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Future Fic Request: WW - Sam and Olivia - birthday

"Ok Daddy you sit here an' Mister. Bum'kin is gonna sit here an' Missus Thumb is gonna sit here an'..."

"Olivia, sweetie..." Sam looked down at the chairs that were a part of his three year old daughter's tea party set. The chair backs barely came to his knees. "What are we doing?"

"We're 'avin' a tea party, Daddy! It's Mister Bum'kins birfday and Mama always says dat yer suppose ta 'ave a party!" Olivia gave her father the best puppy eyes she had inherited from him, the hazel bright with the blonde pigtails. "Now sit!"

Chuckling, Sam looked down at the chair and tried to figure out just how to do that. Finally he crossed his legs on the floor and propped his butt up into the chair so it looked like her was sitting and not kneeling.

"Ok, now evewyone puts on a hat!" She picked up a a little pile of cheap cone hats and put one on her teddy bear - Mister Bum'kin - and then on the baby doll - Missus Thumb, whose thumb had fallen off which earned her the name - and then she handed one to Sam. "Put it on, Daddy!"

There was a moment that Sam had a horrible flashback to a birthday party with three corpses in a bomb shelter as he looked at the hat. This won't hurt at all...

"Thank you. But I forgot a present for Mister Bum'kin."

"That's ok. Mama tol' me you doon know how ta buy good presen's anyway." Olivia put on her hat, then turned to get a tray of tea cups and cookies. Sam looked at them closer and realized that the cookies were actually dirt.


"Shhh, we gotta sing now. Hapby Birfday ta you... Hapby Birfday ta you..." She looked over at Sam with a pointed look that she got from Ruby, and Sam sighed and joined in on singing the birthday song. When it was done, Olivia clapped her hands and then handed out the dirt pies.

"I made yer pie special, Daddy," the little girl said with innocent eyes. "Extra yummy. Tell me if you like it."

Sam held the little pile of dirt and looked at his daughter. It was then that he realized she really did expect him to eat it. He gulped, then carefully lifted it to his nose and smelt it. "It smells really good, Olivia, but daddy isn't hungry right now..."

"You doon like it." She sat down in her chair and folded her arms in her little dress, the forced pout making him sigh.

"No, sweetie, I do. Daddy just had a big lunch..."

"Just one bite?"

Knowing there was no way for this to end good, Sam took a deep breath and closed his eyes, taking a very small, disgusting bite of the dirt pie. And at that exact moment, there was a bright flash of light.

Sam opened his eyes to see Ruby standing in the doorway, hip against the door frame as she lowered the camera. "Aw, now isn't this precious..."

"Ruby! You're not going to..."

"Scrapbook, Sam. These are the moments and all that junk." She smiled down at him, proud of the moment she had helped create and captured successfully on film. "I can't wait to show the rest of the family."

"You wouldn't dare!"

Olivia laughed and ran over to her Mama, squealing in excitement. "I did it, Mama! I got Daddy ta eat DIRT!"

Ruby reached down and picked their daughter up. "Yes you did, and Mama is very proud of you."

Sam just closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he sighed, and he swore he could hear Dean laughing.

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