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It was cold. Cold, dark and the only comfort came from the warmth of the water heater that he was curled up around. He could feel the injuries starting to take it's toll on him, so much so that he couldn't even stand the pain of shifting anymore for warmth. By this point he was pretty sure they were just leaving him for dead, and as he wrapped his arms around himself, he figured it wouldn't be that much longer anyway.

He would say he felt betrayed, but he wasn't. He knew this day was going to come, and except for the exact details, it was going just as bad as he thought it would. And this time, there was no one there to protect him. For the first time in weeks now, Sam Winchester just closed his eyes and wished that he had just stayed with his brother and maybe none of this would have happened.

Five Days Ago...

The ringing cell phone woke Sam up too early in the morning. He groaned and felt Heather shift as she unintentionally blocked him from being able to grab the thing quickly. "Whoever's calling is a dead man," she grumbled, curling against Sam more as he finally got it and looked bleary-eyed at the display.

"It's my brother," Sam said, flipping the phone open. "Dean, isn't it kinda early..."

"Sam, you need to get out of there."

"Wait... what -"

"Now, Sam. No time for explanation. Get your bag, fill it with your crap and run."

"Dean, I can't just run." Heather was hearing everything and sat up, giving Sam a confused look which he returned. "What's going on? And where have you been? I've been trying to reach you for two days now."


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After a few weeks of Morgan and Kirmani teaching Sam how to track and hunt, the pup watching how the two of them worked as individuals to take down their targets, it was Sam's turn. He was still hesitant - Sam knew he wasn't going to become a killer because of this but his human mind still fought him on the topic - but he knew he needed to do this.

Murphy was going to oversee the first hunt. Sam wasn't sure if it was to see how good he had been taught, or if it was her alpha position that made her have to watch it. Sam did know that if he became a successful hunter, his position in the pack went up a bit more and he knew it was important but he didn't mind his spot now. And knowing Murphy was going to be watching his every step made him more nervous than he already was.

Sam's nose finally found the herd of deer and he kept himself downwind from them as he circled on his own, looking at each of them. He knew that some of the female deer were carrying young and it would make them slower, but it would make the males in the herd more aggressive in order to protect them. So he was trying to find a weaker male to take down. After spooking away herds previously, Sam had learned to be a bit more patient in his hunting and he just lowered his belly to the ground and watched with careful eyes.

Finally, he saw a male with a limp. He started to circle again, getting a bit closer so that he could isolate the buck from the rest of the herd. At one point he stepped on a twig and froze, lowering himself back down as the herd turned to look in his direction. He waited a few minutes for them to go back to grazing before he took another step, watching the buck move just a bit further away... and then he took off after it.

He ran hard and fast, trusting his legs finally not to get tangled up under him as he focused on getting the buck to separate from the herd that was running away, and into an area he had seen was thicker with low-limbed trees. It would keep the buck from being able to jump as much, and that would give Sam his chance to take it down. It wasn't long before he was able to snap at the buck's injured leg and it went down, crying for help. But then Sam was on it's back, teeth around it's throat as he squeezed to kill the buck.

And he might have said a silent prayer in his head as he felt it's life slip away, apologizing for it's death but thankful for the ability to be able to feed his pack. His family. The leader of which he dragged the body to and laid it at her front paws before licking his muzzle to get the blood off it.

As this was Sam's hunt, Murphy stayed back and watched. She didn't exactly think a stag was a good choice for a first kill, but Sam had to learn his own way. She would have gone after a doe. There was a pretty old one, trying to keep to the middle, but you couldn't tell a wolf like Sam he was wrong until he learned it for himself.

That's why she was surprised he actually managed to get it down and kill it. Once the buck his the ground she threw her head back and howled, calling for the pack to join them. A big animal like that would need to be brought back to the house to be butchered. She bounded through the woods to catch up to Sam, wagging her tail in approval when she joined him by the corpse.

He had seen the older doe in the middle of the group. But she was in the middle of the herd and he tended to get trampled on if he didn't aim for someone on the edges. He took a chance and it paid off. But seeing Murphy wagging her tail made him smile before he sat down and rubbed at his nose a bit. He was proud of himself for the first time in awhile now, and he let his tail wag a bit to show that.

She figured he had a reason to be smug. Morgan, Kirmani and her could take down big prey on their own, but not the others. Chasing and killing a buck his first time out meant he had potential. They could make a really good hunter out of him.

It wasn't long before Kirmani and Morgan came through the woods and trotted to a stop. It was too cold to really hang out and play, so they got to work and the four of them managed to drag the buck back through the woods to the main house and left it behind the kitchen back door. After that, they went inside, leaving Butters to butcher the kill. Sam instantly changed back - he was getting better at it now - and grabbed his sweatpants and sweatshirt by the door and tossed them on. "So I take it I passed?' he asked, smiling.

"Don't get cocky kid," Kirmani said as he got dressed.

"Must you always quote Star Wars?" Morgan asked with a sign.

"You had a successful first hunt, but the next step is learning how to hunt with us, as a team, as a pack," Murphy said, interrupting the boys before they could get into a real fight.

Sam rolled his eyes at the boys because he was probably just as much of a Star Wars geek as Kirmani was so he found the quotes funny. But he nodded at Murphy. "Yeah, I figured since you guys always go off together to hunt. How much different is it?"

"A lot. We have to adapt and communicate on the run. One screw up and we lose the whole hunt. When you're ready, we'll take down buffalo."

Sam bit his lip a bit because he was still shaky on that whole wolf communication bit. But even to his human side, taking down a buffalo sounded just cool. He couldn't help the smile that played with the edges of his lips. He was still a puppy sometimes. "Something to look forward to then."

Morgan let out a bark of laughter and slapped Sam on the shoulder. "Yeah, we'll see if you make it."

Murphy gave him a small glare, but agreed. "It takes a lot to take down a buffalo. Even normal wolf packs have problems with it and they're made to hunt."

"I don't think you guys would start me off at that level anyway. Something to work up to. I mean, I'm still trying to understand your signals as it is. And I don't want to get trampled anymore than I'd want to screw something up to get any of your hurt."

"We'll take it slow." She smiled, "Right now, when Butters is done, you're going to have your first deer heart."

Sam's eyes just widened, his jaw dropping a bit. "Wait, what?"

"The soft organs are the best part of the kill. The heart especially. Since you killed it, you get the heart." Kirmani grinned with a sort of evil glee.

Which that glee reminds Sam of all the times Dean tried to get Sam to do crazy stupid things for his own amusement. "You're kidding, right?" He looked at Murphy, not knowing if they were serious or this was some kind of frat house hazing going on.

"Yes, we're serious. It's tradition. Don't worry, Butters can cook a great heart."

Sam sucked on his lower lip but nodded. "If it's tradition..." he sighed. This couldn't be any worse than the time Dean had gotten him to eat eel at some southern bayou diner.

"It is." Murphy smiled. "It's good, give it a chance."

"Alright, I will." He rubbed at his nose before looking around. "Think I have enough time to catch a shower before dinner?"

"Plenty of time. Butters will be at it for awhile."

"Alright. I won't use up all the hot water this time," he stated as he made his way upstairs. There was something after a hunt that made Sam feel like he needed to shower. He didn't know what it was, but after every training lesson he felt the need to take one. He kept it quick though, then went into his room... well, his and Heather's room nowadays... and changed into something more comfortable. After that he made his way back downstairs and joined the rest of the pack in front of the fireplace with a good book in his hands.

They were all sprawled around the room, most of them reading, but Murphy and Kirmani were hunched over a park map, discussing something softly. When Sam settled down, Heather was quick to get up and resettle herself against his side.

Sam smiled and shifted to give her more snuggle room, one arm slipping around her as he kissed her quickly. "When did you get home?" he asked.

"A while ago. I think you were in the shower."

"Probably." He gave her a teasing you could have joined me smile. "You missed the fun."

"I was busy hearing about how you took down a buck. You're going to love the heart." She grinned back, teasing him too.

He was still iffy on that. Though he had remembered that one of the way a hunter recognized a were kill was because the heart was missing. Maybe there was some truth behind it all. "Well, we'll see if that's true after dinner."

She patted his knee. "If you throw up, Kirmani will never let you live it down."

"Thank you for the vote of confidence."

She kissed his cheek, chuckling at him. He chuckled as well, snuggling up against her as he used one hand to open the book and read while the other held her close. Dinner would come soon enough, but right now he was good right where he was.
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ooc: catching up on old rp's. co-written with [ profile] lieu_murphy's mun

Deciding that it was easier to just "get a room" for the weekend, Sam knew he was on limited funds while trying to give Heather a valentine's day that was just about them. So it was a very crappy motel room and cheap diner food, but it was just the two of them. Saturday night had been nice, and Sam whimpered as Heather pulled away to go to work on Sunday in the early morning hours. He didn't want to lose her or the warmth that she had against his chest.

Finally, he let her go, then waited for the car to drive away before he was up and moving. He had about eight bucks to his name but that was enough as he made his way out to the Walmart. He got some ribbon, a box of chocolate covered cherries, and as he was on his way back he found a girl on the side of the road who gave him some flowers for the rest of his cash and his puppy dogs eyes.

So he waited for Heather to come back as he made the bed and found a nice radio station, and as he heard the car pull back up and her keys in the door, he shifted into wolf form and sat on the bed, wearing a goofy doggy grin, a big red ribbon around his neck and his tail wagging happily.

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ooc: posting old logs. co-written with [ profile] lieu_murphy's mun

Of the few things Sam actually did well - besides making coffee - was building a good fire in the fireplace. He actually enjoyed doing it, going out to the wood supply in the afternoon and refilling the inside supply, then kneeling in front of the fireplace and cleaning it out and prepping for the next one. Once he got it going, he sat back on the floor and smiled to himself, feeling the warmth start to spread through the cabin so that it would warm everyone in the pack when they got home from their jobs.

He was curled up on the floor reading while Anna was working on her homework when the first car drove up in the driveway. He lifted his head, still learning the sounds of the engines but he was pretty sure it was Heather coming home. "Keep working on that," he told Anna as he got up. "I'll be right back."

Heather was completely excited to be home. Work hadn't been hard, but it had been pretty boring. The tourist season was over and there wasn't much business these days. She usually got home earlier but her boss wanted inventory done and now she was just happy to be home. She grabbed the Chinese take out she'd picked up before coming home and jumped out of her truck.

Sam was at the door, holding it open with a big smile on his face. "And she delivers eggrolls too. You spoil me."

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Sam wasn't expecting anything more than to learn from Murphy and her pack how to control his werewolf side so that Dean wouldn't be forced to hunt his brother when he turned rogue. What Sam wasn't expecting to find friendship, understanding, and love. Heather's green eyes captured him the moment he arrived and he knew that he was only going to be there a year and didn't want to her getting hurt. But as always, love has a way of changing plans...

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ooc: AIM log with [ profile] gusthemoose in the voice of Sam and Heather on choosing the names of their forthcoming triplets. They already have decided on Marie, and she mentioned Jessica for the other girl, and Sam suggested Lucas, which Heather doesn't like and so he's asking her to chime in.

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Puppy Love

Jan. 23rd, 2010 02:14 pm
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ooc: this is a future fic for the Hungry Like a Wolf verse, written for [ profile] gusthemoose and takes place about 3 years from where they currently are. Everyone is borrowed from the various muns with permission and put back in the same place I found them in. Enjoy!

Sam knew it wasn't going to be the last hunt he would go on with his brother - he was pretty sure that Dean or himself would go crazy without the breaks from their separate lives - but things were going to change in just a few days that would have Sam's life take a new turn on path. And now there was a were-kitten in the backseat purring as he slept in the sunspot that was coming through the back window. With Alec traveling with Dean, Sam knew his brother was going to be okay during the times he was gone.

But right now he was holding his cell phone, checking it every few minutes to see if maybe he had missed a call or text. The second someone in the pack called him, he was going to rush out of that car and make his way back to them. Heather was going to need him, and he promised that he would be there for this. She was insistent that they maintain their independent lives, but this was going to change both of their lives.

Part of him was afraid, but a bigger part of him couldn't wait for this.

"You keep looking at that phone, you're gonna break it," Dean pointed out, chuckling as he crumpled up his breakfast burrito wrap and tossed it into the floor of the back seat.

"I'm just nervous." Sam put the phone on the dash.

"You're about to have triplets. I'd be scared out of my mind knowing there's going to be three miniature versions of you running around here." Dean smirked. "Seriously, Sam, you'll be ok."

He nodded, taking a deep breath and nodding to himself. He was going to be fine. This was a moment they had been waiting for now for almost a year. And yet he was still as scared as the day Heather had asked him the question...
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ooc: follows after this

Feeling the warmth of the sun on his back, Sam made a happy noise in the back of his throat while he instinctively curled around the warmer body pressed against his chest. He didn't quite remember how they had moved from the rug in front of the fire to his room, but he remembered everything that happened in the hours that followed until they were exhausted and fell asleep in each others arms. He cracked his eyes open a bit to look at Heather as his leg wrapped around hers a bit more, pulling her closer.

Normally, Heather would be one of the first up in the house as she had to help make breakfast but after last night she was tired and frankly, she didn't want to get up at all. A bit of jostling from Sam got him a grumpy, groggy growl and then Heather snuggled into his warmth dozing.

During the night he had gotten in touch with his affectionate wolf side, and he responded to her growl with a soft whimper and pressed his cheek against the top of her head and welcoming her deeper into his arms as he closed his eyes again, more than happy to continue snuggling all day.

That was much better in Heather's opinion. She pressed a kiss against his shoulder to say she accepted his apology.

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Ever since Sam started learning to hunt, he found that his nose was becoming more and more sensitive to smells even when he was in human form. It really hit him though the day he went to open his gym bag to find something and he was overwhelmed with the smell of smoke, salt, and dirt. He immediately ran all the things downstairs to the laundry and washed everything at least three times before he felt comfortable taking the things back to his room.

Since Butters worked with Heather to cook, Sam didn't want to break up that dynamic. Especially since he was pretty sure anything he cooked would end up killing the people who ate it. And he was still trying to get over the Butters issue, and decided that instead of pushing and trying, he would just ignore and avoid. So he just started to take up a habit of cleaning dishes and putting them away, then tossing the garbage at the end of the night. He felt like he was contributing past the babysitting and homework help, and it kept the tension between him and Butters at bearable levels.

After he finished the dishes, he grabbed the book he was currently reading off the side table and found a space on the floor near the fire to stretch out with a few pillows and read while keeping his feet warm.

With dinner done Heather had little else to do. She thought about going to play in the snow, or maybe going with Kirmani, Morgan and Murphy to hunt, but decided to stay inside. She went into the living room and peered over Sam's shoulder when she saw him reading something on the floor.

"What's that?" she asked, curious.

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