jo and sighed. They were in high school now. High school was a big deal and Sam had to really be smart and pass all his classes. All of the teachers were expecting him to be like Dean, who was a senior and caused more trouble than he was worth half the time. So far, he had proved them wrong, but he wasn't going to mess that up.

"You should be studying too," he pointed out to the blonde haired girl leaning back in her hair and nibbling on a twizzler. Her hair was in a ponytail sticking out the back of a baseball hat, and her mismatched colored sneakers wiggled where they were on the table.

"I don't need to study," she pointed out. "I know it all."

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It started as a high school romance that was ended due to disagreements between their parents. But ten years later they find their lives crossing again, and the love they started is now a shining light that guides them through harsh times that the Chicago streets toss at them

Walk the Line: A Sam and Jo fanmix )
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Sam came back from the doctors, the envelope from the blood lab tossed onto the counter as the puppy ran to try and tackle him to the ground. Usually Sam was careful on playing rough with Ford, but today he got down on his knees and played with him, play fighting and boxing until the puppy was exhausted and just wagging his tail and licking Sam's face.

"Alright kiddo, we're going to make a deal. I'm gonna take you on a really long walk, and then you're going to pass out on the couch for the rest of the night and leave Mommy and me alone. That work for you?"

Ford barked an affirmative, and Sam smiled. "Alright. Let me change into my jogging clothes and call Dean and Cas, then we're on our way."

He called both men and let them know how his blood tests had turned out. It was six months now since Dean had saved his sorry ass little brother, and while the doctor was still wanting him to gain more muscle and weight, he looked much better. His bones had a bit of padding around them now, and there was a bit of definition along his chest and a tiny soft stomach.

And the best news of course was that the drugs had worked their course, and the hep was gone. His doctor wanted him to take a different pill for another month just to make sure it was not just in remission, but as of that afternoon, he was no longer infectious.

That opened up a lot of new possibilities for Sam. He could now look for a job and not worry about getting anyone sick or have people look at him and just "know" he was a recovering addict. He was hoping to maybe talk to Captain Singer and see if there was something at the precinct he could do to help as a civilian. He knew Jo and Cas would put in good words for him.

But right now, he was thinking of the very immediate possibility that had been slowly coming to a boil for months now between him and Jo. They both knew what they wanted, and it wasn't like they were running into this - three months of frustration had given Sam too many cold showers than he wanted to admit. Tonight, however, that was going to change.

The jog with Ford went on for almost an hour, and he knew it was almost time for her to come home. He knew if he had called her at work, she would have come running. And while he wouldn't have minded, he needed the time to prepare.

So when Jo would get home, there was a pizza waiting along with a bottle of sparkling cider and two glasses. And in front of it was the envelope with his results, waiting for her to read it while he took a quick shower to get the sweat off him from the jog.
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He had accompanied Jo to the shooting range, intending to just sit back and watch her fire her weapon at the targets and few times and then go out for lunch like they had intended. That was the plan, and as the days of him being off the habit passed - minus the one setback - following a plan helped Sam get through each day.

He was working himself, writing in a little journal that he had brought to write out how he was feeling when he started to get an urge. It was a secret journal that no one was supposed to be able to look in but him, and he always kept it hidden in his back pocket.

Lately, there were two major topics. Dean, of course, and how Sam was afraid to face him. The other was about the woman who stood in front of him, firing her gun at the target until it started to make the clicking noises of an empty chamber. He knew that the feelings that were surfacing were reminiscent of those from when they had been teenagers, but still. Sometimes when he looked into her eyes, he wondered if she was feeling the same things he was.

"Seriously, Harvelle? You think you're gonna be able to take out one of the Kings with that little pea shooter you're always carrying?" Detective Megan Damon walked over, her short cropped blonde hair cutting a sharp angle around her face as she pulled off her goggles. She pulled out a larger semi-automatic, holding it up for Jo to see. "A girl's gotta make a statement, after all, when you're running with this crowd."

Meg turned and put her goggles back on, turning to the target and firing off a round until the click click made her stop. Most of the shots were in the stomach and face, nearly perfect. Jo watched, trying not to scowl as Meg leaned back, blowing smoke from the end of her gun. "That's how it's supposed to be done."

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It started when, as Cas was getting ready to leave for work, he told Sam that Dean was getting released from the hospital that afternoon. There was a question on that, a look at Sam lowered his head from and ignored.

When are you going to go back and see him, Sam?

He could hear their voices in his head as he worked on the house that day. Jo, Cas, even Pam wanting to know when Sam was going to see his brother. Ever since Dean had woken up, Sam avoided the hospital like the plague. All because he was afraid to face him.

The voices started to get to him, and Sam found his way into the medicine cabinet to get something to get rid of his headache. As the hours went, the pain didn't stop and Sam went back to find something stronger.

That evening, then would find Sam stoned off the pills from an old bottle of codeine, passed out on the bathroom floor because it was cool and felt good on his face. But the voices were gone, and his head wasn't hurting anymore. That was all that mattered to him.
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It had been a long double shift that Jo had pulled that day, so coming home to a mess in the kitchen was not her idea of a warm welcome. The floor was covered in some kinda of white powder, footprints all through them, as well as paw prints. Who was chasing who, Jo didn't know, but she was sure going to find out.

Of course, neither boy nor puppy were anywhere to be found. A moment of fear gripped her and she knelt down to wipe her finger through the white powder before bringing it to her lips.

Just flour. Not that she doubted, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Slapping her hands a few times to get the powder off, she stood back up.

"Sam Winchester, you had better have a good explanation or else you're going to be joining Ford in the doghouse for a week! Stop hiding and get out here."

The second she finished her sentence, the lights went out in the kitchen. Jo's hand instantly went for her gun when she turned back towards the doorway and saw Sam standing there, holding a tray with a small, lopsided cake on it. His face was illuminated by a few candles that weren't standing sideways.

"What are you...?"

"Did you really think I was going to forget your birthday?" Sam grinned, the flickering light making his smile go from ear to ear.

"Is it really my birthday? I hadn't realized." She smiled, walking over to look at the cake, then Sam.

"Well, make a wish before I end up burning the kitchen down on top of the mess."

Jo smiled, then closed her eyes and made a wish before blowing out the candles. Her hand found the light switch and turned it back on, then watched as Sam went to the table with the cake. "Ok, we need plates, a knife and forks..."

Laughing, Jo joined him. "Sam, you try to cut that thing and it's just going to fall over."

"Well, I don't want it to go to waste. It took me three mixes to make one that actually was edible."

"Please tell me you at least bought the frosting," she asked as she swiped her finger along the side.

"I had too. I ran out of time."

Jo smiled, taking another swipe of the frosting and sucking it off her finger. She then looked at Sam and her grin turned mischievous as she tapped Sam's nose with a finger-full of icing.


"Don't worry, I'll get it." She got up on her toes and kissed the frosting off his nose.

Sam wrinkled his nose, then took a swipe of frosting and ran it along her neck. Then he leaned down and kissed it away. Jo closed her eyes and moaned, melting against him.

"You brought enough frosting I hope?" she asked breathlessly as he pulled away.

Sam just gave her a small smirk. "I couldn't forget to include a present now, could I?"
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ooc: detective verse - a bit in the future from now...

Dinner was over, Ford had been walked, and now Sam and Jo were on the couch, watching a movie. Days and now weeks were going by and Sam was starting to look better. Almost two months clean and well fed, the bones weren't showing as much in Sam's face and body. His hair was still long, but cut now and looking healthier. Nails and skin... he still had months of work to do to look healthy again, but he was on the right track.

There was still secrets though. Sam was on a vitamin regiment and he hid his medication in the pillbox so she wouldn't find the bottle. He was careful and always made sure if he got even a cut that he wiped down every surfaced he might have touched while bleeding. And while he knew the disease wasn't harmful to Ford, he still shyed away when the puppy wanted to really start playing rough. And that was the top of the list of things Sam didn't want to talk about.

Things were changing too between him and Jo. Old feelings were coming up in his head and he knew it. He tried to hide it, but he wasn't sure... but he felt that Jo was starting to feel it again. And while it made them a lot more comfortable with each other, it was this... elephant in the room that neither of them dared to go near.

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"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now."

He stayed close to the door, because Sam knew the moment those hazel eyes in the bed opened, he needed to get out of there. Dean was in that bed because of him. Dean had let himself get beaten to hell and it was all Sam's fault.

Sam wished he could blame someone else. Blame Alistair for beating Dean into a pulp. Blame Ruby for getting him hooked again. Blame Dad for dying and leaving Sam to face a world he hadn't been ready to. Blame Dean for not just letting Sam take his punishment.

But no, it was Sam's fault. He hadn't cared what his path did to him, but seeing Dean like this... He couldn't help but stand there and shake.

"Dean... I'm sorry..." he said softly, wiping his face on the sleeve of his hoodie. Cas had left him here to watch over Dean for the night while Pam took care of his injuries. Thinking that it would save him from hearing the two of them - or Pam's idea of trying to make Sam laugh - he had agreed to stay. Now he wasn't sure it was a good idea.

"That shouldn't be you. You shouldn't have done that, Dean. He wouldn't have hurt you if you just walked away. You should have just walked away."

His face scrunched up and his hand hit the wall behind him absently. "Why do you always have to be the martyr? You keep punishing yourself for everyone else's choices. This was what I did. I should have paid for it. I lost the money. I fucked up. I didn't ASK you to do this, and I didn't WANT you to."

He wiped his eyes again, not getting any response from the unconscious body in the bed, and for that he was grateful. "You were just supposed to let me go, Dean. Get something good in your life and not screw it up because you felt you had to take care of me."

His back was against the wall and he didn't bother to wipe away the tears. "I want to be good, Dean. I want to stay clean this time but I can't tell you that. You won't believe me. You left me in that place and they let me go and didn't care. I can't do this on my own, but I can't do it with you either. You can't protect me from this like it's a schoolyard bully."

Biting his lip, Sam slid to the ground. "I just want us to be like it was before. We were happy. I was in school and you were working with Dad and we were happy. Why did you let Dad get killed, Dean? Why couldn't we just have stayed happy?"

He stayed there, working to get himself back together as the electronic beep of Dean's heart stayed steady. Finally, Sam pushed himself to his feet. "You need to be happy, Dean. You can't be happy with me like this. But I'm going to get better. I promise. I won't make this have been in vain, ok? Just, give me time and I can do it. I know I can. I'll... I need to go get something to drink but I'll be back."

The doctors told him he might get shaky when his body was close to craving, so he needed to get something to drink at those points. Something he likes to drink, like soda or coffee or milk. It would help with the drug cravings, and he had a few dollars in his pockets to get something from the machines.

He stopped in the door and looked back at his brother, then gave him a small smile. "Just... don't go anywhere."

Sam is technically not a part of Muses & Lyrics as his application is still pending, but he really fell in love with this prompt and had to reply. I hope he's official soon :)
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All elephants are gray, but not all gray things are elephants. -Bones, Lance Sweets

Sam was quiet, waiting in the lobby with his hands in the huge pocket in front of the hoodie. A starved puppy in huge clothes, as one of the nurses had described him as they passed by. He tilted his head just enough so that he could hide behind his bangs and not have to see their faces.

He knew what they thought of him. Just another addict who threw his life away for a quick high. He had seen those looks for the past five years, and he was sick of them - because they were right. He had thrown everything away, and now his brother was somewhere paying for it all. It wasn't fair, and Sam wished to God he could change it all.

Boney fingers played with a pill bottle, the first month of a six month regiment. They said he had been lucky; caught it early on and can be fixed. Nothing major or irreversible. But still, it was a serious disease and he should have known better. He did know better and how this had happened he could only blame on the things he did while he was high.

Just thinking about it made him twitch and his foot start to bounce as he looked again at the clock, then the door. He needed to get out of this place. They were trying to help him but it was over two weeks now and he was going crazy just sitting there doing nothing but being told to talk about his feelings and not to puke back up his breakfast because he needed to put some meat on his bones.

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Inspired by this pic and follows this piece in detective!verse

The funny thing was, Sam didn't remember exactly when he had gotten in over his head. He didn't remember much at all; not in the years since Dad had died, that's for sure. The streets of Chicago were not friendly, and Sam Winchester had learned that fact the hard way.

His father had been a big time Detective with the Chicago PD. Detective Sergent. Mom had died when Sam was a baby, so all he ever had to look up to was his dad and of course, Dean. When Dean decided to become an officer as well, Sam decided he would too. But as he hit puberty and suddenly became a scrawny, clumsy beanpole... Dad said it wouldn't be something he could do.

All Sam wanted to do was make Dad proud. So he decided he was going to be a lawyer. A prosecutor even. Dad and Dean would arrest the bad guys, and Sam would make sure they stayed behind bars. A family cleaning up the streets of Chicago one crime at a time.

Then the dream fell apart that day John Winchester died, taking a bullet for Dean's life. Everyone said he was a hero. That Dean would be dead otherwise. But at the funeral, Sam looked over at his brother and he saw the truth written on Dean's face: Dean had gotten Dad killed.

Everything went downhill from there, and his life slipped away like sand between his fingers. He couldn't concentrate on classes now because there was no one to make proud. His straight A's turned into C's and D's and they tried to convince him to take a leave of absence before they just kicked him out. Sam didn't tell Dean, though. He got up every day, dressed and headed out only to spend the day just walking along the streets.

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