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When Olivia was six, Sam had taken a job that he needed to do a bit of hands on research in California. Seeing that it was summer and Olivia had just graduated kindergarten, Sam thought it would be a nice family road trip.

It had been a long time since Sam had been on the road for multiple days with his brother. And now with a child in the back seat, the trip took longer. Potty break stops, food, drinks, and little sideshow attractions made the drive three times longer than Dean probably would have liked.

But it was worth it as Olivia looked up to see a life-sized Snoopy standing in front of her. She tugged on Sam's arm until he knelt down beside her. "Can I hug him?"

"Do you want to?" Sam asked back in the same whispered voice, and she gave him a huge nod of her head. "Okay then, give him a big hug." He took the balloon and bottle of water from her hands, and watched as Olivia went running up to the large dog and hugged him tightly.

"Still got that coin? We could wish her up a life sized teddy bear," Dean remarked from behind him, and Sam just looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. Dean kept smiling and held out the brochure. "I say after you put her to bed, we sneak out and check out the ghost town. It could be like old times."

"I'm not leaving my six year old daughter alone in a motel room while we hunt fake ghosts, Dean."

"Spoilsport. You're just mad that you're too tall to ride the rides in this park."

"Why don't you go over to the water-park and , I dunno, drown yourself."

"Daddy!" Sam looked up to see Olivia dragging Snoopy over to him with a big smile. "I told Snoopy you wanted to hug him too."

And before Sam could say anything, the costumed character hugged him, his large nose hitting Sam right in the stomach to knock all the air out of him. There was a flash later as Dean snapped a picture with his camera. "That's going in the scrapbook."
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Sam was well aware that people all over the world ate strange things like bugs, but there was something about Dean watching Survivor that just made him gag. “Seriously, dude, can you shut that off? It’s gross.”

“Hell no, the chicks are barely wearing anything, and what they are wearing is soaked. It’s like porn.”

“If you want to want to watch porn, I can just go to the diner across the street to finish my book.”

“And you not be here when Dad gets back? Hell now. Just shut up and face the other direction.”
Sighing, Sam turned and tried to get back into his summer reading…

“Oh yeah, baby. Take that top off to get the maggots out of your cleavage. You want something nibbling down there, I’ll be glad to help…”

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It's been waiting in the glove box. Sam knew eventually his brother would find it there. He's also pretty sure that his brother wouldn't want a letter. But there's something that Sam needs to say to Dean... and the package is thick because something is inside of it.

Letter to Dean )
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Dean was starting to get a bad feeling about this case.

They'd been trailing Ruby for a while now after the whole church incident, trying to keep an idea on her and what she was up to, but she was all over the map as far as victims were concerned. Dean would acknowledge that she was too good at what she did to not have some other kind of ulterior motive. There was a pattern there, but Dean just hadn't found it yet. He also knew that going in blind wasn't the smartest plan in the world, but there was a kid involved. Little eight year-old girl who Ruby had grabbed and hauled out of town like she was some kind of sacrifice to whatever Hell god she worshiped, and while Dean my not have known anything about what exactly it was Ruby was up to, but he wasn't going to take a risk on the kid's life.

He pulled the Impala up to the side of the cabin where they though the kid was being held. He could see the lights on through the window, and the small silhouette of a girl who was most likely scared out of her mind. If they could get in there and get out without alerting the demon bitch, then they would be golden. "Alright. In and out, right guys?"

Sam didn't like this. Something was just wrong. Wrong beyond the fact that Ruby had kidnapped a child because Ruby didn't kidnap people. She killed them. At least that was what Sam knew of Ruby beyond the very bad but feel good sex she shared with him that he wasn't allowed to do again. But why would she kidnap this child without doing anything else and bringing her back to the toy cabin in the woods?

"I still don't like this," he said softly. "There is something more. More than we can see and I don't like that. We should go."

"More? What more?" Alec asked. Sam knew his stuff no matter how childish in manner it may come out. He was feeling a bit edgy too. Maybe he was picking up on Sam's nerves or maybe it was the animal instinct. He wasn't sure yet.

"Yeah, Sammy. What do you mean?" Dean frowned. He didn't like going in blind, but this was a kid they were dealing with.

He bit his lip. "It just... not right. Not like her. Feels wrong."

"Okay. What part of this isn't like her?" Alec believed in trusting the expert.

"It's not bloody." He couldn't think of any other way to describe it.

"Okay." That description made perfect sense to Alec. "So we need to know why."

"It's an eight year-old kid," Dean pointed out. "We can't just leave her in there for Ruby to screw with. Maybe she just hasn't gotten bloody yet."

Sam bit his lip. He really really didn't like this, but Dean was right. It was a little girl. And Alec was right. They needed to know why it wasn't bloody. Yet. "... maybe."

"No, we can't but gut instinct says I'm about to become prey."

"Yeah, well -- that's not anything new," Dean sighed before pushing the door open and starting to climb out of the car. "Even we go for it or we don't. What're we gonna do?"

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ooc: Dean is [ profile] winchesterjerk

The night before it all went down, Sam tucked letters away that he was writing while Dean was out getting dinner. But as he got to Lana's, his fingers just tapped on the paper until finally he tossed it down. He looked over at his stuff on the dresser and got up, grabbing the Ipod off the top. He looked for the recording function, then sat at the edge of the bed. He hesitated for a moment, then hit start...

For Lana... )
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Among other possessions that Sam had left behind, there were a few envelopes with names written in Sam's handwriting. Dean. Bobby. Faith. There is an address on Faith's, and he did it on purpose. He needed to give his brother the option on how he was going to handle this one...

Letter to Faith )

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Apr. 4th, 2010 12:56 am
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Detective!Verse Log 1 - Starts just after Sam gave Jo a Reese Peanut Butter filled chocolate rabbit

Exchanging Presents and is that a ring? )

Detective!Verse Log 2 - Next Morning - Quick call to Dean by Sam while Jo calls Ellen

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ooc: and for all those without the scorecard, Sam did proposed to Jo in verse about a month ago in this post riiight about here. They kept it quiet for about a month already.
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Sam was giddy. Giddy like a six year old who had eaten a bag of candy and was trying to sit still when he wanted to jump around and bounce off the walls.

Road-trip. He and Dean were going on a road-trip just like old times. They weren't going anywhere on a job. Alec was going to do his own thing for a few days. Just Sam and Dean and the Impala home and the road and Dean's crappy music.

He couldn't wait.

Of course, like any kid on a sugar high, he was bound to crash. But instead of falling asleep, he just sat at the desk at Bobby's and stared at his lava lamp's sparkles floating around while he waited for Dean to wake up so they could go. He kept the lava lamp at Bobby's now so that it wouldn't get damaged when they traveled. It was the only thing he really owned beyond his clothes and the laptop. And he had won it, so that made it special. The sparkles hypnotized him and he drifted off away from being aware of the world, but it kept him from sleeping and having bad dreams.

Demons don't need to sleep. Why do something that was going to make him sad?

So he just stayed like that, zoned out until Dean was ready to go and they could have time together, because Dean still loved him even when he was a bad thing you're not a bad thing Sammy stop saying that and Sam still loved him even if that summoning had hurt and they trapped him and he promised NEVER to do that again.

He just wanted to be a good thing and be with his brothers. Alec and Dean. And Uncle Bobby. And just be happy. And Dean promised him that he would make sure Sam was happy and that was why they were going on a road-trip.

When Dean woke up.

Puppy Love

Jan. 23rd, 2010 02:14 pm
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ooc: this is a future fic for the Hungry Like a Wolf verse, written for [ profile] gusthemoose and takes place about 3 years from where they currently are. Everyone is borrowed from the various muns with permission and put back in the same place I found them in. Enjoy!

Sam knew it wasn't going to be the last hunt he would go on with his brother - he was pretty sure that Dean or himself would go crazy without the breaks from their separate lives - but things were going to change in just a few days that would have Sam's life take a new turn on path. And now there was a were-kitten in the backseat purring as he slept in the sunspot that was coming through the back window. With Alec traveling with Dean, Sam knew his brother was going to be okay during the times he was gone.

But right now he was holding his cell phone, checking it every few minutes to see if maybe he had missed a call or text. The second someone in the pack called him, he was going to rush out of that car and make his way back to them. Heather was going to need him, and he promised that he would be there for this. She was insistent that they maintain their independent lives, but this was going to change both of their lives.

Part of him was afraid, but a bigger part of him couldn't wait for this.

"You keep looking at that phone, you're gonna break it," Dean pointed out, chuckling as he crumpled up his breakfast burrito wrap and tossed it into the floor of the back seat.

"I'm just nervous." Sam put the phone on the dash.

"You're about to have triplets. I'd be scared out of my mind knowing there's going to be three miniature versions of you running around here." Dean smirked. "Seriously, Sam, you'll be ok."

He nodded, taking a deep breath and nodding to himself. He was going to be fine. This was a moment they had been waiting for now for almost a year. And yet he was still as scared as the day Heather had asked him the question...
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Dean had told Sam to surprise him, and Sam knew his brother needed to go somewhere for a day or two where they could just relax, have fun and forget the things that were happening with his overprotective soon-to-be "inlaws". And since it was Sam's responsibility to take care of his brother, he decided to find them some fun in an adventure that they had never had in their not-so-normal upbringing.

It was early morning when the Impala pulled up to the Georgetown Super 8 just a few miles from their playground for the weekend - The Loveland Ski Area. A weekend of learning to ski, snowboard, playing on snowmobiles, and then hanging out in the lodge with the other people in town was just what they needed. And Dean could act as his brother's wingman for once since Dean would have to be on his best behavior.

Of course, Sam hoped that his brother wouldn't freak out on the ski lift. It wasn't an airplane, so it should be fine. Right?

"Hey, sleeping beauty. Wake up. We're here."


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