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Sam Winchester ([personal profile] likely_evil) wrote2009-02-02 11:33 am

for [ profile] 15_song_titles: # 120 - What I'm Fighting For

ooc: takes place in the verse [ profile] justtostayalive

Sam sat in the living room, playing with a pencil as he worked his way through yet another demon book. He had a good idea of what he was going to do that night while with the crossroad demon, but before he took off to do that, he wanted to make sure he had every bit of lore on the demon deals in his head.

He was being an attorney in this, defending a case... because that was the mindset he had to stay in to be able to accomplish this.

He hadn't realized it was morning until he heard Bela wake up and move into the kitchen. He stopped moving, being quiet as he just watched her move in the silky robe as she went to make coffee.

Maybe it was the way the sunlight was coming into the kitchen, or just the way she held herself, but Sam couldn't help but smile a bit. That was his wife in there - marriage by accident, but one he was starting to really want to keep - and she was pregnant with his child.

She looked so damn beautiful. No makeup, no fancy hairstyling. Just her.

Dean would hit him and make comments about falling for the bitch that shot him wasn't very brotherly. But for once, Sam didn't care. And sure, maybe he was falling for Bela when he shouldn't. After all, she might just up and leave him once the deal was broken. Disappear and he'd never see her or his child again.

But all he could see right now in front of him was a beautiful woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He could see her standing there in a few months time with a big pregnant belly, his arms wrapped around her from behind, kissing her neck as they stood in the sunlight together.

Years later with his son - he wanted a boy so badly now - as they worked to try and cook something edible on the stove. Maybe another child, a daughter that time, waiting impatiently for them to finish while Bela brushed the little one's hair and argued with Dean across the table about something.

Sam would be there for them, and would never leave his children in motel rooms for weeks at a time. Never let them fear about the things that hid in the darkness. He'd even let them believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny as long as they wanted to so they got the holidays he never did.

He would be there to watch them grow. To keep Bela happy for once in her life. To be that good husband and father he had hoped he would have been with Jess all those years ago when he was hunting for rings before that day in November. To be something more than the boy with the freak demon blood.

It was a perfect future waiting for him... all he had to do was keep once promise and it would be his.

He just had to save her first.

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