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Sam Winchester ([personal profile] likely_evil) wrote2010-11-16 10:09 pm
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Yeah, I've been slow

People who play with me might have noticed I've slowed down a lot in playing. I've been sick for about a month now with what my doctor calls bad allergies. Which I say is a crock. but either way, some days I'm good, some days - like today - I want to physically remove my nose or shove a hoover hose up it.

Either way, Ali feels like crap, which means Sam goes at a slow pace.

Add in shit at work, as well as some personal issues... yeah.

What does that mean for Sam?

Seeing that I'm still able to at least rep for an hour or two a day, I'm not in need of any hiatus notices. I've probably made activity for all my games for this month anyway if I did fall off the face of the planet.

But Sam will be going slow, and I will try to at least answer ALL my tags each night. Hopefully I'll shake this thing soon.

After Christmas, however, I'm going to start focusing on more personal things I keep putting off. Which means that I may drop a game, or else I won't be as active as Sam "I will talk to anyone who needs a friend" Winchester normally is. I'll figure that out in the new year though, so no need to fret just yet.

But yeah. Ping me on AIM if you need me, or if it's been a few days and I haven't tagged something. I don't mind being poked. I may even giggle like the doughboy :)

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