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[ profile] charloft: 100 Drabbles of Summer #1-3

All wee!chester to boot! Enjoy!

1. Vacation

Sam wished he could go on a real vacation, like all the other kids in school did. He liked second grade, and it was going to end tomorrow. One of his best friends, Jimmy, was going to Florida. Sam had already been to Florida, last year on one of dad's business trips, but he and Dean had stayed in the motel room most of the time.

Jimmy was going to get to go to Disney World. He had talked about it all week and showed Sam the book his mom had got him about all the rides and things to do. True, they just looked at the pictures but Sam really wanted to go now.

But when Dad came to pick him up at school, Sam saw that all their stuff was already packed up. He probably had another job already to go to once they got Dean at the middle school down the road.

"Dad, can we go to Disney World?"

"Why do you want to go there, Sam? It's just an over priced theme park. Anyway, I have a job in Tennessee. I'm sure you and your brother will find something to do while I'm working."

Sam just sighed and turned to watch out the back window as they drove away from school. Another summer vacation in a motel room. That was just going to suck.

2. Fireworks

Dad was pissed off when he found out that he and Dean had nearly burnt down a small forested area with their fireworks, but it was worth it. Standing there next to his brother, watching the different colored explosions going off just a few feet away was the best fourth of July firework display ever. And for weeks later, Sam could still smell the smoke on his hoodie and if he closed his eyes, he could re-watch it all.

Which made it a bit easier to deal with being grounded in a motel room without a television.

3. Camp

"You know, this really sucks."

"Shut up, Sam."

"For all I complain about the motel rooms, I'd much rather be there right now than sleeping on the ground."

"Suck it up. I had to do this when I was twelve, now it's your turn."

Sam pouted and looked around at the forest and the tent that he was going to have to sleep in. "Why aren't you staying with me?"

"God, you're such a baby." Dean handed his brother a machete. "I'll be back for you in three days. I know you can do this."

"But I don't want to do this, Dean. Can't we just tell Dad I did it? I won't tell."

Dean rolled his eyes and started to walk away. "You'll be fine. Just don't eat any weird berries or mushrooms." He smirked and disappeared pretty quickly into the forest, leaving Sam alone to survive on his own for three days. Realizing that his brother wasn't coming back, he turned to look at what was in the bag, then started to panic again.

"Oh come on, man! You didn't give me any toilet paper!"

"That's what books are for!" Dean's voice answered faintly from the distance, laughing.