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(ooc: takes place in a new verse. Castiel is [ profile] soldier_ofgod and Dean is [ profile] jstliketherifle. Both are used with love and permission.)

"Alright, that's it. I need to get some air."

Sam stood up and walked towards Bobby's front door, reaching for his jacket. "I'm taking the Impala. I'll be back in the morning."

"Sam, wait up." Dean untangled himself from Jo on the couch, catching up to him at the door. "Where you going?"

He pursed his lips, looking over his brother's shoulder at Jo a moment before back at Dean. "It's getting a little too awkward in here. I need to go blow off some steam."

Dean watched him a moment. "No."

"Dean, come on..."

"You're not going alone."

Sam took a deep breath. "I'm going to a bar. I don't plan to come home until morning."

Dean looked at his brother a moment, and then his eyes widened. "OH. Oh, Sammy, has it really been that long?"

"Shut up. Give me the keys."

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coming from this which came from this post

"Come on, Jimmy. You're a puppy. You're supposed to know how to do this!"

Sam sat in the middle of a park, walking over to a frisbee that he had thrown. The little puppy he had found that morning was now sitting with a collar and tags, his leash shoved in Sam's pocket. There was a few toys in a bag by where Sam and Castiel's jacket was. Apparently, the puppy refused to go anywhere without it.

He looked down at the puppy with sad eyes. "Don't you know how to fetch, boy? It's really easy!"
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It started when, as Cas was getting ready to leave for work, he told Sam that Dean was getting released from the hospital that afternoon. There was a question on that, a look at Sam lowered his head from and ignored.

When are you going to go back and see him, Sam?

He could hear their voices in his head as he worked on the house that day. Jo, Cas, even Pam wanting to know when Sam was going to see his brother. Ever since Dean had woken up, Sam avoided the hospital like the plague. All because he was afraid to face him.

The voices started to get to him, and Sam found his way into the medicine cabinet to get something to get rid of his headache. As the hours went, the pain didn't stop and Sam went back to find something stronger.

That evening, then would find Sam stoned off the pills from an old bottle of codeine, passed out on the bathroom floor because it was cool and felt good on his face. But the voices were gone, and his head wasn't hurting anymore. That was all that mattered to him.
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He actually makes a cute little action figure.

Though when you realize he's holding a knife in the "kill" position, it becomes hard to believe that he's actually an angel...
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All elephants are gray, but not all gray things are elephants. -Bones, Lance Sweets

Sam was quiet, waiting in the lobby with his hands in the huge pocket in front of the hoodie. A starved puppy in huge clothes, as one of the nurses had described him as they passed by. He tilted his head just enough so that he could hide behind his bangs and not have to see their faces.

He knew what they thought of him. Just another addict who threw his life away for a quick high. He had seen those looks for the past five years, and he was sick of them - because they were right. He had thrown everything away, and now his brother was somewhere paying for it all. It wasn't fair, and Sam wished to God he could change it all.

Boney fingers played with a pill bottle, the first month of a six month regiment. They said he had been lucky; caught it early on and can be fixed. Nothing major or irreversible. But still, it was a serious disease and he should have known better. He did know better and how this had happened he could only blame on the things he did while he was high.

Just thinking about it made him twitch and his foot start to bounce as he looked again at the clock, then the door. He needed to get out of this place. They were trying to help him but it was over two weeks now and he was going crazy just sitting there doing nothing but being told to talk about his feelings and not to puke back up his breakfast because he needed to put some meat on his bones.

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ooc: follows this

It was a small chapel that Sam had built into the building for those hunters who had strong faith. Over the years of working with the Angels, the doubt their first appearance had caused in him eased up. Castiel and Sam had become partners of sorts, esecially after Dean's death.

Uriel was not happy, but Sam had never cared much for Uriel's opinion in the grand scheme of things.

The creation of the Initiative had been something that Castiel had helped iron out kinks in on the advice of God. It was interesting how God had come to see the good that some demons could accomplish. There was even chance for some of them to be redeemed, and if so Castiel would help them to their final resting place in peace.

It was much better than just killing them all. Something that Sam felt good, because not only was he saving people now, but ones who had been lost in death and brought back to the light. A new level of the family business, and Sam hoped his family was proud of him for it.

He sat quietly in the pew, praying for a few minutes, and when Castiel didn't appear, he just opened the Bible in front of him and started to read. The angel would answer when he had time, and being Immortal... Sam had time.
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ooc: takes place in the Without You verse. Happens during the same time as this and this. Castiel is an NPC played by [ profile] jstliketherifle's mun.

Sam stood in the bedroom of the hotel. This was where he and Beth were staying until the repairs were finished on their condo.

Where he was staying. Beth had run off to spend a few days with Amy, her lover. In the last three years, Sam had learned that his lack of emotions at times was not something Beth needed, so she found comfort and safety with Amy.

But in doing that, Sam had been left alone. And that was the last thing he needed.

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ooc: I needed to get this fic out as it was blocking my muse. I blame it on all the death fics that have been circulating in the last 10 days. I also blame it especially on this post by [ profile] jstliketherifle and this fic by [ profile] soldierof_god.

Spoilers for Season 4. MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH. )
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ooc: this is a new verse that [ profile] jstliketherifle created in which Sam and Dean are on opposite sides. Dean posted the end of the verse here and this is the beginning. Warning on the previous link as there is a MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH.

Oh, and spoilers for Season 4 all over the place...

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