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You asked for it, and I held out until now to make it double special. Enjoy :)

God he loved her. Anytime she was in the room, his eyes always left whatever he was doing to take her in. It didn't matter if she was coming in to yell at him for something, or just to walk in and pick up her book. He knew she worried she was that she looked huge, but she looked beautiful to her.

And she had been joking about how frustrated she was with all her hormones, so he decided to surprise her with a little bit of seduction. He waited until she left for a little bit of pampering at the spa - his suggestion - before slipping out to get to the spa as well.

He had gotten her a pregnancy massage at Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon down on Pennsylvania Avenue, but there was a twist. A very expensive twist that he had been training with Jacques for about a week to get it right.

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ooc: takes place after this.

The mission over, Sam slept for a good four hours on the CONTROL jet that brought him back to the states. Partially it was from exhaustion, though the drugs to numb the pain from the bullet wound on his arm were helping nicely.

Once he got back to base, he was patched up better and spent a few hours in debriefing. Somewhere along the way he also managed to catch a quick shower, though he didn't have a shaving kit at work to get rid of the scruff.

After that, he sat and talked with the Chief. He needed advice about what to do, and he would be the only one who would know Sam and Beth well enough to give good advice.

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He sat in the living room, hands folding in front of him while waiting for Beth to get back from her trip to see Dean. His travel bag was by the door, waiting for him to go. But he couldn't, not until she got back.

Chief had called looking for her, wanting her to go on a long term mission. Sam had talked him out of it... somewhere along the way revealing that Beth was pregnant and he had asked her to marry him. The Chief did need to know, even if Beth didn't want him told.

Sam promised the man to secrecy. The rest of the office would know within 24 hours anyway. Chief couldn't keep a secret like that if the fate of the world depended on it.

But someone had to go on that mission, and the other agents were on jobs, so Sam took it. He couldn't let her take a job that was guaranteed at least four months in deep cover when she was pregnant.

He had only asked to wait until Beth got back before he left. She had to get her anger out at him so that it wouldn't be there when he returned. So he waited patiently, the GPS tracker having told him she came back into DC borders about an hour ago.
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ooc: takes place at the completion of this mission.

He had finished his debriefing and came home late at night. He was still a bit sore, hurting in a few places he'd rather forget how those injuries came, but the mission was a success and he even had a new friend out of the deal.

But right now all he wanted to do was just take a shower and then collapse into bed. He got the next day off to recoup, and he was pretty sure he would be sleeping through most of it.

He wasn't very quiet when he got in, tossing his keys on the table by the door and dropping his bag on the floor. He sat on the arm of the couch to pull his shoes off, his tie undone and jacket already hanging in the closet.
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ooc: takes place a few days after this

Sam was sitting at a bar at the Mirage, w glass of whiskey in his hand as he swirled it around. One drink was all he allowed himself to have while he was on a job, and he planned on making this one last.

He had been in Vegas for a day now, and while he had gotten a good lay of the land as well as staked out a few of the supposed drop points, Sam had yet to find his contact. Supposedly this guy was a special agent from another government division, one who would be able to help him and had special knowledge of the party that KAOS was trying to sell the object to.

Of course Sam had no idea who he was waiting for. Just told that the guy coming to find him would recognize him for who he was, and leave it at that. Which left Sam sitting at the bar, alone, sipping his whiskey and waiting.

And hoping that his partner for this mission was someone he could get along with last time. Last time the chief sent him on a mission with another government agency, he had gotten some crackpot burnt-out NSA agent who loved his guns a bit more than the safety of his partner.
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ooc: takes place in the Without You verse. Happens during the same time as this and this. Castiel is an NPC played by [ profile] jstliketherifle's mun.

Sam stood in the bedroom of the hotel. This was where he and Beth were staying until the repairs were finished on their condo.

Where he was staying. Beth had run off to spend a few days with Amy, her lover. In the last three years, Sam had learned that his lack of emotions at times was not something Beth needed, so she found comfort and safety with Amy.

But in doing that, Sam had been left alone. And that was the last thing he needed.

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ooc: takes place after this. co-written with Dean = [ profile] jstliketherifle

Breaking Dean Winchester was taking longer than he thought it would. Ruby, surprisingly, was doing a rather impressive job of keeping his head on his shoulders and well, that just wasn't working. Not at all. Alastair had plans for his dear old friend Dean, and he wasn't going to let a bunch of birds ruin that for him. He would get Dean back, in one capacity or another, and he had to say, the idea of him as a human, going back on everything he ever fought against was rather -- appealing. Destroying what the angels thought he was going to be, what they were hoping he'd become -- that had its perks. And that was why he'd been taking things slow.

Besides, he hadn't been topside since Poland, '43. If he was going to have to spend time above ground, he might as well enjoy it.

He had to admit, it'd set him back a bit with Delilah. He hadn't expected Dean to move that quickly, and it gave the poor sap a bit of hope as opposed to tearing him down even more, but Alastair was finally ready to move in for the kill, especially with the lovely opportunity Agent 99 had presented him with. Dean slipped, and he slipped in a big way. Now was the time to go for the money shot. Now was the time to strike him where it was going to hurt the most, and finally let the demon Dean had become loose on the world.

He made his way through the apartment building quietly, before knocking lightly on the door to the room where he knew Sam was, and waited quietly, hands in his pockets. This would be like taking candy from a baby.

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ooc: takes place after this

CONTROL always ran scans of hospital intakes to see if there was anything suspicious coming in. Around 4am there was an intake that raised a few flags. Four dead, one survivor - body almost as if it was carved.

It wasn't the deaths that raised the flags. It was the description of the people. More in particular was their possessions.

"Rock salt rounds in two sawed off shotguns. Two silver knives. Three water bottles." Sam was flipping through the list as he sat in the car, his blue tooth headset lit. "Definitely a hunter. And whatever they were hunting hit them hard and fast. And there's a trail that goes across the country with similar parameters."

"So a serial demonic killer?" His boss back at CONTROL talked back to him. "Alright, 23. Go in and question the survivor. Do what you have to to get the hunter's trust and hook that device up to her blood pressure monitor. We'll tell you if she's giving you true answers or not."

"Got it." Sam got out of the car and headed up to the ICU, flashing his badge before being shown into the room where Delilah was. He walked over to her machines, checking the levels and placing the device on it before looking at the girl who was lucky to be alive.

Pulling a chair up to the bed, he sat down and just waited for her to wake up.
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ooc: takes place after this

Suicide to think of you / But I still like the pain -Jackalope ‘Go Away’

As Ruby walked away, Sam took time to pull his broken body off the ground. The gun was gone. Dean's gun. That gun had been in that shoulder holster since he had joined CONTROL. He refused to take any other piece. The rest of his armory from the back of the Impala had been stashed at Bobby's. All he kept was the car - safe in the condo's garage where no one could steal it while he was out on assignments, a shotgun for the condo hidden in the front closet, the dream catcher that hung above his office desk, and that gun.

The gun which Ruby had taken from him. Just like Lilith had taken Dean from him.

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Sam Winchester
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[ooc: set in new verse. 99 = [ profile] failuretotrust]

Your hands in mine
When we're intertwined, everything's alright
I wanna be with the one I know

Seven Things I Hate About You - Miley Cyrus

Six months in CONTROL now, and Sam was really enjoying the whole "secret agent" life. The gadgets, the parties, days of lies and deceit followed by a few moments of pure adreneline - it was like being a hunter, but only on a payroll.

He was made for this life. The down and dirty part of hunting had always bothered him but now, like this? It was a career that Sam could actually have and not feel ashamed about it.

Of course, except for the people in CONTROL, no one knew about that.

Tonight's Mission was fairly simple... )

Sam Winchester


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