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Dean was starting to get a bad feeling about this case.

They'd been trailing Ruby for a while now after the whole church incident, trying to keep an idea on her and what she was up to, but she was all over the map as far as victims were concerned. Dean would acknowledge that she was too good at what she did to not have some other kind of ulterior motive. There was a pattern there, but Dean just hadn't found it yet. He also knew that going in blind wasn't the smartest plan in the world, but there was a kid involved. Little eight year-old girl who Ruby had grabbed and hauled out of town like she was some kind of sacrifice to whatever Hell god she worshiped, and while Dean my not have known anything about what exactly it was Ruby was up to, but he wasn't going to take a risk on the kid's life.

He pulled the Impala up to the side of the cabin where they though the kid was being held. He could see the lights on through the window, and the small silhouette of a girl who was most likely scared out of her mind. If they could get in there and get out without alerting the demon bitch, then they would be golden. "Alright. In and out, right guys?"

Sam didn't like this. Something was just wrong. Wrong beyond the fact that Ruby had kidnapped a child because Ruby didn't kidnap people. She killed them. At least that was what Sam knew of Ruby beyond the very bad but feel good sex she shared with him that he wasn't allowed to do again. But why would she kidnap this child without doing anything else and bringing her back to the toy cabin in the woods?

"I still don't like this," he said softly. "There is something more. More than we can see and I don't like that. We should go."

"More? What more?" Alec asked. Sam knew his stuff no matter how childish in manner it may come out. He was feeling a bit edgy too. Maybe he was picking up on Sam's nerves or maybe it was the animal instinct. He wasn't sure yet.

"Yeah, Sammy. What do you mean?" Dean frowned. He didn't like going in blind, but this was a kid they were dealing with.

He bit his lip. "It just... not right. Not like her. Feels wrong."

"Okay. What part of this isn't like her?" Alec believed in trusting the expert.

"It's not bloody." He couldn't think of any other way to describe it.

"Okay." That description made perfect sense to Alec. "So we need to know why."

"It's an eight year-old kid," Dean pointed out. "We can't just leave her in there for Ruby to screw with. Maybe she just hasn't gotten bloody yet."

Sam bit his lip. He really really didn't like this, but Dean was right. It was a little girl. And Alec was right. They needed to know why it wasn't bloody. Yet. "... maybe."

"No, we can't but gut instinct says I'm about to become prey."

"Yeah, well -- that's not anything new," Dean sighed before pushing the door open and starting to climb out of the car. "Even we go for it or we don't. What're we gonna do?"

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 02:14 pm
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ooc: this is a future fic for the Hungry Like a Wolf verse, written for [ profile] gusthemoose and takes place about 3 years from where they currently are. Everyone is borrowed from the various muns with permission and put back in the same place I found them in. Enjoy!

Sam knew it wasn't going to be the last hunt he would go on with his brother - he was pretty sure that Dean or himself would go crazy without the breaks from their separate lives - but things were going to change in just a few days that would have Sam's life take a new turn on path. And now there was a were-kitten in the backseat purring as he slept in the sunspot that was coming through the back window. With Alec traveling with Dean, Sam knew his brother was going to be okay during the times he was gone.

But right now he was holding his cell phone, checking it every few minutes to see if maybe he had missed a call or text. The second someone in the pack called him, he was going to rush out of that car and make his way back to them. Heather was going to need him, and he promised that he would be there for this. She was insistent that they maintain their independent lives, but this was going to change both of their lives.

Part of him was afraid, but a bigger part of him couldn't wait for this.

"You keep looking at that phone, you're gonna break it," Dean pointed out, chuckling as he crumpled up his breakfast burrito wrap and tossed it into the floor of the back seat.

"I'm just nervous." Sam put the phone on the dash.

"You're about to have triplets. I'd be scared out of my mind knowing there's going to be three miniature versions of you running around here." Dean smirked. "Seriously, Sam, you'll be ok."

He nodded, taking a deep breath and nodding to himself. He was going to be fine. This was a moment they had been waiting for now for almost a year. And yet he was still as scared as the day Heather had asked him the question...
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"Alec? You here?"

Sam looked around the Seattle house, knowing that his nephew was supposed to be here somewhere watching his daughter. Ruby had gone off for a girl day with Amy, and Sam had to run out and check up on something that Bobby had called him on.

Which left Alec being the local babysitter.

"Alec? Olivia? Are we playing hide and seek?"

There was still no answer, and Sam checked out the window to make sure Alec's bike was still parked outside. Seeing it there, he started upstairs, then stopped when he heard a giggle. "Olivia?"

The house had been cleaned up considerably since they moved in, otherwise Sam might have been freaked out a bit, especially when he heard the tiny footsteps run behind him, but there was no one when he turned around.

"Ok, guys... this isn't funny."


Alec's whisper caught Sam's attention and he made his way down the hallway. Opening the door to Olivia's room, Sam stopped and just stood in the doorway a moment. He licked his lips, trying not to start laughing.

"Save me..." Alec asked from where he was tied up on the floor. There was ribbon all over him, pinning his arms and legs into awkward positions. He looked like a maypole that had gone wrong and fallen over.

"What happened?" Sam asked, laughing as he reached for a pocket knife. He got closer, then stopped as he realized that there was... whiskers on Alec's face, drawn with a marker. Tilting his head, there was a tail attached to Alec's pants and a headband with cat ears laying nearby on the ground.

"She was showing me how to dance with ribbons," Alec stated. "Next thing I know she's got me tied up, petting me and saying..."

"Poor Kitty!" Olivia bounced into the room, running into Sam's arms. "He fall down and went boom!" Alec whimpered as Olivia leaned down and put a bandaid right onto his nose, then kissed it. "All better!"

Sam just laughed. "Sweetie, you're not supposed to tie your babysitters up," he told her as he worked to cut Alec free. Once free, Alec quickly stood up, taking off the bandaid and tail. Olivia looked up at Alec and pouted.

"But I wanna keep him!"

"He's your cousin, Olivia. Not your pet."

"She drew on me, Sam," Alec pointed out, kicking his hand and them rubbing at his cheek.

"I'm sorry."

"Kitty!!!!!" Olivia held her arms out, wanting Alec to pick her up.

"If I were you, I'd escape now." Sam kept his grip on his daughter.

"Next time, get Ben to babysit." Alec smirked a bit. "I'd love to see what she does to him."

"I'll keep that in mind." Standing up, he shifted Olivia to sit on his hip. "Thank you, though."

"No problem."
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I remembered each flash
as time began to blur
Like a startling sign
that fate had finally found me
-Linkin' Park "New Divide"

He had been keeping it a secret. Dean didn't like secrets but Sam knew he couldn't tell Dean. Dean would worry. Dean always worried and this was not a good thing for Dean to worry about. It would bring back bad memories and he would get sad and Sam couldn't make Dean sad. He hated making Dean sad.

But his head was hurting again, so he hid in the bathroom and pretended to take a shower. It was running, but he wasn't in it. Instead he was sitting between the toilet and sink with his head in his hands, trying to get the pain to stop.

And the pictures. He scrunched his eyes shut and there were people there and they were hurting and he didn't know who they were or what was happening. But they hurt and it made him hurt to the point where he wants to stab out his eyeballs so he didn't have to see anymore.

First they were in his dreams. He remembered how they had started like that before and now it was again. He curled up into Dean on those nights. Dean always made the bad things go away. But these weren't like his bad dreams Pain. Hurt. Fire. Smoke. DEAN! They were real and he knew it somewhere which made them hurt more.

Then they started to happen when he was awake. So far they happened when Dean and Alec were gone. He didn't know what to do, and curled up on Dean's bed and clung to his pillow... if he could make it. And sometimes he knew what the dreams were and he could sneak away and try to help. Dean and Alec would be mad if they knew he was on his own helping people. But if he helped them the pain went away.

These pictures though came when Dean was just finishing his shower. Sam couldn't get into the room fast enough that the steam and the smell of Dean's body wash was still in the air. The sound of the water hid his whimpers as he rocked back and forth, trying not to see the pictures.

A little girl. A demon was in her. She was killing people. There was a preacher. He was a good man but she slit his throat and then started to use his blood like finger paints. Pretty pictures of things he remembered from the books in Bobby's place that smelt like magic and leather. She then smiled and the pictures went away.

He had lost track of how long he was in the bathroom, curled up. He wanted them to go away. They hurt and reminded him of how he had become a demon and it wasn't fair and he was dead and they should be gone and not here where it will make Dean sad and angry and...

Another stab of pain had Sam curled up tighter, making pitiful whimpering noises and just wanting it to stop. To go away. To be a normal boy again and not a demon or a freak. He wanted to be Sammy again. Not this.

It hurt too much.
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Sam was on his motorcycle, racing across the city as he followed the magical tracer that was leading him to where the Triad was holding the reapers. Ruby had taken her sweet time trying to break through their magic, but she had and they knew where their main base of operations was.

Now Sam was on the trail of a magical orb of light, guiding him to the location that Ruby and the other demons had already gone ahead to scout out and prepare for him. The other human hunters, including his son, were all safe in the complex and working to defend it if this was a trap.

The Triad were the worst that Sam faced in this new world, and he didn't take anything they did without considering every faucet of the plot they could have. And with the demons at the location, he had more than enough protection to be able to protect himself.

After all, he might be immoral, but he wasn't a Highlander. Sam was pretty sure a well placed cut or explosion would be the end of him, and he wasn't about to give the Triad a chance to test that.

Ruby, I'm almost there. Five more minutes.
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ooc: Cowritten with [ profile] jstliketherifle and [ profile] smart_alec494. Everyone else is an NPC. demon!Sam verse. Part 1 Here

Sam put his cell phone down in his lap, looking at Dean. "He's not answering, Dean. Alec always answers his phone. Something's wrong."

"Only problem is we don't know what kind of something wrong it is. Or where he is, for that matter." Dean was starting to get a little worried too. Alec usually wasn't one to be late either. Which definitely meant something not good, as far as Dean was concerned.

"I can find him. Demon, remember. I can find him if you let me go." Sam stood up. "He can't be far."

Dean hesitated slightly, before sitting up slightly. "I don't know, Sammy -- especially when we don't know what kind of trouble it is."

"Between you and me, we can do anything and take on anything." Sam reached for his jacket. "We can take a drive. I can see what is around. See if I can feel him." He might be trying not to bounce between two feet.

"Alright," Dean nodded after hesitating again. "But don't go running off without me, alright?"

"I won't. Stay in the car. Can I drive?" His eyes lightened up a bit.

Dean chuckled. "No, Sammy. I barely let you drive when you were human."

He pouted and sighed. "No fair." But he followed Dean to the car and sat in the passenger seat obediently.

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RP for demon!Sam verse

They were in a diner having lunch as they drove through town. Alec and Dean had said there was a job. There was always a job. Something to hunt. Someone to save. Family business.

Alec and Dean had left Sam in the diner to go and get supplies. So he sat there in some new clothes that Dean had got him. Jeans. A shirt that buttoned down. A white shirt under it. lace up boots and new socks and underwear.

Right now he was curled up on his side of the booth. There was a plate of french fries in front of him. And a big pile of ketchup. And a big soda with a straw. His laptop was in his lap and he was researching water wraiths. He was being useful.

His eyes were glued to the computer and every now and then his hand would grab a fry without looking, dip it in the ketchup, and eat it.

Sam helped Dean and Alec like this, and he was going to help a lot. And he wasn't allowed to leave the diner. The Impala was outside, but Sam had to stay right there until Dean and Alec got back.
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this is a response fic for this post that was a response fic to this post. Ben = [ profile] mini_dean, Dean = [ profile] jstliketherifle, Alec = [ profile] smart_alec494 and Ruby = [ profile] ilove_atallman. Set in [ profile] wayward_au verse

They were halfway to New Jersey because Ruby had insisted that Sam see Kutner, and that was where Kutner said to meet him. Which when Ruby insisted on something, she would make her point clear. And with the headaches coming back, Sam ultimately gave in - especially when Alec started to notice and join in on the insisting.

His only decree was not to let Ben know what was going on. There was something about the way that Ben felt that Sam knew he wasn't doing as well as he let himself appear. It was Dean's side showing in a way that Sam had experience with and could see.

If Ben learned that Sam was slowly dying - had been for awhile now - he had a feeling that last tendril of control he had would slip away and he would fall apart. So Sam made it very clear that he would keep Ben in the dark until it become necessary for him to know.

It was the images of a dream that woke Sam )
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ooc: Dean = [ profile] jstliketherifle, Alec = [ profile] smart_alec494. Happiness is a Warm Gun 'verse

The world doesn't look that much different from behind black eyes as it does through green ones. Sam found that unusual in some ways, but comforting in others.

Sam blinks to his hazel eyes and stares at the tree. It's a tree. Green leaves with a few starting to turn yellow. There's a squirrel up in the branches working on an acorn. A bird is singing somewhere in the distance.

Blink to black. The tree is still there. It's darker though, and the green leaves glow with life. The yellowing ones look sick. The squirrel still sits there, a blue pulsing glow with the heartbeat. The bird still sings, and the ghost that stands next to the tree of the little girl is clapping and reaching her hands up into the air to try and catch it.

Hazel. Two bodies in the motel, the door open in case he decides to come in. Dean. Alec. Dean doesn't yell at him sitting on the hood of the Impala. He doesn't dare make a dent though.

Black. Two bodies in the motel. Dean is a red glow, Alec is a purple glow. Alec is not fully human, Sam notes. He is more, and Sam wants to know what it is. But he can not find the words to ask.

But it doesn't matter what eyes Sam looks at the Impala with. With black or hazel eyes, the Impala still looks like home to him.


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