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Kiss Request : Sam/Lana - Forehead

Sam knew he probably looked like one of those old-fashioned movies where the hero came walking into town in the middle of the night, fog rolling in ahead of him. Of course, he was missing the leather pants and the long duster coat.

Instead, he had on his jeans and hooded jacket, and quietly found his way to Lana's place in Smallville. Dean already had his own motel room for the night, and wasn't expecting Sam back for at least 24 hours.

As things between Sam and Dean got better, Sam felt stronger with himself and his interactions with people. He still believed that being around him was dangerous, but he took his own precautions.

And he just missed her so much. They were in town, and he couldn't not come to visit.

He was quick as he picked the lock into her place, making sure no one was paying any attention to him. The alarm was quickly disarmed, and he was pleased to see her salt lines were in place, and as he walked through the home, he knelt to place a new hex bag behind a few books on a shelf.

Making his way into the bedroom, he smiled at seeing her there snuggled under the blankets. Barely making a noise, he leaned over her and brushed some hair from her face before planting a kiss on her forehead.

As her eyes opened to look at who was in the room, he just smiled at her. "Hey. Mind if I join you?"
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And of course Lana thinks she's dreaming. She always thinks that when he just randomly shows up! xD


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Very, very true.