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Sam Winchester ([personal profile] likely_evil) wrote2009-01-15 10:40 am

for [ profile] 15_song_titles: How To Save A Life

ooc: takes place in [ profile] justtostayalive verse

Sam rubbed his eyes as he closed another large, dusty book on Bobby's desk. Still nothing on how to stop a crossroad demon deal. Still no way to help Bela. No way to save her. Nothing.

It was driving him crazy. He was a lawyer, and he knew that all deals had clauses in them that were able to be used to make a deal invalid. It was the nature of the beast. But these deals were like nothing he had studied in school.

There was no clauses. No fine print to play with the language. Nothing but cold hard facts.

Bela had sold her soul, and unless they could trick the crossroads demon again like Dean had before, there was no way he could keep his promise and save her.

Sam hated not being able to keep his promises, especially when they involved helping someone.

He looked over at his brother, asleep on the couch with a book on his chest. Dean wasn't happy with this idea in Sam's head, but was going to help him out however he could because it was something Sam was determined to do.

Moving quietly as not to wake his brother, Sam made his way to the kitchen to get something to drink. He opened the beer and sipped on it, looking out the window at the stars above.

In his mind he remembered the night, a few days ago now. He had woken up halfway through that night, looking down at Bela in his arms, sleeping peacefully. When she was awake, Bela was always so stiff and sarcastic. Holding herself tight and wrapping a blanket around her to keep everyone out. Even when it was just him and her, there was still that bit of distance. That bit of self preservation that kept her from opening up to him.

But in his arms, asleep, she looked different. She looked soft and gentle and happy. Content and... just beautiful. It was the same woman, but the side of her that no one saw. Not even herself, because you can't see what you look like asleep. And here this gentle thing was in his arms, trusting him to protect her.

To save her.

God, he wanted to do this so badly. If only to be able to see her wear that face more often. To see her perhaps start to look that beautiful when she was awake. To become more like that girl sleeping in his arms.

He looked down to find his fingers playing with the wedding band on his finger. He had forgotten to take it off after they finished the job, and it just stayed on. He barely noticed it's weight anymore; it was almost like it had become a part of it. Even now he could take it off and put it into his pocket... but he didn't.

There was a girl somewhere who had the matching ring. The girl who he saw that night in his arms, and found himself wanting to see her again. Wanting to hold her tight in his arms until all the bad things in her life melted away and he could see her smile at him and know that she was safe.

Safe with him in his arms; her knight in shining armor.

Sam shook his head, taking another sip of his beer before heading back to the books. The fantasies could wait for another day: if he was going to make them a reality, he had to figure out just how to save her first.

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