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In Which there are Candy Cane Kisses...

It started with such a simple thing: putting up the Christmas Tree. Michael was bouncing in his play pen, watching as Sam tried to keep himself from getting tangled with the lights and the tree and muttering things that he really hoped his son didn't hear or worse - repeat. Though he could blame it on Dean.

He had done it before, and probably would do it again. Sorry Dean.

Bela came back somewhere along the way with the ornaments and dinner, and when he turned to look at her, she smiled with her lips around the end of a candy cane. "Do you need a hand there, Sam? I am sure we could find you some instructions on your computer."

"I'm figuring it out," he stated, but his eyes were watching as she played with the end of her candy cane. She noticed it and moved her tongue in a way that made Sam gulp. He turned back to the tree quickly. "I still don't know why we have to have a real one. The fake ones come with the lights already installed."

"The real ones smell better. Don't you want Michael to look back and remember Christmas and how it looked, sounded and smelt?" Bela smirked and kept sucking on her candy cane.

Sam heard the sucking noise and gave her a look. "Do you really have to do that?"

"Do what?" She gave him the most wicked grin as she sucked on the cane as she slowly slid it in and out of her mouth.

He huffed, crossing his arms a moment, then shook his head. "You know what, we'll go back to that later."

"Promise?" Bela asked.

Sam walked over, taking her hand and holding the candy cane out so he could get a bit of access to it. Looking her in the eye, he aimed his tongue on the end of the curve, flicking his tongue on it a moment before letting it slide into the inside of the curve and lick the length. Then with his own grin, he moved past her to pick Michael up from his playpen.

"I'll feed Michael while you decorate the tree, love," he said as he disappeared into the kitchen, knowing that later tonight they would get back to that discussion for sure.
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Bela went back to the tree with a grin. It'd been a while since she'd had the chance to really spend time with Sam lately, and the holidays seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do it. Once Michael was fed and out, they would have the apartment to themselves.

All she had to do was finish with the tree. She kept one ear on the kitchen, listening for the sounds of her husband and son together as she placed the ornaments on the tree, trying to finish up as quickly as possible.
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Bela smiled slightly and she made her way over, reaching to take her son from Sam gently. "Wouldn't want anything to break, love. You have to be gentle."

Michael just continued to reach for the tree, letting his fingers brush against the bristles of the branches lightly.
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"Thank you," she nodded, before starting to pull Michael away from the tree. He whined slightly, resting his head against his mother's shoulder. "And I think it's time for this one to head to bed. What do you think?"
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"Night, Daddy," he mumbled as Bela carried him out of the room and back towards his bedroom.

"I'll be right back," she said over her shoulder as she started to head up the stairs.
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Tonight Michael was a little reluctant to head into sleep, but a bit of rocking and a familiar story, and soon he was drowsing quietly in her arms, his head lolling against her shoulder. Once he was back in his own bed and tucked in, she made her way downstairs.

She padded through the dim light of the living room to her husband, sliding onto the couch next to him as she looked over his shoulder. "What're you reading?"
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"Not bad," she sighed as she curled closer to him, wrapping an arm across his torso lightly. "No different than usual, but nothing bad either."
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She smirked, before pushing up so that she could kiss him lightly. "Oh, no. That was for you."
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"Does seducing your husband count as being naughty?" she asked as she moved closer, sliding her free arm around her shoulder.
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"Neither have I," she murmured, shifting so that she was straddling him, and leaning forward to nibble on his ear. "Then again, I always assumed I was naughty."
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She moved closer, turning to kiss his neck instead. "Have to keep the house warm after all."
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She hummed softly at the feel of his hands against her back, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. "Well, I like having you close."
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She moaned softly in his ear, her back pushing into his hands more as her hand slipped between the material of his shirt and his skin, settling in closer against him.
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Bela didn't think she'd ever have this at all. She still wasn't sure that she deserved this, but she wasn't not going to take it. She was going to enjoy it for as long as she had it. She leaned into the kiss, her hand moving up to cup his face lightly as she pushed herself closer.
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"Do I have to want something for Christmas?" she said softly, sliding her arms around his neck. "I just want to spend it with you and Michael."
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She grinned back at him. "Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it."
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"Oh, now be nice," she grinned. "It is Christmas after all."
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She grinned before leaning in closer. "Well, in order to get on the naughty list, I'm about to be very nice to you."
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"I think you have a good idea," she murmured, before leaning closer to kiss his neck lightly.
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"Maybe," she murmured, her lips moving over his gently.
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She leaned into the kiss, letting an arm slide around his neck and leaning closer.