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It had been almost two years since Sam had stood in the doorway to Lana's home. Two years since he had wished her goodbye to go off and fight the devil. Fifteen months since he had sent her his Ipod with a goodbye audio file on it. And apparently when he had come out without a soul, he either had not come back, or he had but had screwed up royally.

Either way, now that he was himself again, he knew he needed to see her. He needed to let her know he was alive and that the devil was gone. To see just how her life had changed after that, and most of all, to just see if she was happy.

Leaving his brother at the motel a few towns over, Sam parked the Impala on the street and walked up to her door, and knocked on it gently. He turned a bit to look around the neighborhood as he waited for her to answer, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

He just hoped this wasn't a big mistake.
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The night before it all went down, Sam tucked letters away that he was writing while Dean was out getting dinner. But as he got to Lana's, his fingers just tapped on the paper until finally he tossed it down. He looked over at his stuff on the dresser and got up, grabbing the Ipod off the top. He looked for the recording function, then sat at the edge of the bed. He hesitated for a moment, then hit start...

For Lana... )
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Sam knew he probably looked like one of those old-fashioned movies where the hero came walking into town in the middle of the night, fog rolling in ahead of him. Of course, he was missing the leather pants and the long duster coat.

Instead, he had on his jeans and hooded jacket, and quietly found his way to Lana's place in Smallville. Dean already had his own motel room for the night, and wasn't expecting Sam back for at least 24 hours.

As things between Sam and Dean got better, Sam felt stronger with himself and his interactions with people. He still believed that being around him was dangerous, but he took his own precautions.

And he just missed her so much. They were in town, and he couldn't not come to visit.

He was quick as he picked the lock into her place, making sure no one was paying any attention to him. The alarm was quickly disarmed, and he was pleased to see her salt lines were in place, and as he walked through the home, he knelt to place a new hex bag behind a few books on a shelf.

Making his way into the bedroom, he smiled at seeing her there snuggled under the blankets. Barely making a noise, he leaned over her and brushed some hair from her face before planting a kiss on her forehead.

As her eyes opened to look at who was in the room, he just smiled at her. "Hey. Mind if I join you?"
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Sam could still hear Lucifer whispering in his ear, but it was knowing that Lana was waiting for this to end so they could be together that kept him from actually listening to the devil on his shoulder.
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It's not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow

Sam owed a lot to his brother these last two months. It felt like Dean had given up his life to take care of his pain in the ass little brother. Between the withdrawal symptoms making Sam sicker than he had ever felt some days, plus the dread in waiting for the other demonic shoe to drop... maybe it was easier to just take care of him than worry about what was to come.

Part of taking care of Sam seemed to involve the promise of them passing through Smallville on occasion, just so Sam could spend anywhere from a few hours to a day with Lana. It was part of his mental health that needed it... plus Sam missed Lana so much when they were on the road, unable to talk beyond a phone call or text message.

The stop in Smallville this time was not something Sam knew was going to happen, so Lana had no idea that they were in town. Dean had checked them into a motel - two separate rooms - and told Sam they had two days and he didn't expect to see Sam for most of it (but to check in).

Sam held his cell phone in his hand a moment to call Lana and let her know, then stopped himself. A smirk came to his face as he thought about something that Lana had always strongly hinted at wanting to do.

He'd be embarrassed by the thought of doing what he was about to do, but he had nothing else to do, and he really wanted to see her as soon as possible.

Which would be the reason why Sam appeared at her office building, a trench coat pulled tight around him as he strolled to the hall where her corner office was. He talked with her secretary, and she recognized his name from all the times Lana had talked about him. Lana was at a meeting, but the secretary was willing to help him in his romantic notions.

They closed the shades, turned down the lights, and Sam reclined in one of the guest chairs just hidden from the entrance so that Lana wouldn't see him until she closed the door. And her secretary would leave for lunch when she got back, closing and locking the outer doors as she left so that they wouldn't be disturbed during a very special lunch meeting.
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Once the shakes had stopped and Sam wasn't going through major symptoms of withdrawal, he planned on keeping his word to Lana. He missed her, and having spent the last month as far from her as he possibly could - sometimes not by his own choice - he just needed to have her there for him.

The world was on it's way to ending, after all. And he wasn't going to waste time.

Which was why on a Friday morning, an box arrived at Lana's office. He had checked to make sure that she was in the office that day, then paid a delivery guy a few bucks to hand deliver it around noon.

In the box was a hex bag, meant to hide the bearer from both demons and angels. Ruby had taught Sam how to make them - her mistake, their gain - and they had a bunch of them made and in the Impala for protection. The one he had sent was strong enough to take her and a good mile in all directions off the radars.

With the bag was a typed note. Keep this on you. Don't open it. Leave work, pack a weekend bag, and follow the map. Reservation for Ms. Lewis. Wait in room. - S.W.

The Impala was waiting out of sight, planing on trailing Lana on her way to the meeting spot, just to make sure she wasn't followed by anyone but them. There was a motel just outside of Bazine, KS. Out of the way along the 96 where no one in their right mind would really go looking for them. And it should have only been a 2-3 hour drive for Lana at most if she did the speed limit.
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After Dean was out of the hospital, Sam had continued his hovering in the motel as Dean recovered. Asking him every five minutes if he needed something. Wanted something. Finally, around day 2 of this, Dean gave Sam a look and told him that Sam needed to go out and get some air before he suffocated him.

Of course, he threatened to kill Sam if he did so much as scratch the Impala.

Sam decided to take a drive. Fresh air, open road, music on the Ipod that sat in the passenger seat so that he could detach it and not freak Dean out again with it's presence. He didn't have any place really in mind as to where he was going, but as he passed the road sign announcing his arrival in Smallville, Kansas, did Sam recognize his unconscious path.

Finding Lana's place was easy. Walking to her door was a bit harder, and suddenly he just felt the weight of the world on his shoulders because of everything that had been happening and life was spinning out of control and he just needed something.

Something Dean couldn't give him. Something even Ruby couldn't give him. And so he turned to the only other person he knew that could.

He rang the bell, and just stood there, hoping Lana was home and alone. Because otherwise they might witness at very tall man breaking down like a baby in her arms.


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