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NAME: Alison Sky
AGE: 37
CONTACT: [ profile] alisonsky


NAME: Sam Winchester
CANON: Supernatural
AGE: 26
CANON POINT: Season 4, episode 10

INCENTIVE: Dean has just confessed to Sam that he spent 40 years in Hell, 30 being tortured and 10 being the torturer. His brother is broken in spirit, and doesn’t have the power to be able to continue on the fight against Lillith. Sam loves his brother more than anything, and wants him to find some peace and get a better life than what they have. If he was offered a way to remove Lillith from the equation and let Dean be able to find himself again, Sam would be willing to come to Eudio.

FIT: Sam is still in a place where he is a big moose shaped puppy and needs confirmation that he is a good boy and that everything will be okay. In his canon, Ruby is using that need of his to be able to get his trust so that she can corrupt him. He does have those physical needs and normally gets them out with porn and a few late night encounters in canon, so being someplace where he is told that it is expected would, well at first be awkward, but once he is used to it he would actually come to enjoy the attention. He would not be the one to sleep around with everyone and their mother, but find a few people he would come to trust and connect with, and those would become the ones he would get and give the most affection to.

CONSENT: As stated above, Sam isn’t one who sleeps around as it is. He usually waits until he forms a trusting connection with someone before he becomes intimate with them. There hasn’t been any canonical evidence (beyond when he is soulless in season 6) that shows he strays from this viewpoint, and even soulless all the sex he gets is consensual even though he doesn’t care about trust but more the physical drive at that point. There is a point that could be made about if he was on too big of a demon blood high that he could lose his rationality and forget, but I honestly don’t like playing without consent so unless it was needed in a plot to happen I would thoroughly talk to my RP partner about it before allowing my character to go to that point in game. Sam would be horribly angry at himself and wanting to do anything he could to make things right if he did lose his rationality once he regained it.


Threads with Jo, Faith, Rose & Dean on the TDM

ANYTHING ELSE? Sam is currently off the demon blood. He has not hit the point where he is an addict, but if he is exposed to it by a demon from his world and fed enough, it does give him powers that include telekinesis and being able to exorcise and eventually kill demons with the power of his mind (depending on how much he drinks and retrains). It does have a downside where it makes him irritable and irrational.

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