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for [ profile] thewrite_place: Too Cautious

ooc: next in the series after this.

“The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.”
-Jawaharlal Nehru

It was in battle that Sam saw Dean again - the first time in almost a year. Sam had been fighting against Lilith's forces, trying to block a seal from being broken. It wasn't a short fight - knife to the gut, demons gone and rushing off before someone notices the bodies - but instead one that lasted days on days, wearing down Sam's forces while Lilith's just kept growing.

That was when the Calvary showed up. The hunters and the angels, over a dozen of them rushing in with weapons high. Sam's army instantly pulled back, not wanting to be caught up in the confusion, gathering around their general and keeping the parameter secure.

Sam was leaning on the shoulder of a warrior, exhausted from little sleep and a lot of fighting. With the break, he was able to just breathe and watch a moment, searching through the cemetery plot for the shape of his brother.

Of course, Dean was front and center, a silver knife in one hand, the shotgun in the other as he cut a path through the demons. He never looked in Sam's direction, and the younger Winchester was hidden far enough in the shadows of a crypt that he wouldn't be noticed.

His eyes were on Dean the whole time, watching how he moved. He had changed in Sam's eyes. Dean was colder in his aim, no hesitations at how he shot at. He had lost weight and his movements were fluid and fast, like a solider at war. There was not an ounce of enjoyment in his eyes, no smirk as he got the upper hand. Just a straight, serious business face.

Then from behind, one of Lilith's demons slammed a shovel on Dean's arm, making him drop the shotgun before the upslash cut across Dean's chin and knocked him to the ground. Sam knew he was stunned as Dean rolled over on the ground to look at his attacker.

"DE-" Sam started to shout, pushing away from the crypt before Ruby was in front of him, her hand over his mouth and backing him against the wall again. She glared at him, a streak of blood coming from her hairline and down her face.

"Don't you dare," she hissed, glaring at him.

"He needs my help," Sam urged, trying to push against her.

"He has his army with him, Sam. Angels. They will defend him." Her hands kept him from moving. She looked over her shoulder, and Sam followed her gaze. Already, Castiel was standing above Dean, his hand on the demon's forehead and bright light was streaming from the demon's mouth and eyes.

"I can still help."

"No, Sam. You show your face, you're just going to get yourself, or Dean, killed. You'll distract him. He'll distract you. And if you forgot, you're not the most favorite person on the hunter's most wanted list. Trust me, you're both safer this way, so we're leaving. Now."

"But Ruby -"

"NOW, Sam." She looked at the demon beside her, who grabbed Sam's arm and forced it over his shoulders. "Today is not the day for a family reunion. We're going to retreat and let the angels clean this up."

"Took them long enough to get here," the demon dragging Sam along muttered.

Sam didn't say anything as he let himself be dragged away. He just stole one glance back over his shoulder at his brother, biting his lip and wishing he could just talk to him a moment. To see how he was doing.

To just have one minute with his brother that was theirs again, and not time devoted to this endless war.