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Puppy Love

ooc: this is a future fic for the Hungry Like a Wolf verse, written for [ profile] gusthemoose and takes place about 3 years from where they currently are. Everyone is borrowed from the various muns with permission and put back in the same place I found them in. Enjoy!

Sam knew it wasn't going to be the last hunt he would go on with his brother - he was pretty sure that Dean or himself would go crazy without the breaks from their separate lives - but things were going to change in just a few days that would have Sam's life take a new turn on path. And now there was a were-kitten in the backseat purring as he slept in the sunspot that was coming through the back window. With Alec traveling with Dean, Sam knew his brother was going to be okay during the times he was gone.

But right now he was holding his cell phone, checking it every few minutes to see if maybe he had missed a call or text. The second someone in the pack called him, he was going to rush out of that car and make his way back to them. Heather was going to need him, and he promised that he would be there for this. She was insistent that they maintain their independent lives, but this was going to change both of their lives.

Part of him was afraid, but a bigger part of him couldn't wait for this.

"You keep looking at that phone, you're gonna break it," Dean pointed out, chuckling as he crumpled up his breakfast burrito wrap and tossed it into the floor of the back seat.

"I'm just nervous." Sam put the phone on the dash.

"You're about to have triplets. I'd be scared out of my mind knowing there's going to be three miniature versions of you running around here." Dean smirked. "Seriously, Sam, you'll be ok."

He nodded, taking a deep breath and nodding to himself. He was going to be fine. This was a moment they had been waiting for now for almost a year. And yet he was still as scared as the day Heather had asked him the question...


Last Fall

They were wrapped around each other in bed, a healthy welcome home moment between the two of them as he came back from another summer of hunting with his brother. The sun was starting to rise and Heather nuzzled against his cheek, making Sam smile and pull her close. "You don't know how much I miss you when I'm gone," he whispered against her hair as he kissed her head gently.

"I think I have an idea." Her hand traced lazy patterns over his chest. She had already seen some of the new scars on his body, and she always worried about him when he was off hunting. The day the pack learned that Sam was a hunter all his life had been a hard one, but he had proven himself by then and eventually the pack realized his skills were an asset, and his loyalty was to them over his hunter world. His brother having picked up a stray were as a partner was also a good sign, showing that they had learned and evolved into better hunters. Heather was just pleased because she didn't know what she would have done if they had kicked him out of the pack.

Their love was strong, and it showed in their reunions as she ran out the door the second his scent came in over the wind, long before he was even in sight of the cabin. He'd spend time with the pack, catching up while Heather stayed glued to his hip, and then they would spend all night into the morning remembering each other and loving.

"Maybe next time you'll come with me. See some of the world."

"I'm happy here, Sam. I've seen the world."

That was the end of that talk, but she pushed herself up onto his chest, looking down at him. "However, I've been thinking about something and since you're here now, I wanted to ask you a question."

He tilted his head, hearing the seriousness in her voice. "What is it?"

Heather bit her lip a bit, but smiled. "I was actually thinking about us... starting a family."

Sam blinked, then pushed up onto his elbows. "You mean... us... having kids?"

"I loved helping raise Anna," Heather said softly. "But she's not a pup anymore. I miss that. And I want one of my own."

"With me?"

Her hand went up to cup his cheek, smiling. "Of course with you. The pack always jokes that we'd make beautiful pups."

Sam lowered his eyes and pushed up, and Heather rolled a bit to let Sam sit on the edge of the bed. "I don't know, Heather. I mean, I'm only here half of the year at most. I'd have to give up my brother..."

Heather's arms snaked around his shoulders, and she kissed his cheek. "Sam, I have the whole pack here to help me raise them. I would never dream of taking you away from Dean. I expect Dean to know your kids. He'd be their uncle after all."

Sam chuckled softly. "He'd be their best friend. And spoil them rotten."

"So see? We could start rebuilding family for both of us." She kissed his shoulder now. "Isn't that what's most important to you? Family?"

He sighed, his hand holding hers. "I don't have the best bloodline to pass along, you know. The visions alone..."

"And they would naturally be werewolves, but they would have both a mother and father who will love them and take care of them and teach them how to control everything." She got up and moved around to sit in his lap, looking him in the eye. "Sam, I thought about this a lot. I want pups. I want to have your pups. But only if you want to."

Taking a deep breath, he looked into her eyes, then nodded. "I was hoping to be a father by now anyway. Ok. If this is what you want, then let's do this."

Heather let out a squeal and wrapped her arms around him tightly, kissing him. Sam kissed her back, then pulled away as a thought hit him. "We can do this the old fashioned way, right? No having sex as wolves because I read that we'd get stuck together for over a half hour and that doesn't sound comfortable..."

Laughing, Heather just kissed him again. "The old fashioned way works perfectly. I thought we already established I'm not a sex in the woods type girl anyway."

"Just making sure," he said, then carefully pulled her better into his lap. "So if this is our goal by spring, then I guess we better not waste any time."

She nestled her hips better against his and pressed her forehead to his. "I love you, Sam Winchester."

"Right back at you."


The phone ringing broke Sam out of his daydream and he grabbed it. Anna's voice was excited, telling Sam that Murphy said he needed to get home now. He thanked the girl and hung up, then looked at his brother. "Time to go. See you in the spring?"

"That's for damn sure. And I expect you to send me pictures of my nephew and nieces."

They both got out of the car, and Dean hugged his brother tightly. "You take care of yourself, Sammy."

"You too, Dean." Sam held the hug a moment longer, then rapped on the window of the backseat before opening the door to grab his backpack. It was a service dog's backpack he had gotten especially made for himself, and it basically carried his laptop, phone and wallet. He now had enough clothes to just leave them between the two homes. "Hey, you watch out for my brother now, got that kitten?" Sam said with a smirk.

Alec yawned and stretched, effectively giving Sam the finger in the process. "Always do. Go hump your girlfriend, mutt."

Dean just shook his head at the strange but friendly exchange, then watched as Sam stripped quickly as he shifted. It still amazed him all these years later seeing his brother go from human to a wolf in the blink of an eye. The vest in place, Sam gave a final yip farewell and then took off running onto the path that led back to the cabin in the woods a few miles in.

"You think he's going to be ok?" Alec asked, concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I do," Dean replied, nodding his head slowly. "Out of any of us, Sammy's the one who deserves this. He'll do great."

"This spring is going to be interesting, that's for sure."

"If he comes back." Dean watched his brother disappear over a hill and sighed. "Once he lays eyes on those pups, Alec... he just might not come back at all."

"Do you blame him?"

"Not in the least. He made his choice, and Heather's a good girl. She'll take good care of him."


Last Summer

Sam drove Heather's jeep down to the diner, looking over at his pregnant girlfriend. It was May and she was already three months along but looked like she was at least five months. Her doctor had just done the ultrasound and there were three distinct little bodies in her stomach. Murphy had warned them that since they were both wolves, they would end up with a litter. Now there was firm proof and Heather was absolutely beaming.

Of course, there was one issue that had come up.

"Do you really have to go? Can't you stay, just this summer?" she asked him softly with a whimper.

"Dean's expecting me," Sam told her, giving her a sympathetic look. "The doctor said you're due in November. I'll be back by then, I swear."

"This is going to be our last time it's just you and me."

Sam parked and looked over at her. "Yeah, I know. And depending on the needs of the kids, it could be the last time for years I spend time with my brother. They become priority when they are born -"

"And I'm not now?"

"Of course you are." He cupped her cheek with his hand. "This doesn't change that at all."

"Sam, I need you to stay." She grabbed his hand. "I don't want to do this alone."

"You have the whole pack, Heather. You're far from alone." He squeezed her hand back and took a deep breath. "If you really want me to stay, Heather, I will. You know I will. Just... come meet my brother first. You've never met him, and I think it's time you do."

"Do you think Dean will approve of me?"

"Are you kidding?" Sam laughed. "Dean will love you, and he'll be sad I laid claim on you first." Turning off the car, he opened his door to get out, then walked around to help her out of the car. When she was standing, he leaned down and kissed her and gave her a small smile. She smiled back, and they walked hand in hand into the diner where Dean and Alec were waiting to have lunch with the expecting couple.

Lunch lasted two hours and by the end of it, Heather felt like she understood Sam just a bit more seeing how he lived when he wasn't with the pack. He became a different man - a dependent brother who cared about Dean more than almost anyone else. She could see that Dean was the leader of this pack, which was strange since he was the only human in a pack of weres. Finally, as they walked out of the parking lot, Sam started to make his way to talk to Dean privately when Heather grabbed his arm.

"What's wrong?" he asked softly.

"Go with your brother."

Sam blinked, looking down at her with confused eyes. "Are you sure?"

She nodded, running a hand along his arm. "You guys need each other. And you're right, this might be the last time you get to really be with him. I'm going to get you for the rest of your life as we raise these kids. But I never looked at it from the side that I'm taking you from your brother."

"You're not taking me, Heather," he said softly. "I want this, and I'm going willingly."

"I know, but Dean didn't ask for me to take you from him. He's already lost a lot of time with you because of the wolf. He shouldn't lose you completely because of this. I just... I needed to be reminded that you have split your world for both of us, and I can't be selfish like that."

"If you need me, you call and I will be on my way back to you." He held both her hands, squeezing them tightly.

She smiled at him. "I know." She hesitated for a moment. "Can I just have you for one more night, though?"

"Of course." He leaned down to kiss her. "Let me just tell Dean I'll meet him at the ranger station tomorrow instead."


He was out of breath when he got back to the pack's cabin, shifting as he ran in the door and tossed his vest down on the couch. Kirmani and Morgan were downstairs and Sam didn't even say hello as he grabbed his stashed sweatpants in the trunk before running upstairs. The two men just exchanged smirks, and went back to reading.

Rushing to their bedroom, Sam nearly tripped over Anna, now thirteen, as she rushed out of Sam and Heather's bedroom with wet towels. "Hey Sam!" she greeted and pushed against the wall so the larger man could get by. Her greeting alerted Murphy of his incoming and she made her way to the door before he could get in.

"Sam, we need to talk."

His eyes widened and she tried to look past her. Something in those words scared him, and he looked down at her, panting. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," she said. "Heather's fine, and Butters says that the labor is going well."

"Ok." He was getting his breathing under control and now was more confused, but the fear slipped away. "Then why can't I go in there?"

Murphy looked him over seriously. "Last month was rough, and Heather... she got into her mind that you weren't coming back. She's not expecting you to walk through the door."

"Well, I'm here."

"Sam... wolves, when they have pups, become very possessive and isolate themselves. I want you to be prepared in case she pushes you away. It's just instinct, and right now she's in a lot of pain and letting the wolf take over a bit." She rubbed his arm. "She's only putting up with Butters because she needs his help. She's even growling at me."

"But she'll... I mean..."

"Once the third pup is born and she has all three with her and is cleaned up, we'll leave and you can bring her something to eat and take care of her."

"So you don't want me going in?"

Murphy thought a moment. "Go in, but just know that she may demand us to remove you. Right now, she's the important one and what she says goes. Do you understand that?"

He looked at the door as he heard Heather cry out in pain. "Yeah, ok."

She looked him in the eye, then moved away from the door. "Go in."

He ducked his head and went in, looking around a bit at their bedroom. The windows were covered with blackout curtains and it almost felt like he was stepping into a cave. Butters looked up, seeing Sam and nodding before going back to work. "Alright, Heather. I need you to relax. We're almost ready."

Heather was panting, and Sam took a cold towel from Anna - who had snuck back in while Sam was talking with Murphy - and went to wipe at her face. Her eyes snapped open and she started to growl, then saw that it was Sam and she gasped. "Sam?"

"Yeah, it's me," he said, wiping her head gently. "I told you I would be back in time."

She just stared at him, and Murphy watched carefully. Then Heather closed her eyes, tearing up as she leaned her head closer to Sam. "I missed you."

"I know." He leaned down, pressing his lips to her forehead as he knelt by the bed, putting an arm around her in a half hug. "But I'm here, and I'm not leaving you. I promise."

"Hey guys," Butters looked up. "It's time to start pushing."

Sam looked at Heather and took her hand, holding it tightly. She gave him a smile, then looked at Butters and nodded.

Five hours later, it was done and Sam helped make Heather comfortable on a bed of pillows on the floor near the heater. She was exhausted and half asleep, so he covered her gently after giving her a quick towel bath, then promised he would be back in a few minutes. Then he walked across the hall into the nursery where Murphy and Butters were tending to the three babies as they cleaned them and dressed them. He had only seen them each for a moment before Murphy shuttled the baby away after each birth, so walking in to see all three swaddled babies in the large crib made him stop to take a breath.

Murphy was leaning over the crib, petting one of the girl's cheek gently. She sensed Sam in the doorway and looked up, smiling. "There's your daddy," she whispered the the pups before motioning for Sam to come over. "This is going to be the best time of your life, Sam," she told him. "Enjoy it."

"Thanks." Sam was nervous as he looked at the three tiny faces. Ian, Marie, and Eliza. They were so perfect and he was afraid to breathe because he would ruin the moment. He did, however, reach into his pocket and pull out his cell phone, taking the promised picture and texting it to his brother. Then Marie started to fuss and Sam quickly looked over his shoulder at Murphy, not sure what to do.

"You'll figure it out, Sam. Just follow your instincts."

He nodded, then reached in and carefully picked the little girl up, not wanting to upset the other two as he carefully tucked her into his arm and rocked her. "Shh, it's ok... it's ok. Daddy's got you."

"You're going to want to bring them into see Heather soon. She's going to want them close for a few days."

Sam nodded, not looking up from the baby in his arms. "When she wakes up I'll bring them in and then get her something to eat as well."

Murphy nodded, then slipped out of the room to leave Sam alone with his babies. He just rocked Marie back to sleep, then slowly walked her across the hall to check in on Heather who was starting to stir. She looked up at Sam and their daughter and smiled. "Let me see her."

He gently lowered Marie into Heather's arms, then went back and carefully brought each baby into the room, using the pillows and the blankets to wrap around them so that they could be pressed up against Heather's body and hear her heartbeat. He then gave her a soft kiss and ran a hand along her hair. "I'm going to get us some dinner, than I'll be back, alright?"


He closed the door and then went downstairs, fixing Heather a meal that was high in protein and nutrients to start replacing what she had lost that day. While it was warming up, he stepped out onto the porch and pulled out his phone, dialing his brother.

Dean's voice answered, and Sam could hear the smile that Dean was probably wearing. "Congratulations, Sammy. They look adorable. Which one did you name after me?"

Sam laughed. "Yeah, like I would give one of the your name."

"So what did you end up naming them?"

"The girls are Eliza and Marie."

"Sounds hot. And the boy?"

"Ian." Sam took a deep breath. "It's the Scottish form of John."

There was silence and then Dean gave a soft sigh. "Dad would be proud."

"I hope so." He heard the beep of the oven timer and looked over his shoulder. "Listen, I've got to go. Heather hasn't eaten all day..."

"Yeah, I get it. Go on, Sam. You're a family man now. Take good care of them."

"I will. And keep thinking about that offer to spend the summer here, alright? The kids need to get to know their uncle."

"I'll let you know come spring. Bye, Sam."

Hanging up the phone, Sam grabbed the two plates and walked to his room, setting the plate beside Heather's head as he prompted his on his lap. Ian and Marie were suckling on her breasts while Eliza was awake and wiggling. He moved the plate and put the third baby in his lap, gently stroking her cheeks.

"We're a family now," Heather said softly as she reached for a piece of meat and quickly devoured it. "Everything changes, you know."

"It does." Sam smiled as Eliza grabbed his finger and squeezed it a bit before letting go. "And I wouldn't want it any other way."