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Sam hadn't told anyone he was alive. Ok, that wasn't true. His not-dead-yet grandfather knew he was alive. So did some cousins that Sam was still deciding on if he wanted to trust. And yeah, Bobby knew, but he was under obligation not to tell.

Dean didn't know, and that was what mattered. Bobby kept him in the loop on how his brother was doing, but otherwise he didn't go near. He wasn't about to bring him back into the insanity that was surrounding him. At least not until he figured out what was going on himself.

Which Led to this Job in Jersey... )
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Dean had the letter, left in the glove box with his own. It was an eventuality - if Anna ever got her memories of them back. Words he felt needed to be told to her after he was gone, whether it was a week, year, or ten years later. And it came by mail one day since Dean couldn't hand it over himself.

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Adam was ash, back to the Earth he had come from. Sam found the biblical reference amusing, which let him ignore the sprained ankle, slashed wrists, and hole just above his liver. Dean had found him some good drugs to take the edge off the pain, but it still hurt like a bitch and standing up for so long had drained him.


Anna had to support him as they watched over Adam while he got a hunter's funeral. The blood left in his body was being pulled down by gravity so he was light headed, and by the time the three of them were back at the Impala, Sam just curled up in the backseat and slept.

Anna and Dean weren't talking again, but what else was new? He just ignored them and slipped back off into the blissfulness of unconsciousness.

The next morning he woke up with a groan, his head pounding and still nauseous. "Water," he groaned, not even opening his eyes. Someone was in the room with him and would help him.

God he hated being this week. But he hated throwing up more and if he didn't get some water in his mouth soon...
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Ever since leaving the job with the strippers and the siren, Sam had kept to himself. He still went along, acted like everything was good, but he just didn't want to participate in anything outside of that. He'd just go back to his room, watching TV or playing on the internet before going to bed in his own room, leaving Anna and Dean on their own.

No one wanted a third wheel. And obviously he was becoming that since Dean felt Sam wasn't good enough to be his brother anymore.

No, he wasn't good. He hadn't been since May, not like anyone but Ruby had noticed though. And as the months went by, Sam just felt himself slipping again. Losing that grasp of reality he had grabbed onto when Dean had walked back through his hotel door.

Slipping away, and he was so close to letting go and falling. And a part of him really didn't care if he did or not. Just as long as it was over and he could stop hurting inside.

He just wanted to stop hurting. Stop thinking. Stop feeling. Just kill Lilith and then it'll be over and the pain will go away.

So he withdrew further into himself, going between researching and finding jobs, or just numbing himself with the television. Like tonight, after coming back from the library, he just went into his room and stretched out on his bed, turning on the tv and flipping the channels to find something to watch for the hours it would be before he finally fell asleep.
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He and Dean had gotten to New York last Friday night, so Sam had made arrangements to meet Nellie for coffee after he got a few hours of sleep. There was a Starbucks across from Central Park and while Dean played Meet the Parents, Sam slipped out from Anna's place and made his way to meet her.

He sat on a brick wall outside the store, hands in his pockets as he waited to see the familiar face in the sea of strangers. He instinctively pulled the jacket tighter around him, still getting used to the cold after having been nice in Tijuana.
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After the fight with Nellie and then Dean, Sam had hit his limit. Why the hell had they come to Tijuana in the first place.

Oh yeah, that's right, to relax for the holidays.

Fine. Dean wanted some time away. Wanted Sam to relax. Then Sam would relax and get the hell away from his brother.

He packed his bags and checked out of the hotel, telling the manager that he didn't care about the early cancellation fee. Then he tossed the bag over his shoulder and started down the beach.

Sam just wanted some peace. A hammock on the beach to read like he had planned on spending the month doing. Away from spoiled rich women who believed that they were above treating potential friends with common respect.

And he had actually felt sorry for her.

Thing was, he still did. Maybe more so, because it was her emotional distance from life that made her the way she was. Probably stemmed all the way back to her mother's death. And while Dean and Sam had gone into a world of credit scam and deprived childhoods, Nellie was spoiled beyond belief.

Maybe there was a jealous part. A part where she still had a father and he gave her everything her heart desired. The part of him that missed John SO MUCH that he couldn't admit it aloud, and would do anything to have his father back. To know his mother.

But he knew the price for getting either of them back, and it was one that Dean and Sam really should never try to take again. Because it worked out so well the first few times.

It was when he was halfway down the beach that Sam realized he had no idea where he was going. So he just tossed his bag down and sat in the sand, resting his head in his hands.

Merry Fucken Christmas, Sam Winchester. Another one to add to the reasons why he hated this time of year.
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ooc: takes place after this conversation, the night before this post goes up.

Sam slipped on his sandals and left his room, pulling out his cell phone. He dialed Anna's number, hoping that she wasn't busy.

"Hey Anna, it's Sam. Join me for a few beers?"
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It was the afternoon after Sam had spent the day with Nellie, and now he was waiting for Bobby to meet him for lunch.

He had been replying the events of the day before in his head, and he had come to a sad revelation: maybe Nellie was over her mother's death. Maybe she didn't need to talk, like he had felt she had to. Maybe... he was portraying his own issues through her and that's why he had been so adamant for her to talk to him.

He would apologize the next time he saw her. If he saw her. He was leaving that in her hands because he didn't want her to be uncomfortable.

But he might just be brooding while he leaned against the column in the hotel lobby, lost in thought.

rep order Sam/Bobby/Dean
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When Sam and Anna had split up to find Dean, Sam went to Lucy's house while Anna went around town trying to find more clues. And it was there that Sam had stumbled upon something he would never forget. Not in a million years.

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