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It had been almost two years since Sam had stood in the doorway to Lana's home. Two years since he had wished her goodbye to go off and fight the devil. Fifteen months since he had sent her his Ipod with a goodbye audio file on it. And apparently when he had come out without a soul, he either had not come back, or he had but had screwed up royally.

Either way, now that he was himself again, he knew he needed to see her. He needed to let her know he was alive and that the devil was gone. To see just how her life had changed after that, and most of all, to just see if she was happy.

Leaving his brother at the motel a few towns over, Sam parked the Impala on the street and walked up to her door, and knocked on it gently. He turned a bit to look around the neighborhood as he waited for her to answer, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

He just hoped this wasn't a big mistake.
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Sam hadn't told anyone he was alive. Ok, that wasn't true. His not-dead-yet grandfather knew he was alive. So did some cousins that Sam was still deciding on if he wanted to trust. And yeah, Bobby knew, but he was under obligation not to tell.

Dean didn't know, and that was what mattered. Bobby kept him in the loop on how his brother was doing, but otherwise he didn't go near. He wasn't about to bring him back into the insanity that was surrounding him. At least not until he figured out what was going on himself.

Which Led to this Job in Jersey... )
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Dean had the letter, left in the glove box with his own. It was an eventuality - if Anna ever got her memories of them back. Words he felt needed to be told to her after he was gone, whether it was a week, year, or ten years later. And it came by mail one day since Dean couldn't hand it over himself.

Letter to Anna )
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It's been waiting in the glove box. Sam knew eventually his brother would find it there. He's also pretty sure that his brother wouldn't want a letter. But there's something that Sam needs to say to Dean... and the package is thick because something is inside of it.

Letter to Dean )
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The night before it all went down, Sam tucked letters away that he was writing while Dean was out getting dinner. But as he got to Lana's, his fingers just tapped on the paper until finally he tossed it down. He looked over at his stuff on the dresser and got up, grabbing the Ipod off the top. He looked for the recording function, then sat at the edge of the bed. He hesitated for a moment, then hit start...

For Lana... )
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Among other possessions that Sam had left behind, there were a few envelopes with names written in Sam's handwriting. Dean. Bobby. Faith. There is an address on Faith's, and he did it on purpose. He needed to give his brother the option on how he was going to handle this one...

Letter to Faith )
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He was still in the room. Every time he passed out, he woke up alone in the room. Somewhere along the way Dean or Cas had taken pity on him and untied him from the bed, changed the sheets and put new clothes for him to change into. New food and water in the fridge.

Motions to show Sam they cared, but no one answered when he screamed for them to talk to him.

No on that was real anyway.

Part of him knew they were hallucinations. A part of him. But he was alone and sometimes he felt he deserved the torture.

And that was why he knew she came.
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Sam knew that look in his brother's eyes as he sat next to the fireplace at Bobby's place. It was the hurt and lost look. The "I don't want to talk about it" look. The "I'm hurting and I can't let myself show it."

The "I failed" look that Dean wore anytime someone died on a job. But this time Sam knew the look better than Dean could know.

It was the look Sam had worn so many times before - Jess. Dad. Madison. Dean. And even Ruby. The pain of losing someone who you loved more than just a girl in the next town, or the buddy you saw once a year if you were lucky. he knew that pain intimately, and he knew it wasn't something that you could face alone. Hell, Dean had already shown just how well he could handle it on his own.

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“Lie to me."

It was a rat infested motel that Sam found himself in on November 2nd, 2012. He was twenty nine now, and it was seven years since Jess had died. Over three since Lucifer was set free. Since Dean told Sam they were better off apart and goodbye. And now it was three months since Sam had found Bobby dead in his wheelchair and buried him.

Sam couldn't even find his brother if he tried. The cell towers were one of the first things to go in the apocalypse. He didn't dare go near a hunter cell now - what was left after the Croats knew exactly who he was and either wanted to kill him... or worse. Even Ellen and Jo had told him to hit the highway.

Sorry Sam, but you're poison. You want to do us a favor? Stay far away from us.

Fat chance that did. The next day Jo wandered in, covered in blood and her eyes were black as night. Sam was barely able to exorcise the demon out, and Jo was already dead in his arms. Two more graves, and that was the night Sam fell off the wagon and started to drink heavily again.

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He actually makes a cute little action figure.

Though when you realize he's holding a knife in the "kill" position, it becomes hard to believe that he's actually an angel...
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ooc: it's a canon verse, but this is going to take place AFTER tonight's episode timeline wise.

Sam had learned a few years ago that when Dean was having emotional issues, he hunted vampires. Vampires let him get out all that pent-up aggression that he could release while hacking the head off something that was attacking him.

No need to save a possessed person inside. The vampire knew what they were doing (most times) and were hurting humans (ALMOST all the time), so there was no guilt in those kinds of hunts. Just pure violence.

Though Sam had to admit they had gotten a bit over their heads on this one. And once the clan had gotten the scent of the Winchesters...

They were squatting right now, similar to what they had done when Gordon had turned into a vampire. They had counted the numbers of this group and realized that there were too many for just the two of them. Bobby was out of the picture, and Cas was off finding God, so they didn't have many other options.

After a quick argument, Sam picked up the cellphone and dialed Faith and hoped that she wasn't that far away.
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He had gone into hiding further than he had before, squatting now in some abandoned ranch house in nowhereville, Texas. These were the times he was grateful for the satellite internet card that he had on his computer that was linked to his cell phone account. At least he had the internet to amuse him while he was alone.

There was also a small lake out behind the house, and after checking the water for possible contaminates, he took to doing a bit of skinny dipping and caught his first bath in days. Which of course made it so that he couldn't hear his phone ring, and came back to seeing that he had a voicemail.

He hesitated, then went to listen to it. If it was Dean or Bobby, he needed to know. But it wasn't either of them. It was Faith, and from the sound of it, she was running scared.

His thumb hesitated over the calling back button. He knew he wasn't going to be of any help to her. She was strong and able to take care of herself, right? Hell, she all but boasted about it to the world.

But why was she calling him for help then?

Tossing the towel onto the back of a chair, he finished getting dressed, then went and picked up the phone. If anything, he could give her some over the phone advice.
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After what happened that night, Sam couldn't risk it. Lucifer was trying to find him, and it was only Castiel's etchings in his ribs that was keeping him safe.

But how long that was going to last, Sam didn't know. He didn't know, and the idea that Lucifer would do anything to get into him scared him more than he had ever felt before. So he did what he had to and broke all the remaining ties that he had with people besides Bobby - he swore long ago not to shut Bobby out ever - packed up his gear and got out of town before the sun was even up.

He left a goodbye note for Lindsay, apologizing for what had happened to her. He had started to like her, just as a friend and he had already nearly gotten her killed. Not again. Not to her... or anyone else.

After that, anyone who tried to call Sam - except Bobby and the rare instance that Dean would want to reach out - they would get this.

ooc: not going on hiatus. Sam is just going into hiding in canon verses until at least next Thursday. No guarantees he will respond either.
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Sam was grateful to Oliver for loaning him the beach house in Florida for a few days. It was good to be able to just sit on the beach and stare out at nothing for hours, letting his mind figure things out. And the fact Sam had made himself a nice little salt-water moat around his chair was for his own self-amusement on top of his protection.

He had been gone almost a week, and except for responding to a few texts, had not really done a lot in reaching out to people. Today he planned on changing that, so he had a small table with his laptop and cell phone next to him, and sent out to his contacts the following message:

Sitting on the beach and realized I've been too quiet lately. I've got my phone and laptop if anyone wants to chat. You know how to find me.

And he left it at that while he sat back and pulled out the book he had started to read from Oliver's small library - The Alchemist.


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