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It was on the third day that Sam found her knife. Dean had gotten them to safety, hiding them from humans and angels alike until they could get their bearings. Bobby knew where they were... vaguely. They didn't need him to get involved in this at the moment.

Dean had left to get them some things. Sam... hadn't been very mobile in the time since he had been dragged from the nunnery. Dean had barely gotten him to the car, then into the bed. He had slept for almost a day, so worn out and emotionally drained that he had just hidden under the rough motel blanket and tried to ignore the world.

But all they had right now was his... Ruby's car. The few things that he had in it, which wasn't much in the way of clothing or toiletries. Just a few weapons, his laptop... not much else.

He had hoped to find himself at least a clean pair of underwear in his bag as he dug around, but instead his fingers came across the handle of her knife. Holding it for a moment, he sat on the edge of the bed, lost in thought.

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Once the shakes had stopped and Sam wasn't going through major symptoms of withdrawal, he planned on keeping his word to Lana. He missed her, and having spent the last month as far from her as he possibly could - sometimes not by his own choice - he just needed to have her there for him.

The world was on it's way to ending, after all. And he wasn't going to waste time.

Which was why on a Friday morning, an box arrived at Lana's office. He had checked to make sure that she was in the office that day, then paid a delivery guy a few bucks to hand deliver it around noon.

In the box was a hex bag, meant to hide the bearer from both demons and angels. Ruby had taught Sam how to make them - her mistake, their gain - and they had a bunch of them made and in the Impala for protection. The one he had sent was strong enough to take her and a good mile in all directions off the radars.

With the bag was a typed note. Keep this on you. Don't open it. Leave work, pack a weekend bag, and follow the map. Reservation for Ms. Lewis. Wait in room. - S.W.

The Impala was waiting out of sight, planing on trailing Lana on her way to the meeting spot, just to make sure she wasn't followed by anyone but them. There was a motel just outside of Bazine, KS. Out of the way along the 96 where no one in their right mind would really go looking for them. And it should have only been a 2-3 hour drive for Lana at most if she did the speed limit.
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ooc: Hear the Song Here

He was waiting at the hotel in the honeymoon suite, having just gotten Ruby on the phone. He had driven through the night until he found this place. When was the last time he slept? Ate? Drank?

Ruby was on her way. It would be over soon, Sam. Lay down and sleep, and the time will go fast and then she would be there and everything would be alright and the pain would stop.

But it didn't. His hallucinations still talked in his head, replaying over and over. He felt Alastair cutting into him, crying out in pain and knowing he would never have lasted a day in Hell if this was what waited for him.

He couldn't last a day... Dean lasted thirty years. Dean is stronger than him... he... he could do this. Maybe...

Your brother doesn't understand... Dean can never know how strong you are... because Dean is weak.

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The greatest conflicts are not between two people, but between one person and himself.
-Garth Brooks

"Hey guys... this isn't funny. Guys? GUYS!"

The first few hours were full of screams, pounding fists, digging nails into the edges of the window plate and the door frame until his fingers were bleeding and his throat was raw. He slowly slid to the ground, gasping curses and damnation to anyone who could still hear him. For all he knew, they were gone and he would never see them again.

That was the fear that brought nightmares when he passed out. Nightmares of him becoming a demon and killing people. Family. finally he woke up screaming, covered in sweat.

He needed it. He needed it bad and he was shaking and it hurt.

"Dean... Dean let me out. You have to let me out..."

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Adam was ash, back to the Earth he had come from. Sam found the biblical reference amusing, which let him ignore the sprained ankle, slashed wrists, and hole just above his liver. Dean had found him some good drugs to take the edge off the pain, but it still hurt like a bitch and standing up for so long had drained him.


Anna had to support him as they watched over Adam while he got a hunter's funeral. The blood left in his body was being pulled down by gravity so he was light headed, and by the time the three of them were back at the Impala, Sam just curled up in the backseat and slept.

Anna and Dean weren't talking again, but what else was new? He just ignored them and slipped back off into the blissfulness of unconsciousness.

The next morning he woke up with a groan, his head pounding and still nauseous. "Water," he groaned, not even opening his eyes. Someone was in the room with him and would help him.

God he hated being this week. But he hated throwing up more and if he didn't get some water in his mouth soon...
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Down the road, not across the street...

Ever since Dean had tried to help him up from that table and he had passed out, Sam saw the world in moments of nauseous green and black moments. He knew he was in the backseat of the Impala, his arms bound up and... handing off the passenger seat? Why... oh yeah, above the heart keeps from bleeding out. Dad taught him that when he was six and cut his hand on the hunting knife.

Hold it up, Sammy. Keep pressure on it Dean. We're almost to the hospital.

Hospital. Adam's mom was a nurse. Adam... his brother. Half Brother. Dead. Why did his family always die on him?

He was Dean's little brother. Sam had always wanted a little brother of his own, someone to look up to him and teach and protect like Dean always did for him. And there had been one all along. Sam had done the math. He was eight when Adam was born. Eight. Just learning about the hunting world and once a year while Dean and Sam sat alone in motel rooms worried on if he would ever come back.

Sam hated knowing that Dad held this kid above him and Dean. Why did Adam get to be free of this life, but he and Dean had to fight in it? Why did he want Adam to get the white picket fence when it was all Sam wanted.

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If you are special in some way, (vampire, werewolf, psychic, et cetera), how would you react if you woke up one morning stripped of your power?

When I first got them, I would have been glad to have them gone. I never wanted them, and they caused me nothing but trouble and psychotic hunters trying to kill me. And we won't even go into the little ghost town death match.

But now... if I woke up and they were gone, I know we would be in deep shit - the smallest being Lilith coming to kill us in our sleep, and the biggest being the Apocalypse. For all that I'm being told that using these powers is wrong, I don't see how we would have won otherwise. Samhain? Alastair? I'm getting stronger each time, and I know I'm almost to the point where I can handle Lilith. And once she's gone and the seals are safe?

Then I'd gladly wish them away for the rest of my life. To finally be free from this curse in me... probably the best thing I could ever imagine happening.

But not while they are keeping Dean us alive - and now if the angels themselves can't even protect him? - It's up to me. And I need to be stronger still.

[locked from everyone]

If I woke up and they were gone tomorrow - I would have Ruby give them back to me. Even if it's disgusting and I hate myself every time I do it, I can't be weak now. I can't afford to lose Dean again, or let Lilith win. Not happening, even if I have to sacrifice myself in the end to set the world straight again.

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ooc: for [ profile] 50prompts # 7: Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate).

Sam Wesson sat in the library, his pen tapping a fast beat on the desk while he was looking through a stack of books. Researching. Trying to figure out where he was going to start in this madness of becoming a "hunter".

The Ghostfacers' website only gave so much information. The internet itself offered a lot more, but unless you know what you were really looking for, it was almost impossible to find real facts. This elusive "hunters network" didn't seem to have made it to the technical age, apparently.

So he was on his own to figure this out. However, it just didn't feel "right" doing it alone. Hell, it was probably dangerous to do it alone. Who would have your back when it got down and dirty?

Sam kept thinking of the guy from the office - Dean Smith. But the guy had turned out to be a total douchebag and chose the safe and comfy lifestyle for being in the field. And then a day later was trying to piss him off by saying Sam's real last name was Winchester and that his life wasn't real, but his dreams were.

And of course pulling a bunch of people in on the gag too.

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