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Sam was well aware that people all over the world ate strange things like bugs, but there was something about Dean watching Survivor that just made him gag. “Seriously, dude, can you shut that off? It’s gross.”

“Hell no, the chicks are barely wearing anything, and what they are wearing is soaked. It’s like porn.”

“If you want to want to watch porn, I can just go to the diner across the street to finish my book.”

“And you not be here when Dad gets back? Hell now. Just shut up and face the other direction.”
Sighing, Sam turned and tried to get back into his summer reading…

“Oh yeah, baby. Take that top off to get the maggots out of your cleavage. You want something nibbling down there, I’ll be glad to help…”

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So I'm a week late, but I signed Sam up for a summer drabble challenge. It will give him something to do through hellatius. You can see my table here

Join me at [ profile] charloft for the 100 Drabbles of summer challenge!

This is being blamed on [ profile] lt_wes_janson and [ profile] aoutlaw321, fyi.

*is off to do the first six now just to play catchup*
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It was a rainy Thursday and the Winchester Three, plus one, were shacking up at a motel somewhere between the middle of nowhere and the end of the world. There wasn't a case they were actively working on, so Sam sent his twin off to help Dean with another one of his "dying wishes".

Which left him and Madison alone in their room while the rain was falling outside.

"Sam!" Madison laughed, trying to squirm away as his long arms wrapped around her, tickling her in all the good spots. "Stop!"

"What?" He grinned, stopping the tickling for a moment to pin Madison on the bed under him, draping his body over her. "I thought you said you weren't ticklish, and I wanted proof. So instead I just proved you are a liar."

"I'm not ticklish. Your hands are cold."

"Madison is a LI-AR," Sam teased, going back to tickling her, making her squirm as he kissed her bare shoulder. She turned and suddenly her hand was in a spot that stopped him from moving at all.

"Now what were you saying?" she asked, smirking a bit as she gave him a squeeze.

"Madison is the most beautiful person in the world and I love her."

"That's better," Madison said with a smirk, letting her hand open before she looked up at him. "Now, can you think of something better to do during our free afternoon away from your brother?"

"I think I have an idea or three." He returned the smirk, leaning down to kiss her lips.

"And no more tickling."

"No more tickling."
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He was standing in the junkyard, holding the shotgun in his hand. Of course, he was only seven and probably would get yelled at if his dad saw him doing this, but Dad wasn't around. Neither was Bobby. They had left Dean and him here alone to go talk to Salis.

Sam knew something was wrong. They had left New Mexico pretty quickly after the Ms. Lyle incident. That's what Dad called it. An "incident". Dean wouldn't talk to him about it either and was instead inside with the television and a pizza.

Fine. Then I'll figure this out myself. He had found an old target in Bobby's supply room and put it up on the fence, then took Dean's shotgun and walked away far enough.

The thing was about as big as Sam was, but he had seen Dad teaching Dean how to use it. So he hefted it up onto his shoulder and aimed at the target, squinting his eyes as he pulled the trigger...

... and ended up thrown back onto his ass from the recoil as his shoulder hurt from the kickback. Tears swelled up in his eyes from the pain and he bit his lower lip to keep from crying.

"SAMMY!" Dean was at his side almost instantly, looking at the situation and then checking his brother for injuries. "What were you thinking, kid? You could have hurt yourself."

"I just wanted to learn how to use this," Sam pushed the shotgun away, rubbing his shoulder.

"You don't need to know how to use it yet," Dean said, picking the gun up and checking it over.

Sam pouted, trying to stand up. "All you guys ever do is keep me from doing anything. I know about this stuff now, Dean. I want to help."

Dean pursed his lips and sighed. "Dad will get pissed at me."

"You think I care?" Sam looked Dean in the eyes. "Come on, Dean. What if I have to be the one saving you? Don't you want me to know how to do it?"

Dean nodded, then stood up. "Alright, but if Dad finds out about this, I'm pointing the finger at you."

Sam's face broke out in a grin. "Deal."
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Sam sighed, walking down the aisles with Jess as she was looking for what movie they were going to rent for that weekend. Normally, he wouldn't mind, but it was her turn to pick, and she had promised vengeance after making her sit through the Die Hard movies.

"Oh, how about this one?" She held up Sweetest Thing.

He rolled his eyes. "Come on, you can do better." He took the DVD and looked at the summary on the back. "Oh look, we're three modern women who find no problems with sleeping around but oh my when the right guy comes along we get all wibbly and rethink our modern women ways..."

Jess tried not to smirk at Sam's playful tone, putting the DVD back and grabbing another one. "Steel Magnolias?"

"Oh, Julia Roberts dies in this one, doesn't she?!" He feigned over excitement as he bounced up and down with a goofy grin. "I really want to see a bunch of old women sitting around talking about life and why they are the ones who really rule their families and men are so stupid!"

"Sam!" Jess snatched the DVD away and put it back. "Stop goofing around."

"I happen to know for a fact that you like it when I goof around," Sam said, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck while she picked up another DVD. "You do realize, however, that if you go through with this, I will feel completely emasculated by the end of the movie."

"That's the point." She grinned as she grabbed the Moulin Rouge DVD. "This is it!"

"You're kidding?"

"Nope. You're going to sit and watch Ewan McGregor sing to me and there is nothing you can do to stop me."

Sam gave a pout. "You're doing that just because you know I can't sing to save my life."

"Exactly." She got up on her toes and kissed Sam's nose. "Now come on, baby. We've got Chinese to order still."
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Sam stormed out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his head, wearing only his jeans. John sat up and looked between his sons as Dean tried to keep a straight face.

"What's the matter, Sammy?" Dean asked.

"You damn well know! I'm starting a new school in two weeks and I'm already the new kid - again - and I don't need you messing with me like this. I never did anything to you to mess with your reputation at any school, and it's not fair that you're going to make my first day hell!"

"Ok, Sam, clam down." John leaned closer, watching them carefully. "Now what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong?!" Sam reached up and pulled the towel off his head, revealing a nearly bald scalp, only a few patches of hair remaining. "He put NAIR in my shampoo! I found the bottle in the trash. It'll be weeks before it grows back!"

Dean fell over laughing, and John and Sam both turned to look at him. "Sam, go finish washing up," John told his younger son. "I'm going to have a talk with your brother."

"You should shave all his hair off too," Sam said as he started back to the bathroom. "See if he can get a girl without any hair to cover his deformed head," he muttered as he slammed the door behind him.
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"... Samuel Winchester, Magna Cum Laude."

There was a big round of applause as Sam got up and made his way across the stage to get his diploma. Now he was a college graduate, something he thought he would never be. He could hear the distinctive hooting of his brother in the audience somewhere, and Sam wondered if their father was with him.

Jess had already walked across the stage, and now stood at her spot, smiling at him. Then she started to laugh.

In fact, as he walked up onto the stage, the cheers from everyone in the audience turned to laugher as flashbulbs went off, blinding him a moment.

What's so funny...? he thought, the looked down to realize that he was completely naked except for his cap and the yellow sash for the magna cum laude status. Instantly he took his cap off to try and cover himself, but it was already too late as he blushed himself into a new shade of red.


"Sammy, wake up!" Dean's voice jarred him out of sleep, and he realized that he was in the Impala, driving off to find their father. He saw his brother looking at him, grinning. "You ok there, kid? You were making some interesting noises."

Sam rolled his eyes, shifting to get comfortable against the door again. "Shut up. I was just dreaming."

"Dreaming of that hot girlfriend I bet. Don't worry, Sammy, you'll be back to her in no time."

Sam just snorted and closed his eyes, planning on getting some more sleep before they got where ever Dean was taking him. Maybe if he was lucky, he could even get a different dream of him naked in that would be much better for him.
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Ok, I can do this. Piece of cake, right? Knees bent, balance centered, one foot after another. Kids do this all the time.

Carefully, Sam put one foot out on the ice, then the other. The skates that he was borrowing wiggled a bit under his too long legs as he fought to get his balance. He had already made sure that there was no one around the lake as he decided to teach himself to skate, just in case.

He still thought this was ridiculous, but Sandra McCoy had asked him on a date at the local skating rink, and he wasn't about to admit that he didn't know how to skate. And he wasn't going to ask Dean to teach him - not like Dean was around much anymore now that he had the Impala and Dad was sending him off on small easy jobs on his own.

So it was Sam verses the lake. He took a deep breath, then slowly started to move like he saw the ice skaters on television move...

- and promptly found himself off balance, arms flailing in the air right before he fell backwards onto the ice. His vision was doubled for a moment with the impact, and his butt and back were starting to hurt as he just stayed still a moment.

Maybe she'll let me take her to a movie instead...
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"Not now, Sammy."

"... Deeeean."



Dean sighed and stuck his head in the back window, looking at his brother. He couldn't pump gas and look in at the same time because his arms weren't long enough yet. "What do you want?"

"I gotta goooo!" Sam was wiggling in his booster seat, looking at his brother with pitiful eyes.

"Can't you hold it just a few more minutes? I need to finish this."

"I need to go NOW!"

"But Dad's inside and we can't..."


"Fine!" Dean growled and took the pump out of the car, hanging it back up and closing the cap before opening the door and starting to unbuckle the seat belt. Sam jumped out a second later, crawling out of the seat and starting to do a wiggle dance as Dean grabbed the car keys from the ignition and locked the door.

"You're such a baby," he muttered, walking Sam towards the gas station. Their father was coming out just as Dean was walking around the back, and he tossed the keys to him. "Potty emergency. I'll finish pumping when I get back."

Dean then saw that Sammy had stopped walking. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry Dean." Sam turned and was pouting as the front of his jeans was now wet. "I couldn't hold it any longer."
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We've all seen the old meme: Pick an emotional state and I'll write you a drabble featuring my character and yours.

Now here's your chance to pick a situation and I'll write that drabble with my character flying solo (or with NPC's if needed).

1. Playful!
2. Murderous!
3. Flailing!
4. Incarcerated!
5. Deviant!
6. Ill!
7. Intoxicated!
8. Wildly Inappropriate!
9. Eloquent!
10. Cooking!
11. Naked!
12. Bitchy!
13. Inexperienced!
14. Young!
15. Long-winded!
16. Bored to tears!
17. Jealous!
18. Inquisitive!
19. Confused!
20. Arrogant!

Muses Available for this:
[ profile] likely_evil: Sam Winchester
[ profile] notsamskeeper: Dean Winchester
[ profile] mini_dean: Ben Braeden
[ profile] evilhandissue: Lindsey McDonald
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Wow... that's my picture on my Stanford student ID card. How the hell did THAT get online?

I also really needed a haircut that day apparently. Then again, I had been living on the streets for about two weeks before that because I had been kicked out when I was prepping to go off to Stanford. Dad wasn't really thrilled with the whole idea of me going to college, so yeah...

... it feels like that was taken a lifetime ago.

Bonus Fic )
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It's the time of the season for kissing! Set up a kissing booth and have at it, you crazy kids. Just be careful you don't catch any diseases!

So first Anna was blaming him for this. But really, it was Dean's fault. It was always Dean's fault. But as they stood there watching Anna, it was his brilliant idea to get them involved.

This was not going to end well. Especially when Dean started to set up his booth.

So Sam got his own booth at the fair and set it up. There might have been a friendly exchange of challenges between brothers over who would do better. And then Sandy sat down next to him with a smile and a wink, willing to help out with any men who came over looking for a kiss.

Ok, the day was looking a bit better. Let the battle of the Winchester Kissing Booths commence. it's for charity... really...

$5 a Kiss! Step on Up!

Total raised so far: $3,410 will update as the day goes on

ooc: yes, there is a kissing booth battle going on, and this is open to any muses in any verse. If you want verse specific, make sure you put it in the subject line. If this is the first time talking to Sam, then feel free to use this as a way to get to say hello! And multiple kisses are welcome as long as you pay for them ;)
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If you are special in some way, (vampire, werewolf, psychic, et cetera), how would you react if you woke up one morning stripped of your power?

When I first got them, I would have been glad to have them gone. I never wanted them, and they caused me nothing but trouble and psychotic hunters trying to kill me. And we won't even go into the little ghost town death match.

But now... if I woke up and they were gone, I know we would be in deep shit - the smallest being Lilith coming to kill us in our sleep, and the biggest being the Apocalypse. For all that I'm being told that using these powers is wrong, I don't see how we would have won otherwise. Samhain? Alastair? I'm getting stronger each time, and I know I'm almost to the point where I can handle Lilith. And once she's gone and the seals are safe?

Then I'd gladly wish them away for the rest of my life. To finally be free from this curse in me... probably the best thing I could ever imagine happening.

But not while they are keeping Dean us alive - and now if the angels themselves can't even protect him? - It's up to me. And I need to be stronger still.

[locked from everyone]

If I woke up and they were gone tomorrow - I would have Ruby give them back to me. Even if it's disgusting and I hate myself every time I do it, I can't be weak now. I can't afford to lose Dean again, or let Lilith win. Not happening, even if I have to sacrifice myself in the end to set the world straight again.

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Center ring, main event. Biggest show in town. Yellow eyes cracks the whip; the freaks run around. Blackness in veins, who's the best? One thing for sure - one will rise above the rest.

Succumb to your fate, yellow eyes laughs. The freaks fall until two remain.

The audience watching with heavenly eyes. The knife thrower takes aim... bulls-eye! The last freak falls to his knees, eyes cast to the skies.

The bearded lady refuses to sing, taking the freak's place. The knife thrower dead, the freak is left alone in the tent. All he hears is the scream.


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