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3) Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.
--Jim Davis

"Dean, are you sure this is going to work?"

"Of course I am, Sammy. When have I shown you something that didn't work."

"The time you tried to jump the barbed wire fence and tore your pants."

"The fence was wet and I slipped."

"The time you blew up the potato in the microwave."

"You're the one who wanted mashed potatoes."

"And the time..."

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“Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.” --Steve Almond

Dad was on a job again. Dad was always on a job and Sammy didn't like it because it was Halloween and Pastor Jim had PROMISED him that they were going to go trick or treating. At least, he had promised Sammy, because Dean said that it was lame and didn't want to go.

But then Dad came back and packed them up into the car and took them for a trip. Sammy was happy to see Dad but it meant they were in another motel room alone and Sammy wanted candy.

"Dean..." Sammy asked again in his whiny voice.

"No, Sam," Dean said from in front of the TV. He didn't even look over at his younger brother who was in the window, watching the kids run around in the parking lot in their costumes, getting ready to start knocking on doors. Sammy was wearing the Batman costume and everything. He just needed someone to go with him.

"But why not?"

"Dad said to stay inside and we're staying inside. You don't want to make him mad, do you?"

"No..." Sammy pouted. But Dad wasn't here. He was never here. Sammy wanted his Dad here to take him trick or treating.

"Then quit asking."

The group of kids were getting closer, and Sammy looked over his shoulder. Dean was watching a loud movie. He wouldn't hear. Sammy would be back before Dean even noticed he was gone. Little fingers opened the window and Batman slipped out the window. He grabbed a bag from the cleaning lady's cart and ran over to the group of kids and moms. "Can I go with you?"

The ladies looked down at Sammy in confusion, wondering where he had come from. "Does your Mommy say it's ok?" they asked, looking around.

Sammy gave a little pout. "My mommy is dead. My brother won't take me. My name is Sam."

"Where do you live?" Another asked, and Sammy obediently pointed at the motel room he had just escaped from.

"I have to be back before dark," he said with a serious nod.

The mothers shrugged. They were only going around the block before coming back. What trouble could he be? They nodded, and Sammy gave them a bright smile as he put his mask on and went to join the kids as they started to walk around the block.

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He was standing in the junkyard, holding the shotgun in his hand. Of course, he was only seven and probably would get yelled at if his dad saw him doing this, but Dad wasn't around. Neither was Bobby. They had left Dean and him here alone to go talk to Salis.

Sam knew something was wrong. They had left New Mexico pretty quickly after the Ms. Lyle incident. That's what Dad called it. An "incident". Dean wouldn't talk to him about it either and was instead inside with the television and a pizza.

Fine. Then I'll figure this out myself. He had found an old target in Bobby's supply room and put it up on the fence, then took Dean's shotgun and walked away far enough.

The thing was about as big as Sam was, but he had seen Dad teaching Dean how to use it. So he hefted it up onto his shoulder and aimed at the target, squinting his eyes as he pulled the trigger...

... and ended up thrown back onto his ass from the recoil as his shoulder hurt from the kickback. Tears swelled up in his eyes from the pain and he bit his lower lip to keep from crying.

"SAMMY!" Dean was at his side almost instantly, looking at the situation and then checking his brother for injuries. "What were you thinking, kid? You could have hurt yourself."

"I just wanted to learn how to use this," Sam pushed the shotgun away, rubbing his shoulder.

"You don't need to know how to use it yet," Dean said, picking the gun up and checking it over.

Sam pouted, trying to stand up. "All you guys ever do is keep me from doing anything. I know about this stuff now, Dean. I want to help."

Dean pursed his lips and sighed. "Dad will get pissed at me."

"You think I care?" Sam looked Dean in the eyes. "Come on, Dean. What if I have to be the one saving you? Don't you want me to know how to do it?"

Dean nodded, then stood up. "Alright, but if Dad finds out about this, I'm pointing the finger at you."

Sam's face broke out in a grin. "Deal."
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"Not now, Sammy."

"... Deeeean."



Dean sighed and stuck his head in the back window, looking at his brother. He couldn't pump gas and look in at the same time because his arms weren't long enough yet. "What do you want?"

"I gotta goooo!" Sam was wiggling in his booster seat, looking at his brother with pitiful eyes.

"Can't you hold it just a few more minutes? I need to finish this."

"I need to go NOW!"

"But Dad's inside and we can't..."


"Fine!" Dean growled and took the pump out of the car, hanging it back up and closing the cap before opening the door and starting to unbuckle the seat belt. Sam jumped out a second later, crawling out of the seat and starting to do a wiggle dance as Dean grabbed the car keys from the ignition and locked the door.

"You're such a baby," he muttered, walking Sam towards the gas station. Their father was coming out just as Dean was walking around the back, and he tossed the keys to him. "Potty emergency. I'll finish pumping when I get back."

Dean then saw that Sammy had stopped walking. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry Dean." Sam turned and was pouting as the front of his jeans was now wet. "I couldn't hold it any longer."
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ooc: Based off this picture prompt. From John's POV.

John Winchester was learning rather quickly that his youngest son had a wild imagination. Also, that leaving him alone with Bobby was sometimes not such a good idea after all.

Sam was six now, sitting at the kitchen table when John got back from a hunt. Bobby was out working in the yard, and John would bet that Dean was following behind him, trying to learn and help with the cars. The mechanic blood ran strong in Dean, and he always wanted to know how things worked.

But not Sam. Sam was happy with the books and his gummi bears on the table. He had learned how to read by the time he was four, and some of the words that Sam knew now - but couldn't spell - made John feel like he had no education at all.

So seeing one of Bobby's research books open in front of Sam wasn't that big of a shock. However, it was turned to an especially graphic page with a human decapitating a vampire. "What you reading, Sammy?" John asked, putting his bag down on the counter.

"Uncle Bobby said it was a horror picture book. I can't read it because it's in pig latin, but the pictures are really gross." Sam looked up at his father and smiled, his fingers playing with the gummi bears. There was also a half eaten strawberry Jell-O cup beside his elbow.

"Well, I'll have to talk to Uncle Bobby about letting you read these things. It'll give you nightmares..." John went to pick up the book, then stopped as he saw exactly what Sam was doing with his gummi bears. "... Sam?"

"Yeah Dad?"

"Why don't you go out and play with Bobby's dog for awhile... get some fresh air."

"But orange bear still needs to set the vampire bear's head on fire." He pointed to the picture, then grabbed the box of matches. "I'm almost ready!"

John closed his eyes, then took the matches. "I don't think Bobby would appreciate you setting the kitchen on fire, Sam."

"But Daaaaaad..."

"Outside now, Sammy."

Sam just pouted, pushing his chair back and getting up. "You never let me have any fun," he stated, then grabbed Cheney by the collar and led the dog outside. John watched him go, then sat down at the table and shook his head.

He wasn't sure if he should be amused by this, or sad in knowing that eventually, Sam would be doing the same thing he was having his bears act out. Right now, he just wanted Sam to be a real kid and run around outside with the dog and play.

The monsters would come soon enough.
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“We are able to find everything in our memory, which is like a dispensary or chemical laboratory in which chance steers our hand sometimes to a soothing drug and sometimes to a dangerous poison.“ --Marcel Proust

There was a tree limb that Sam enjoyed sitting on. It was a nice, thick limb that he could lay on his stomach and watch the world around him. There was a park and a playground and the kids showed up at 3:23pm every day when it wasn't raining.

They had been in town for two weeks now on this hunt and Dean had told him to go out and explore because he and Alec had to sleep during the day for this hunt and Saw was bored just sitting in the room. So he went to the park every day and sat in his tree and waited to see what the kids would do.

When the kids got to the park, they all wanted to play on the swings first. Little kids went to one set, and the big kids went to the other set. Someone was always there to push the little kids I want Dad to push me Dean! Dad won't be back until after dark, Sammy... Higher Dean! Higher!!! and then they would go to the slide I'm scared Dean, it's too high! I'll be at the bottom to catch you, Sammy when it was someone else's turn.

There was a sandbox Don't eat that Sammy and a baseball field Good catch, Sammy and then some kids kicking around a white ball that Sam felt he should know how to play.

Sometimes the kids were not there, and Sam would lay on his back and look at the clouds. They would dance for him in the blue sky and sometimes make shapes Look Dean, a bunny! Look Sammy, my T-Rex is eating your stupid rabbit and sometimes they would follow behind the airplanes that flew in the air in lines that would spread out and then disappear.

And there was the one day that the clouds had been black and Sam had gone back to the motel really wet and Dean had been worried.

But the thing Sam liked the most at the park was seeing the ghosts of him and Dean walking around when they were kids. Because then he knew he was remembering things on his own, and they were happy memories and they made him smile. He liked to smile, so he came back day after day.

Maybe if he stayed there long enough, he could remember everything again. Then he and Dean would be very happy. He should ask Dean if they could stay then...

Oh look, the ice cream truck! Please Dean, I want a snow cone!!! Alright, but we're sharing it so don't slobber all over it Sammy...
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"Dean, pull over man..."

"Oh come on Sammy, it's not that bad."

"I'm not kidding."

Dean looked at his kid brother in the backseat of the Impala. Dean was now 16 and just got his license. Dad had handed him the keys to the Impala, telling him to take Sam out to get something for dinner. On their way back, however, Dean decided he wanted to really take a ride and test out just how the car ran.

Sam had been sitting stretched out in the back, reading while Dean was driving. He had eaten too much, but it wasn't often that they actually want out to eat, so he took advantage of the desert menu. However, after the first hairpin Dean took on the back country roads, Sam was starting to regret it.

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starts using this growth chart image as inspiration

Sammy has a tape measure. He found it one day while going with Dad to get something at Home Depot, and he carries it around in the one bag he has for all his things. It's next to the stuffed animal that Dean had gotten him as a baby, and a picture of his mother that had fallen out of Dad's bag at one point that Sammy never told him he had.

That night they were at Ms. Missouri's house. Dad was actually still there, reading through books while Dean was sitting in front of the couch watching TV. Biting his lip, Sammy walked into the kitchen and looked at his Dad.

I'm gonna be big one day... )


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