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For the purposes of the AU event, demon!Sam and his Dean are swapping histories. This is just Sam's side and information that he knows. Em will be making her own determination on how she's handling a BB!demon!Dean.

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It had been almost two years since Sam had stood in the doorway to Lana's home. Two years since he had wished her goodbye to go off and fight the devil. Fifteen months since he had sent her his Ipod with a goodbye audio file on it. And apparently when he had come out without a soul, he either had not come back, or he had but had screwed up royally.

Either way, now that he was himself again, he knew he needed to see her. He needed to let her know he was alive and that the devil was gone. To see just how her life had changed after that, and most of all, to just see if she was happy.

Leaving his brother at the motel a few towns over, Sam parked the Impala on the street and walked up to her door, and knocked on it gently. He turned a bit to look around the neighborhood as he waited for her to answer, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

He just hoped this wasn't a big mistake.
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Dean was starting to get a bad feeling about this case.

They'd been trailing Ruby for a while now after the whole church incident, trying to keep an idea on her and what she was up to, but she was all over the map as far as victims were concerned. Dean would acknowledge that she was too good at what she did to not have some other kind of ulterior motive. There was a pattern there, but Dean just hadn't found it yet. He also knew that going in blind wasn't the smartest plan in the world, but there was a kid involved. Little eight year-old girl who Ruby had grabbed and hauled out of town like she was some kind of sacrifice to whatever Hell god she worshiped, and while Dean my not have known anything about what exactly it was Ruby was up to, but he wasn't going to take a risk on the kid's life.

He pulled the Impala up to the side of the cabin where they though the kid was being held. He could see the lights on through the window, and the small silhouette of a girl who was most likely scared out of her mind. If they could get in there and get out without alerting the demon bitch, then they would be golden. "Alright. In and out, right guys?"

Sam didn't like this. Something was just wrong. Wrong beyond the fact that Ruby had kidnapped a child because Ruby didn't kidnap people. She killed them. At least that was what Sam knew of Ruby beyond the very bad but feel good sex she shared with him that he wasn't allowed to do again. But why would she kidnap this child without doing anything else and bringing her back to the toy cabin in the woods?

"I still don't like this," he said softly. "There is something more. More than we can see and I don't like that. We should go."

"More? What more?" Alec asked. Sam knew his stuff no matter how childish in manner it may come out. He was feeling a bit edgy too. Maybe he was picking up on Sam's nerves or maybe it was the animal instinct. He wasn't sure yet.

"Yeah, Sammy. What do you mean?" Dean frowned. He didn't like going in blind, but this was a kid they were dealing with.

He bit his lip. "It just... not right. Not like her. Feels wrong."

"Okay. What part of this isn't like her?" Alec believed in trusting the expert.

"It's not bloody." He couldn't think of any other way to describe it.

"Okay." That description made perfect sense to Alec. "So we need to know why."

"It's an eight year-old kid," Dean pointed out. "We can't just leave her in there for Ruby to screw with. Maybe she just hasn't gotten bloody yet."

Sam bit his lip. He really really didn't like this, but Dean was right. It was a little girl. And Alec was right. They needed to know why it wasn't bloody. Yet. "... maybe."

"No, we can't but gut instinct says I'm about to become prey."

"Yeah, well -- that's not anything new," Dean sighed before pushing the door open and starting to climb out of the car. "Even we go for it or we don't. What're we gonna do?"

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Detective!Verse Log 1 - Starts just after Sam gave Jo a Reese Peanut Butter filled chocolate rabbit

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Detective!Verse Log 2 - Next Morning - Quick call to Dean by Sam while Jo calls Ellen

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ooc: and for all those without the scorecard, Sam did proposed to Jo in verse about a month ago in this post riiight about here. They kept it quiet for about a month already.
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ooc: catching up on old rp's. co-written with [ profile] lieu_murphy's mun

Deciding that it was easier to just "get a room" for the weekend, Sam knew he was on limited funds while trying to give Heather a valentine's day that was just about them. So it was a very crappy motel room and cheap diner food, but it was just the two of them. Saturday night had been nice, and Sam whimpered as Heather pulled away to go to work on Sunday in the early morning hours. He didn't want to lose her or the warmth that she had against his chest.

Finally, he let her go, then waited for the car to drive away before he was up and moving. He had about eight bucks to his name but that was enough as he made his way out to the Walmart. He got some ribbon, a box of chocolate covered cherries, and as he was on his way back he found a girl on the side of the road who gave him some flowers for the rest of his cash and his puppy dogs eyes.

So he waited for Heather to come back as he made the bed and found a nice radio station, and as he heard the car pull back up and her keys in the door, he shifted into wolf form and sat on the bed, wearing a goofy doggy grin, a big red ribbon around his neck and his tail wagging happily.

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ooc: posting old logs. co-written with [ profile] lieu_murphy's mun

Of the few things Sam actually did well - besides making coffee - was building a good fire in the fireplace. He actually enjoyed doing it, going out to the wood supply in the afternoon and refilling the inside supply, then kneeling in front of the fireplace and cleaning it out and prepping for the next one. Once he got it going, he sat back on the floor and smiled to himself, feeling the warmth start to spread through the cabin so that it would warm everyone in the pack when they got home from their jobs.

He was curled up on the floor reading while Anna was working on her homework when the first car drove up in the driveway. He lifted his head, still learning the sounds of the engines but he was pretty sure it was Heather coming home. "Keep working on that," he told Anna as he got up. "I'll be right back."

Heather was completely excited to be home. Work hadn't been hard, but it had been pretty boring. The tourist season was over and there wasn't much business these days. She usually got home earlier but her boss wanted inventory done and now she was just happy to be home. She grabbed the Chinese take out she'd picked up before coming home and jumped out of her truck.

Sam was at the door, holding it open with a big smile on his face. "And she delivers eggrolls too. You spoil me."

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ooc: Goes hand in hand with this prompt. Evie is [ profile] a_badapple. Co-Written with Mun.

Evie wasn't sure how she had ended up in the town she was in. At least not much beyond the part where she pulled off the highway for lunch and ended up there. She had looked around the town and decided it wouldn't be a bad place to duck down in for a few weeks. She needed to earn some extra cash, especially if she wanted to avoid asking her family for anything.

So she found herself work at a nearby gas station and roughed it out in her car. No, it wasn't a dream, but it worked.

And it had been a long, draining day at the gas station. She had started to take her car somewhere to park for the night and get some sleep, but decided she really didn't want to. She was suddenly itching to be out. Maybe something would strike this time around. She had been letting herself be open to meeting a guy in the towns she stopped through, but there really hadn't been one that felt right. It wasn't exactly easy for her. What with the fact that she hadn't had sex in almost three years, and she could hardly remember sex sober. At least...she didn't think she'd had sex in the years since Dougie's death. Some of those days were blurred pretty badly in her head.

Sam watched her a moment after Castiel had pointed her out, and then he smile and walked over to the blonde at the jukebox. Castiel had said she had a good soul, and that alone made him curious. "So, it there anything in there sung by someone not wearing a mullet?" he asked, giving her a small smile.

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ooc: follows after this

He was still in the room. Every time he passed out, he woke up alone in the room. Somewhere along the way Dean or Cas had taken pity on him and untied him from the bed, changed the sheets and put new clothes for him to change into. New food and water in the fridge.

Motions to show Sam they cared, but no one answered when he screamed for them to talk to him.

No on that was real anyway.

Part of him knew they were hallucinations. A part of him. But he was alone and sometimes he felt he deserved the torture.

And that was why he knew she came.
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ooc: takes place after this

He waited until the next morning to call his son. Ruby was settled in a warm bubble bath and after he had sat there for awhile, he promised her he would be just in the living room as he went to feed Buster and then pick up the phone.

How was Sam going to explain to Michael that his mother didn't remember him? It was one of the fears he was certain his son had, and now it had come true. But Sam had to be the optimist and could only hope that once she saw her baby boy in flesh and blood in front of her, something would spark and fill in those holes Hell had left in her.

It wasn't too late in Switzerland, so he dialed his son's cell phone and hoped he wasn't interrupting anything important between him and Tara.
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ooc: setting up a new verse here for some fluff!

Sam was working at his desk, trying hard to get the little wires on the watch he was working on soldered together. he had on the big soldering goggles and was biting his lip as he focused.

"You working on that for Agent 99?" Lloyd asked, pushing his wheeled chair behind him to look over Sam's shoulder.

"Yes..." Sam hissed, turning the tiny flame off before he burnt the wrong circuit and lifted the shield up from the goggles to look at his friend through them. He had been at CONTROL for about a month now, having been recruited from his day job at a Geek Squad desk in Baltimore's large Best Buy.

It was strange, but Sam had come to learn that almost all the intelligent people in this area worked "desk jobs" in "some office". If you were part of the club, people knew what you were talking about and could make jokes about the other agencies. Sam learned quickly he was part of the agency that tended to get made fun of the most - even if they did just save the President's life a few months back.

"Have you ever met her before? I mean, you're still new so..."

"99 is a girl?" Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Oh man, you haven't met her yet." Lloyd looked over at Bruce who was snickering a bit. "Word of advice: Don't piss her off."

"Is she that much of a bitch then?" Sam asked. Almost instantly there was a clearing of a throat and Lloyd paled and rolled his chair away, suddenly "busy" as Sam found himself staring at probably one of the hottest women he had seen in years.

"I take it you're Agent 99..." Sam said in his apologetic voice, reaching up to remove his goggles all of the way.
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ooc: takes place after this

Sam was gone the moment he knew Bobby was on the phone with Dean. It could only end one way - Dean would come to Bobby's to get him. Bobby knew how to keep a demon captive. Sam wasn't stupid. Dean would tell Bobby to make sure Sam didn't leave and Bobby would do it so Sam had to leave now before Dean said that.

He kept moving, not sure where to go, but he always found trees that would support him as he sat in them and tried to think of what he could do to keep himself from being caught. But he didn't stay still long because Dean was a good hunter and Sam knew that Dean would find him eventually but he wanted it to be a long time eventually so Dean wouldn't be as mad as he had to be now.

One of the trees he ended up in was in the middle of Texas, and Sam was leaning in it when he saw a woman with blonde hair go by. He tilted his head, then got out of the tree and started to follow her through the streets. When he got close enough, he got to look at her face, but it wasn't who he thought it was and backed away before the woman could yell at him and hit him with her bag.

He kept looking, feeling that he knew she was somewhere close by, and so he started to think about her in his head, and he saw a house in his mind and so he went to find it and soon was standing at the front door and knocked. He rubbed his arm nervously, not sure if Nellie lived here but he saw the house and it felt like she did. He hoped she did.
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Dean had told Sam to surprise him, and Sam knew his brother needed to go somewhere for a day or two where they could just relax, have fun and forget the things that were happening with his overprotective soon-to-be "inlaws". And since it was Sam's responsibility to take care of his brother, he decided to find them some fun in an adventure that they had never had in their not-so-normal upbringing.

It was early morning when the Impala pulled up to the Georgetown Super 8 just a few miles from their playground for the weekend - The Loveland Ski Area. A weekend of learning to ski, snowboard, playing on snowmobiles, and then hanging out in the lodge with the other people in town was just what they needed. And Dean could act as his brother's wingman for once since Dean would have to be on his best behavior.

Of course, Sam hoped that his brother wouldn't freak out on the ski lift. It wasn't an airplane, so it should be fine. Right?

"Hey, sleeping beauty. Wake up. We're here."
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ooc: takes place three months after this. Stolas is part of [ profile] demonbureaucrat and used with much loathing on Sam's part.

Stolas laughed and leaned down, grabbing Sam by his hair and lifting his face off the ground. "How does it feel, Winchester? To finally see your life flashing before your eyes... don't worry, I'll make sure the pain lasts long enough for you to see all of it."

"Screw you," Sam managed to spit, one eye cracking open through the swolleness to glare at Stolas.

"Oh, Sam... you really are good to the last drop." He pushed Sam's head back hard onto the concrete floor and stood up. "Your daddy would be so proud of you. Well, he would if he wasn't burning in hell."

Sam rolled slowly onto his back, holding his right arm to his chest. It had been broken a few days ago and wasn't set and the pain was becoming unbearable. But he pushed past it still and just laughed at Stolas. "I don't need you telling me about my dad," Sam stated. "I know he's proud of me."

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ooc: co-written with [ profile] lieu_murphy

There really wasn't a lot Sam could do as a wolf when he was stuck inside, he quickly realized. He wasn't allowed outside on his own, and the only reason he would was to go to the bathroom and that was not an experience he enjoyed the first time. He was getting used to it now - when you have to go, you have to go - but he much preferred the human way of doing that.

He had spent a good portion of the last few days in his room, trying to focus and get turned back. He looked out the window, though, and saw the full moon and lamented and decided that it wasn't going to happen until after the moon had finished it's cycle. At least not when he was still learning this. So he made his way downstairs slowly as to not fall down them again, and then went in front of the fireplace and laid down. At least it was warm here, and when the rest of the pack came home, they'd know he was still there, still stuck and bored.

Maybe someone would take pity on him. Like Heather. Heather really wanted to take care of him, and he didn't mind it at all. She was around his age, and there was just something about her sweet, free spirit that really made him want to know more about her. He could just sit with her for hours and talk and be happy. Of course right now the talking was limited to one sided, but he didn't care. And for some reason she really knew how to scratch his head to make him feel good.

But he knew he should keep a distance from her. He was going to be leaving back with his brother when he was ready to leave, and her place was here with the pack. In the end, she would only get hurt and he knew it. But he missed having someone there for him, and she genuinely wanted to spend time with him. As the days went by he let his guard slip more and more, knowing it was going to hurt, but there was still a long time before that was going to happen. And who knew, maybe something would change.

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ooc: Murphy is [ profile] lieu_murphy and the rest of the pack are all her NPC's. Co-Written with the mun

After the first night where Sam managed to change himself back from the werewolf on his own, his strength and control had been growing. He was still nervous, but knowing that he could do it if he focused boosted his confidence enough that by the time the first signs of winter started to show up in Yellowstone Park, Sam was confident that he wasn't going to change during a full moon cycle unless he wanted to change on his own.

But that was only the beginning, and he knew it. Now he had to learn how to change, instead of resiting the change. He wanted to know how to change into a full wolf too, not the type that he and Dean had hunted, or how Madison had looked those night after...

He had been trying on his own but he always stopped when it started to hurt. The pain was not unbearable as it had been before he got control, but it felt like his body was breaking and he wasn't sure if it was right or not to feel that. Finally he made his way to where the pack was in the living room after dinner and took a deep breath. He was pretty sure they had been waiting for him to get to this point.

"I need you to show me how to change. I've been trying and I can't figure it out."

The pack was scattered in the various chairs of the living room with the high members in the comfiest places while Butters sprawled on the floor with Anna, coloring. Murphy looked up from a few reports and raised an eyebrow at Sam.

"If you're still scared, it's not going to work," Murphy said and tossed her reports onto the coffee table. "Are you scared Sam?"

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It started with such a simple thing: putting up the Christmas Tree. Michael was bouncing in his play pen, watching as Sam tried to keep himself from getting tangled with the lights and the tree and muttering things that he really hoped his son didn't hear or worse - repeat. Though he could blame it on Dean.

He had done it before, and probably would do it again. Sorry Dean.

Bela came back somewhere along the way with the ornaments and dinner, and when he turned to look at her, she smiled with her lips around the end of a candy cane. "Do you need a hand there, Sam? I am sure we could find you some instructions on your computer."

"I'm figuring it out," he stated, but his eyes were watching as she played with the end of her candy cane. She noticed it and moved her tongue in a way that made Sam gulp. He turned back to the tree quickly. "I still don't know why we have to have a real one. The fake ones come with the lights already installed."

"The real ones smell better. Don't you want Michael to look back and remember Christmas and how it looked, sounded and smelt?" Bela smirked and kept sucking on her candy cane.

Sam heard the sucking noise and gave her a look. "Do you really have to do that?"

"Do what?" She gave him the most wicked grin as she sucked on the cane as she slowly slid it in and out of her mouth.

He huffed, crossing his arms a moment, then shook his head. "You know what, we'll go back to that later."

"Promise?" Bela asked.

Sam walked over, taking her hand and holding the candy cane out so he could get a bit of access to it. Looking her in the eye, he aimed his tongue on the end of the curve, flicking his tongue on it a moment before letting it slide into the inside of the curve and lick the length. Then with his own grin, he moved past her to pick Michael up from his playpen.

"I'll feed Michael while you decorate the tree, love," he said as he disappeared into the kitchen, knowing that later tonight they would get back to that discussion for sure.
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ooc: follows this conversation with Dean

Leaving his brother, Sam made his way over to Lana's. It was weird, knowing that he was going over to her place and planning on really admitting how he felt. Especially after they had fought about him denying this to her. His fears because no matter what happened between them, she was still going to be giving birth to his brother's child.

It still hurt his head to think about this. It was like some really bad soap opera script, but without Dr. Sexy and his cowboy boots to make everything better before the next drama started.

But he liked Lana. He really did, and he enjoyed spending time with her. It was obvious to all of them apparently that there was something between him and her. It was only his fears, apparently, that had held them back. And now Dean was almost literally kicking his ass about it.

Almost like Dean was giving Sam his blessing. Which, again... weird.

He had no idea where this was going to go. It could all go terribly wrong and maybe they weren't meant to have this. She might hate him once they started dating. He might end up hating her. But he didn't know, and to find out meant he needed to get rid of that barrier he had put up between them.

Well, the first thing he had to do was knock on her door. Which he did, leaning in the doorway and waiting for her to answer so he could apologize for being an ass and figure out what they were going to do next.


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