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Sam Winchester ([personal profile] likely_evil) wrote2009-07-07 06:33 pm

Birthday Fic for [ profile] failuretotrust's mun

You asked for it, and I held out until now to make it double special. Enjoy :)

God he loved her. Anytime she was in the room, his eyes always left whatever he was doing to take her in. It didn't matter if she was coming in to yell at him for something, or just to walk in and pick up her book. He knew she worried she was that she looked huge, but she looked beautiful to her.

And she had been joking about how frustrated she was with all her hormones, so he decided to surprise her with a little bit of seduction. He waited until she left for a little bit of pampering at the spa - his suggestion - before slipping out to get to the spa as well.

He had gotten her a pregnancy massage at Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon down on Pennsylvania Avenue, but there was a twist. A very expensive twist that he had been training with Jacques for about a week to get it right.

They had taken her into the room, stripped her down and put on all the mood music as she slipped on the mask. At that point, Sam ducked into the room, dressed in the black silk pants that the masseuses wore, and nodded thanks to Jacques as the pro stepped out.

He warmed his hands and spread the oil, taking care to follow the lessons that he had learned as he massaged her gently. He could hear her moan softly as he worked on each stress point, and slowly moved his way up to her shoulders, getting at the knots he knew were there until he finally leaned down close. "Would the lady wish for more?" he whispered into her ear.

Beth ripped the eye mask off and looked at Sam, whose hands wear slowly going down her arms. He gave her that sexy Winchester grin as he leaned down to kiss her. "I've got the room for another hour, and you'll be shocked at how else Jacques has shown me to use my hands."

His large hands slide over her slippery skin, this time not to ease, but to excite. The moans are different this time as his fingers explore the spots that the masseuse would have avoided. They slip into folds that he doesn't need to oil up first. He reaches under the table to lower the side her legs are on, making it so that he was able to step between her legs and kneel between them, observing his technique until she cries out for more.

There is nothing between the pants except the thing she wants most. And he gives it to her with all his heart as his fingers entwine with hers. There's no need for protections - two trimesters past needing that - so when she reaches her peak, his explodes inside of her.

Once he has caught his breath, he takes his time in cleaning her up, making sure the evidence of their coupling is gone as he puts the table back up and moves back up to her shoulder and leans down to kiss her again.

"Enjoy the rest of the spa," he whispered into her ear. "And when you get home, I'll be waiting to help tuck you into bed."