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So if you haven't heard through Facebook, Twitter, or me being annoying in person, I'm actually fundraising for charity. The Special Olympics of Tennessee has an event called "Over the Wall" in which instead of doing some kind of run/walk event, I get to rappel down the side of a 27 story building in downtown Nashville.

Yes, I'm crazy. But that's why many of you love me :)

However, I have to reach a $1,000 minimum to be able to actually get to take the plunge, so to speak. And I figured that, hey, I know a great way to not only do my fundraising, but to also give back to everyone who helps me help the Special Olympics.

So I'm going to be doing a Random Acts of Fiction Drive to go along with my fundraising.

Here's how it works... )

And if you just want to donate and don't want fic written, just let me know. You'll still get a big hug from me.

Also, feel free to share this post with anyone you think would be interested in supporting the Special Olympics! Even if I don't get to jump, all the money still goes to their organization so it is for a good cause.

Thanks guys!

*~ Alison ~*

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So I've been having some problems getting the urge to write lately, and since I'm already so far behind on my 100 days of Summer table, I figure I would open it up to a fic request table.

So, request as many as you want from the table. Also look through the previous requests to make sure that prompt isn't taken. Then tell me the following:

Muse or Pairing:
Anything you want to see happen:

You will get at least 100 words per prompt, up to as many as it inspires Sam. Any verse or rating works, you can request fic for muses and verses that aren't even yours but you like reading... whatever! Toss me stuff to write this summer!
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... and as the credits roll, it was deemed that there was a need for joy. And Sam looketh over the internet for the fluffiest words he could find and said unto his journal followers "Choose thy words and thy muses, and there shall be fluff."

Choose a word and what muse you want paired with Sam, and I will write you a fic. If you give me multiples, I will write everyone one first, and then go and do the extras afterward as EVERYONE is getting some kind of fluff this weekend.

1. Cloud
2. Bunny
3. Puppy
4. Kitty
5. Lollipop
6. Lullaby
7. Cotton Candy
8. Dandelions
9. Dancing
10. Snuggie
11. Cupcakes
12. Llama
13. Baby
14. Pom-Poms
15. Fireplace
16. Belly Rub
17. Teddy Bear
18. Whipped Creme
19. Towel
20. ... fuzzy love cuffs (Dean made him add it...)
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Leave a comment with one or more of the above and I’ll write a drabble for it.
anything marked done will be in comments below

1. Playful!Sam - [ profile] shutthefrntdoor (done)
2. Murderous!Sam
3. Flailing!Sam - [ profile] dontbea_racist
4. Incarcerated!Sam - [ profile] absit_omens
5. Deviant!Sam
6. Sick!Sam
7. Intoxicated!Sam - [ profile] soldier_ofgod (done)
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Sam - [ profile] ilove_atallman
9. Eloquent!Sam
10. Cooking!Sam - [ profile] lieu_murphy (done)
11. Over-protective!Sam - [ profile] winchesterjerk, [ profile] absit_omens
12. Bored!Sam
13. Silly!Sam - [ profile] horsewoman_lana (done)
14. Romantic!Sam - [ profile] modestnygirl
15. Silent-Treatment!Sam - [ profile] winchesterjerk (done)
16. Bedtime!Sam - [ profile] enjoythe_ride
17. Jealous!Sam - [ profile] absit_omens
18. Inquisitive!Sam
19. Confused!Sam - [ profile] queenemma
20. Sexy!Sam - [ profile] sorella_italia
21. Angry!Sam
22. Dorky!Sam - [ profile] ironknifehunter (done)
23. Working!Sam
24. Needs-a-Hug!Sam - [ profile] idealized_sue (done)
25. Choose-your-own!Sam

You can also request any of the above for Ben and Lindsey.


Playful!Ben - [ profile] hel_hathnofury
Dorky!Ben - [ profile] hitchhiker_girl
Needs-a-Hug!Ben - [ profile] dont_jumpship
Confused!Ben - [ profile] winchesterjerk

Cooking!Lindsey [ profile] fairly_ironic
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I figured that since everyone else is doing it, and I'm repping into people's threads, that I should be nice and offer the same in return.

So, be gentle. And I will work on your requests during the week:


With this kiss meme, you’ve got to leave a comment with one of four choices:

A kiss on the forehead.
A kiss on the nose.
A kiss on the neck.
A kiss on the lips.

Once you leave a comment with your choice, I’ll write you a fic with our characters and your requested kiss destination.


We all have ideas of where we want our muse to end up in the future. The problem is, we’ve got to wait for that future to show up. Or do we? Future fic let’s us write about that distant future we’re hoping to get to one day. Here’s your chance to get some future fic out of me.

Leave a comment with single word prompt and I’ll write you future fic with your muse and mine. If needed specify a verse and ship.


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