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application} the BOX

Player Information
Player name: Alison Sky
Contact: [ profile] alisonsky
Are you over 18: yes
Characters in The Box Already: Hal Mason

Character Information
Character Name: Sam Winchester
Canon: Season 3, Episode 11 – Mystery Spot. Just as he notices the strawberry syrup.
Canon Point: Halfway through Tuesday after Dean was killed by the waitress with bad aim.
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive: Alive
History: Supernatural Wiki:
Personality: Sam has gone through a lot in his life, especially the last three years, and it's had an effect on his personality. But the core elements of Sam have never changed, even if they have altered a bit.

Sam is intelligent. The kid got a 174 on his LSAT! It's always been shown that Sam was "geekboy" and did most of the research in the pairing, but beyond that he is also the voice of reason at times when Dean is getting caught up in the moment. He's the one who can tell when they need to take a step back and look at something again. However, he does have a blind spot when someone who he cares about is in danger, and he will throw caution to the wind and go after something without thinking. It's in those moments where Sam tends to make some of his greater mistakes.

Sam is a lover. When it comes to women, Sam isn't a love them and leave them type. He has a sweet smile, and knows how to make any woman feel at ease - whether he's trying to get information from them for a case, or soothing a victim from an attack. Dean has even deliberately had Sam use his "puppy dog thing" on cases. When it comes to actual relationships, Sam has been shown that he needs to form some kind of relationship with a woman before he is able to open up with his feelings to them. He can even be shy and sometimes clueless that he is being flirted with. When a girl does get past his walls, he is a passionate man who will defend his woman from anything that could harm them.

Sam is an addict. Not just in the sense of his addiction to the power that he will get from demon blood within the next year of his life, but Sam has an addictive personality in general. He has a dangerous co-dependency to his brother. Without having the constant companionship of his brother, Sam is unable to function. In 3.11 "Mystery Spot", when he is taken out of the Tuesday cycle of Dean dying, when Dean is killed for real, we are shown that Sam becomes desensitized to the world (compared to the characters in Full Metal Jacket) for the four months until the Trickster fixes the time-line. When Dean really dies at the end of season 3, and it's revealed what happens to him in 4.09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" that he becomes unhinged, suicidal, and an alcoholic until Ruby steps in to become his new "drug" with sex and attention, a direction to move, and eventually the blood and power which keeps him there even after Dean comes back.

Sam is a freak. He is human with demon blood. He's been told that Dean might have to kill him. The angels consider him an abomination. He's been told that he is special. He is the chosen one. As the years have gone by since Sam lost his dream of "being normal" with Jess, he has just faced more and more facts that he was different. He never wanted to be a hunter, and yet that is what he is in his blood. He has powers that he doesn’t understand and will soon come to hate, but he will to try and save people. He's also working on coming to terms with the realization that being a freak doesn't mean that he is damned or wrong.

Sam is a hero. Everything Sam has done as a hero is to help save people. Whether it's trying not to let his brother die, or saving the nameless man on the street, Sam hates seeing people suffer. Part of this comes from being a victim himself from losing the love of his life - Jess - because of who he is. Some of it comes from feeling that he needs to repent for the demon blood in his veins and to change his destiny ("No, Dean, you don't understand, all right? The more people I save, the more I can change!"- 2.11 "Playthings"). But Sam also is just a naturally sweet guy who wants to do the right thing. However, Sam also learns the hard way that the road to hell really is paved with good intentions. And he isn't afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice of himself to save the world, as long as he knows that others will get a chance to have a better life for it.

And currently, Sam is in the middle of a mental breakdown. He is caught in a time loop where he has been reliving the same Tuesday over and over again, all ending with his brother dying in some horrific way. He’s on day 100, tired of it all, tired of explaining it all to his brother. He’s hit the point where he’s done everything he can to save his brother and can’t, and it’s taken its toll on his sanity.

Items on your character at canon point: Clothes: purple plaid shirt, white undershirt, green khaki jacket, jeans, military boots; leather laptop bag with laptop; charger cables; EMF detector; flashlight. Gun tucked into his back pocket, and a knife in his boot. Wallet in his back pocket with his real driver’s license, a fake ID, credit cards that match the fake ID, and some cash.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses:
Abilities: Right now, Sam is powerless. He does, however, possess the ability to have powers if he goes down the route he’s on. He used to be able to have psychic premonitions, but after he died, those stopped. If he gets exposed to drinking demon blood, he will gain the following abilities: telekinesis, abnormal strength, and the ability to exorcise/ kill demons with the power of his mind. The abilities get stronger the more blood he drinks.

Strengths: Sam is the brother with faith and hope in the world, though right now he’s in a point where it’s been tested to its extreme. He is intelligent and often is the one who thinks before he acts. He has compassion for others who are not “normal” and believes that monsters aren’t born bad, and have a chance to be good.

Weaknesses: Dean is his biggest weakness, and as the Trickster says, it’s going to be the death of him. Sam will sacrifice almost anything for him, and because of that, makes him reckless and dangerous when Dean’s life is on the line. The protectiveness extends beyond Dean to others who are his family, though his recklessness and self sacrificing is less for them. There is also a part of him that feels he is a monster and that anyone who gets close to him dies, and it keeps him from being as open with people and forming ties right away. He also has a very bad fear of clowns.

Network/Action Spam Sample: How does Sam deal with being stuck in a horror game? Drink copious amounts of alcohol!
Prose Log Sample:
"She shot me."

"Yes, Sam, I know. I'm the one cleaning out the bullet wound, remember?"

"What kind of person goes around and just shoots someone like that. It wasn't like she even cared." Sam was sulking and he knew it, but he didn’t care. He was in pain from the bullet to his shoulder that Bela Talbot had placed there over an hour ago. Stupid rabbit’s foot. Stupid job. “She just... shot me.”

"Alright, Captain Repetitive. I get the point." Dean pulled the bullet from his brother's shoulder finally with a muffled scream from the younger Winchester. "There. All better. Looks like your luck’s changing back to normal."

"Yeah, thanks. I really enjoy pain and blood loss." Sam poured some of the vodka over the bleeding hole before he took another sip as Dean went to get the stitch kit.

"You know, Sammy, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you actually liked that."

"Why the hell would I enjoy getting shot?" Sam gave his brother a look.

"Just saying. It's not often I see someone get a hard-on from a gunshot." Dean smirked as Sam looked quickly to his lap, and then glared at his brother. Dean laughed and started to stitch the wound. "So either it was the gunshot... or the girl who shot you."

"I hate you," Sam muttered, taking another sip of the vodka.