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When Olivia was six, Sam had taken a job that he needed to do a bit of hands on research in California. Seeing that it was summer and Olivia had just graduated kindergarten, Sam thought it would be a nice family road trip.

It had been a long time since Sam had been on the road for multiple days with his brother. And now with a child in the back seat, the trip took longer. Potty break stops, food, drinks, and little sideshow attractions made the drive three times longer than Dean probably would have liked.

But it was worth it as Olivia looked up to see a life-sized Snoopy standing in front of her. She tugged on Sam's arm until he knelt down beside her. "Can I hug him?"

"Do you want to?" Sam asked back in the same whispered voice, and she gave him a huge nod of her head. "Okay then, give him a big hug." He took the balloon and bottle of water from her hands, and watched as Olivia went running up to the large dog and hugged him tightly.

"Still got that coin? We could wish her up a life sized teddy bear," Dean remarked from behind him, and Sam just looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. Dean kept smiling and held out the brochure. "I say after you put her to bed, we sneak out and check out the ghost town. It could be like old times."

"I'm not leaving my six year old daughter alone in a motel room while we hunt fake ghosts, Dean."

"Spoilsport. You're just mad that you're too tall to ride the rides in this park."

"Why don't you go over to the water-park and , I dunno, drown yourself."

"Daddy!" Sam looked up to see Olivia dragging Snoopy over to him with a big smile. "I told Snoopy you wanted to hug him too."

And before Sam could say anything, the costumed character hugged him, his large nose hitting Sam right in the stomach to knock all the air out of him. There was a flash later as Dean snapped a picture with his camera. "That's going in the scrapbook."
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It had been almost a month now since Sam had been called on his cell phone to go to the Des Moines juvenile court house and was told about what had happened to Cara and saw the little dark haired angel sitting in a chair too big for her, hugging a stuffed bunny.

A month since he had signed the custody papers taking responsibility for a daughter he had not known. A month since he had moved into the large house that was in Olivia's name and learned how to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches the "right way" and fight against the urge to answer the constant "I want my mommy, not you!" cries anytime something went wrong.

Dean was there, trying to support his brother in any way he could, but Sam couldn't help but feel like he was failing every night when the little girl refused to let Sam kiss her goodnight and tuck her into bed. She wanted her mommy, not him. And really, Sam didn't blame her in the least.

It changed one night though. . . . )


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