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Just one hit turned into two. That turned into stay the night... please don't go Sammy... just one more... soft words whispered against soft skin and his head tilted back to let them take more. Let her take more. Let her take him.

On a low he remembers the light of his life, curled up into another woman's arms on the crappy green couch that was the front seat to his personal hell. She pets his hear and whispers in his ears that everything will be alright. She will take care of him.

She's gone...

I know, Sammy...

I can't live without her. I don't want to...

Don't say that. Just stay here with me, Sammy. I'm not going anywhere and you know I would never hurt my big puppy.

And she pet his hair and pushed the next needle in, and somewhere along the way Sam just let himself break apart and float away as he finally gave in on that couch and let her take control to ride them both straight into hell.

The heat rose and as they cried out she leaned forward and whispered sweet promises of nothing and everything in his ear. But the only thing Sam could do was cry at the life that lay broken on the floor beside him.
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Dean was starting to get a bad feeling about this case.

They'd been trailing Ruby for a while now after the whole church incident, trying to keep an idea on her and what she was up to, but she was all over the map as far as victims were concerned. Dean would acknowledge that she was too good at what she did to not have some other kind of ulterior motive. There was a pattern there, but Dean just hadn't found it yet. He also knew that going in blind wasn't the smartest plan in the world, but there was a kid involved. Little eight year-old girl who Ruby had grabbed and hauled out of town like she was some kind of sacrifice to whatever Hell god she worshiped, and while Dean my not have known anything about what exactly it was Ruby was up to, but he wasn't going to take a risk on the kid's life.

He pulled the Impala up to the side of the cabin where they though the kid was being held. He could see the lights on through the window, and the small silhouette of a girl who was most likely scared out of her mind. If they could get in there and get out without alerting the demon bitch, then they would be golden. "Alright. In and out, right guys?"

Sam didn't like this. Something was just wrong. Wrong beyond the fact that Ruby had kidnapped a child because Ruby didn't kidnap people. She killed them. At least that was what Sam knew of Ruby beyond the very bad but feel good sex she shared with him that he wasn't allowed to do again. But why would she kidnap this child without doing anything else and bringing her back to the toy cabin in the woods?

"I still don't like this," he said softly. "There is something more. More than we can see and I don't like that. We should go."

"More? What more?" Alec asked. Sam knew his stuff no matter how childish in manner it may come out. He was feeling a bit edgy too. Maybe he was picking up on Sam's nerves or maybe it was the animal instinct. He wasn't sure yet.

"Yeah, Sammy. What do you mean?" Dean frowned. He didn't like going in blind, but this was a kid they were dealing with.

He bit his lip. "It just... not right. Not like her. Feels wrong."

"Okay. What part of this isn't like her?" Alec believed in trusting the expert.

"It's not bloody." He couldn't think of any other way to describe it.

"Okay." That description made perfect sense to Alec. "So we need to know why."

"It's an eight year-old kid," Dean pointed out. "We can't just leave her in there for Ruby to screw with. Maybe she just hasn't gotten bloody yet."

Sam bit his lip. He really really didn't like this, but Dean was right. It was a little girl. And Alec was right. They needed to know why it wasn't bloody. Yet. "... maybe."

"No, we can't but gut instinct says I'm about to become prey."

"Yeah, well -- that's not anything new," Dean sighed before pushing the door open and starting to climb out of the car. "Even we go for it or we don't. What're we gonna do?"

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Olivia was almost seven months old when the first Mother's Day came to the Winchester home in Seattle. Sam wanted to make it special, so he slipped out of bed when Olivia started to make noises over the baby monitor. "I'll take care of it," he told Ruby as he tucked his wife back in a bit. "You sleep in."

Picking his daughter up from her room, Sam made his way downstairs to the kitchen where he buckled her into the high chair and poured some cheerios on the table along with her bottle. Their daughter was already smart enough to hold the bottle on her own, so he knew he could leave her there for a few minutes.

Alec had done Sam a small favor and saved his uncle the time to make breakfast for Ruby. Waiting on the kitchen counter was a bouquet of flowers fresh from the growers in the next sector, and then in the oven still warm was an omelet and of course, piles of hash browns taters. He put them on a tray and carried it upstairs along with the bottle of ketchup and a glass of orange juice. He left it on the floor, then ran back downstairs to retrieve his daughter and the flowers.

He snuck back into the room and slid the card off his dresser into his hands as well, then rearranged the pillows to put Olivia, the vase, and the card on the bed. Olivia's little hands instantly went to pull on a flower, giggling as Sam grabbed the camera and knelt on the foot of the bed, ready to take a picture when Ruby woke up.

The giggling didn't take long to wake her mother up, and Ruby looked up at her daughter and smiled. "I don't think your daddy expects you to rip these apart," she told Olivia, trying to grab the flowers. Olivia held onto it through, not wanting to let go and before Sam could get up to stop it, the baby kicked the vase and it fell over and drenched Ruby and the bed.

"Sam..." Ruby looked down at him, glaring at him. Olivia had all the flowers now and was laughing and waving them in the air. He couldn't help it, and Sam just smiled and took a picture of it all.

"Happy Mother's Day," he told his wife. "I'll go get you a towel now."

"Thank you, dear."
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He was still in the room. Every time he passed out, he woke up alone in the room. Somewhere along the way Dean or Cas had taken pity on him and untied him from the bed, changed the sheets and put new clothes for him to change into. New food and water in the fridge.

Motions to show Sam they cared, but no one answered when he screamed for them to talk to him.

No on that was real anyway.

Part of him knew they were hallucinations. A part of him. But he was alone and sometimes he felt he deserved the torture.

And that was why he knew she came.
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He waited until the next morning to call his son. Ruby was settled in a warm bubble bath and after he had sat there for awhile, he promised her he would be just in the living room as he went to feed Buster and then pick up the phone.

How was Sam going to explain to Michael that his mother didn't remember him? It was one of the fears he was certain his son had, and now it had come true. But Sam had to be the optimist and could only hope that once she saw her baby boy in flesh and blood in front of her, something would spark and fill in those holes Hell had left in her.

It wasn't too late in Switzerland, so he dialed his son's cell phone and hoped he wasn't interrupting anything important between him and Tara.
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OOC: Goes with this. Michael is [ profile] herecmestrouble and used with permission

She is the sunlight.
The sun is gone.
- Trading Yesterdays "She is the Sunlight"

Ruby always went on jobs on her own. That wasn't what worried Sam. It was her way of relieving stress sometimes - go off on a small case, beat up a few demons and come back and take a long hot shower or else... well, that was another way they both burned off stress.

Sam sat up in bed reading until he fell asleep, waiting for her. It wasn't like her to take that long on a routine matter. He tried to call her again before bed, but it went to voicemail. If she was working, she wouldn't answer her phone. Maybe she needed to wait until late to hunt whatever she was after.

He was expecting her to come in during the night and wake him up by pressing her cold body against his back and wanting to share his warmth. But when he woke up and her half of the bed was still cold, that was when he started to worry.

It got worse when she didn't answer her cell phone still in the morning. It took him seconds to dress and then without even meeting his son for breakfast like planned, he went straight to the library and grabbed Bobby's journal and headed right for a spell room.

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Age 132. Year is 2114

It was a rough year for the Initiative. The complex was still just a dream, and the demons were hard to get on his side in the battle for a line of peace between the two species. War was hard, and it was taking it's toll on the immortal Winchester - more so than on any of the other humans. After all, it was certain that the demon who could take out Sam Winchester was going to become a legend.

And in 2114, that legend almost happened. His name was Andras, and to some he was considered one of the princes of Hell. His strategy was strong - separating Sam from the safety of his followers and then locking him in a warehouse in which no angel or lesser demon could enter or exit - including that of his Ruby.

Sam put up a strong fight, but his biggest weakness was that he was still human and needed certain things to survive. Food and water being the two major items. Andras, however, had an ego and wouldn't let his victory come from just plain starvation. He wanted to break Sam down as far as he could both mentally and physically before dealing the final blow. Then he could drag the body out to lay it at the feet of his followers and start to take them down.

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Follows This

I hate you.

Sam was angry. He was very angry and he didn't know what to do with that emotion. It was like a fire in him and he couldn't stay still. He wanted to go into a tree but he couldn't sit still. He wanted to hide in the Impala but Dean would find him. So he just kept walking, not caring where he went but he had to keep moving or he was going to do something he didn't want to do.

"Hey, watch where you're going, G!" A man in an oversized hoodie and low hung jeans shouldered Sam as he walked by, then turned around and yelled at Sam. The two men who were with him turned as well, smirking.

"You watch where you're going. You're the one who hit me," Sam stated over his shoulder, but he kept walking.

"Whoa, hold on a sec. Don't you be disrespecting me, boy." The thug grabbed Sam's shoulder and spun him around to look into his eyes, the gasped at the blackness. "What are you, some kinda freak?"

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The dangers of having a child had always been present in Sam's mind, long before Ruby had found out she was pregnant. When the reality of Michael coming into the world finally stuck in his head, Sam had done everything he could to make the nursery into a virtual fortress within a fortress. He was not going to let any demon near his son... except his mother, of course.

But Sam knew that there was going to be a danger. That six month birthday was the keystone. He had done so much research into baby development and why six months was so important in the plan that Azazel had once had. He learned that it was around that time in a baby's development that they started to show independent thoughts and actions.

The medics couldn't confirm if Michael was fully human or a half-blood like this father. Mutters of his son being an anti-christ were looked at with angry eyes from his father and harsh words from both parents. Their son was a perfect, innocent child and anyone who had an issue with his existence was given the offer to leave.

So as the day came, Sam worried that someone would slip through. A demon ally who had turned traitor - there were many times he had ended up attacked within his own walls - or worse, a human who wanted to make Michael into a weapon against this peace. He wasn't going to let his child be turned into a pawn in this war.

All of this led to Sam fortifying the nursery on the night before Michael hit that milestone. There was a salt line across the door and Sam sat in the rocking chair as the baby slept, a shotgun in his lap as he read a book. There was a coffee maker in the room, and Sam kept himself up.

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"Ok Daddy you sit here an' Mister. Bum'kin is gonna sit here an' Missus Thumb is gonna sit here an'..."

"Olivia, sweetie..." Sam looked down at the chairs that were a part of his three year old daughter's tea party set. The chair backs barely came to his knees. "What are we doing?"

"We're 'avin' a tea party, Daddy! It's Mister Bum'kins birfday and Mama always says dat yer suppose ta 'ave a party!" Olivia gave her father the best puppy eyes she had inherited from him, the hazel bright with the blonde pigtails. "Now sit!"

Chuckling, Sam looked down at the chair and tried to figure out just how to do that. Finally he crossed his legs on the floor and propped his butt up into the chair so it looked like her was sitting and not kneeling.

"Ok, now evewyone puts on a hat!" She picked up a a little pile of cheap cone hats and put one on her teddy bear - Mister Bum'kin - and then on the baby doll - Missus Thumb, whose thumb had fallen off which earned her the name - and then she handed one to Sam. "Put it on, Daddy!"

There was a moment that Sam had a horrible flashback to a birthday party with three corpses in a bomb shelter as he looked at the hat. This won't hurt at all...

"Thank you. But I forgot a present for Mister Bum'kin."

"That's ok. Mama tol' me you doon know how ta buy good presen's anyway." Olivia put on her hat, then turned to get a tray of tea cups and cookies. Sam looked at them closer and realized that the cookies were actually dirt.


"Shhh, we gotta sing now. Hapby Birfday ta you... Hapby Birfday ta you..." She looked over at Sam with a pointed look that she got from Ruby, and Sam sighed and joined in on singing the birthday song. When it was done, Olivia clapped her hands and then handed out the dirt pies.

"I made yer pie special, Daddy," the little girl said with innocent eyes. "Extra yummy. Tell me if you like it."

Sam held the little pile of dirt and looked at his daughter. It was then that he realized she really did expect him to eat it. He gulped, then carefully lifted it to his nose and smelt it. "It smells really good, Olivia, but daddy isn't hungry right now..."

"You doon like it." She sat down in her chair and folded her arms in her little dress, the forced pout making him sigh.

"No, sweetie, I do. Daddy just had a big lunch..."

"Just one bite?"

Knowing there was no way for this to end good, Sam took a deep breath and closed his eyes, taking a very small, disgusting bite of the dirt pie. And at that exact moment, there was a bright flash of light.

Sam opened his eyes to see Ruby standing in the doorway, hip against the door frame as she lowered the camera. "Aw, now isn't this precious..."

"Ruby! You're not going to..."

"Scrapbook, Sam. These are the moments and all that junk." She smiled down at him, proud of the moment she had helped create and captured successfully on film. "I can't wait to show the rest of the family."

"You wouldn't dare!"

Olivia laughed and ran over to her Mama, squealing in excitement. "I did it, Mama! I got Daddy ta eat DIRT!"

Ruby reached down and picked their daughter up. "Yes you did, and Mama is very proud of you."

Sam just closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he sighed, and he swore he could hear Dean laughing.
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"Two years, Ruby."

"Sam, I didn't promise you an overnight fix."

"Two. Fucken. Years."

Ruby rolled her eyes and ate another fry while she watched Sam flipping through the rough journal he always carried. It was something he had started to write in about the last time they had seen Dean Winchester - a fact that Sam was going back and checking by reading his old entries.

"And think of how far you've come in those two years, Sam. You've moved in leaps and bounds because you haven't had anything to hold you back. We're so close..."

"We've been close for over a year now, Ruby." Sam rolled his eyes up to look at her through his bangs. Time had taken it's toll on the younger Winchester, as well as his powers. His face was harder with deep shadows under his eyes. His hair was long and shaggy, long overdue for a trim. His jaw was set in a permanent frown, the smirk and fun in his personality hidden with the soft reservedness that Sam had shown for most of his life.

. . . )
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Sam was on his motorcycle, racing across the city as he followed the magical tracer that was leading him to where the Triad was holding the reapers. Ruby had taken her sweet time trying to break through their magic, but she had and they knew where their main base of operations was.

Now Sam was on the trail of a magical orb of light, guiding him to the location that Ruby and the other demons had already gone ahead to scout out and prepare for him. The other human hunters, including his son, were all safe in the complex and working to defend it if this was a trap.

The Triad were the worst that Sam faced in this new world, and he didn't take anything they did without considering every faucet of the plot they could have. And with the demons at the location, he had more than enough protection to be able to protect himself.

After all, he might be immoral, but he wasn't a Highlander. Sam was pretty sure a well placed cut or explosion would be the end of him, and he wasn't about to give the Triad a chance to test that.

Ruby, I'm almost there. Five more minutes.
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Sam left the chapel and headed back down to the medical ward where he knew Ruby and Michael were waiting. Michael because he wasn't going to be leaving the ward for another day or two, and Ruby because she was his mother and that was what mother's did.

Ruby was going to get a laugh out of this - part of Sam was still laughing at the idea of his brother being bored in heaven - and perhaps it would lead to Sam being able to finally talk to his son about Dean.

Something that had been painful to do ever since Dean had died.

He watched them for a moment through the window of the door, a swelling of pride in his chest. His family - his life - and Dean was proud of him. 200 years of self doubt started to bleed away and he felt years younger as he finally opened the door and walked back into the room.
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"I'm not going to ask again, where is my son?"

Sam pressed the demon against the wall, one hand on the throat of the human as he held the guy against the wall a few inches off the ground. Gone was the business suit and tie, and founder of the Winchester Initiative. Now in a pair of dirty jeans, a flannel shirt under a faded leather jacket and military boots, Sam Winchester was a hunter, a weapon, and one pissed off father.

The demon against the wall laughed, blood dribbling out of his mouth as he laughed. "You really think I'm going to talk, Winchester? You don't scare me..."

"I don't, do I?" Sam tilted his head just a bit, lifting his free hand. Pointing his index and middle finger, the others curled, he focused his powers until the tips of them started to glow yellow. His eyes started to glow to match and he just smirked. "How about now?"

. . . )
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It was Dean who had noticed it first. How as the mirror showed the gray in Dean's temples, the wrinkles from his eyes getting longer, but Sam didn't. It was like Sam stopped aging right around the time he turned 30.

Sam healed from all his injuries, faster than Dean did. He got stronger as his years went by, while Dean got weaker. Around age 50, it shifted and now it was Sam who protected Dean from life as it marched on.

Then it was the summer when Dean was in his late 60's that it happened. Sam had sat by his brother's side, listening to the raspy breath as his brother fought against another lung infection. Breathing in the smoke from too many burning bodies, they had learned, was worse than any smoker's lungs. Sam held his hand, soothing the other along Dean's mostly gray hair as the breaths came less and less, then stopped completely.

... )
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He always went back to her.

Deep in the night, hidden in the darkness, they always found each other. They eased one another's pains. Aches for forgetting soothed in one another.

It took him a long time until he realized that she had the power over him. In losing his brother, this demon had stepped in to guide him. He hated knowing that she held this power, but he had always been one that needed guidence. A lost compass, one pole burned away long ago in a fire in Palo Alto, and north was destroyed with the howling of hounds.

But here in the darkness, she offered direction. Her fingers in his hair guided him along this new path. Her voice whispered in his ear, showing him where to go, what to do. It was easier to handle every time. The pain was fading.

She would take care of him. Protect him. Stay with him when everyone else left him.

Lies he told himself.

But the way her legs wrapped around his waist - locking him against her tightly - he knew she was the one with the power here. She had him right where she wanted, each and every night, and he would follow her like the damned lost puppy he was.

The crossroad demon wouldn't take his soul. But Sam had given it to Ruby freely, not caring about the consequences...

As long as she never left him alone.
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Sam felt the cold washcloth on his face and tried to pull away from the strong arms that held him as he shook. It wasn't until he stopped drinking that he realized how dependent he had become on the burn of the vodka to take the pain away.

All she had asked for was sobriety and he couldn't even give her that. The pain crept up to him in the middle of the night and it hurt and the alcohol was all he knew that could take the pain away. Dean had always turned to beer and whiskey. So had Dad.

Winchesters were all about repeating the sins of the one that was higher up on the totem. Sam... was right on the bottom of the pole at the moment.

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