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Character Information

Name: Samuel Winchester
Age & Date of Birth: n/a anymore. Looks 28
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Canon: Supernatural

Powers & Skills: Sam's remaining grace gives him access to some of the simpler angelic abilities - the ability to heal others and himself, banishing demons, and blessing stuff. You want holy water? He can make holy water. If he can focus, he can show his angelic side to prove his existence. Using his grace takes up his energy and will exhaust him if he does too much at one time. His wings are too damaged to be able to fly long distances, so he walks everywhere. He doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep, but he does now since he's spent a few years on earth at this point.

Position & Occupation: Nomad. Tends to just wander from place to place, observing humanity.

Home Location: Heaven


Sam is a very, very tall man who tends to look like he is in need of a good, hot meal, a shower and a haircut. His eyes are almost always sad, his soul constantly in pain from the loss of Heaven and his grace. His wing are not visible to human eyes, but those who can read auras would be able to see the broken wings as a shadow behind him. He can make them appear when he lets his remaining grace shine.

Family: they are all up in Heaven and he misses them very much. It's been a long time since he's seen them.

Bio: Sam Winchester was a human once, a long time ago. He doesn't remember much of his human past unless he tries to focus on it. He remembers a brother, trying to save the world, and giving his life for it. There may be even a complete set of the Winchester Gospels still in some ancient library if you want more information - if they are to be believed. They are kind of outrageous, after all.

When Sam's time on earth came to an end, God took his soul and made the Winchester an angel to start filling in the ranks of those that had been killed in the war of the archangels. He was assigned a basic position to help guard Heaven from any attacks from Hell. There are been more than one, and the warrior side of Sam - the one who knows how to fight and survive - was still very much in tact in this angel form of him.

However, not all the angels were happy with this choice and knowing that Sam is still the warrior he was on Earth - the Winchesters had taken on a position against them, after all. They know if they want to try for remaking the Garden again - a goal they would always strive for - he would be a problem that was better to handle now than later. So after about 300 years in Heaven, the other angels betrayed him - they managed to rise up against the former human, rip most of his grace from him, and send him pummeling back to the Earth he had not walked upon since his death.

Not that he remembered his human life anymore. It had been over 300 years since he had thought on it, and so he's had to relearn how to live among humans. The world didn't look like the one his few memories could recall. He's been on the earth again for fifteen years, and has a lot of the basics down. However, he doesn't stay in one place too long as he has found that his miracles tend to be mistaken for magic, and no one likes a drifter.

Out of Character

Name: Alison Sky
Age: 36
Timezone: CST
Other Characters: Guglielmo Stilinski
Contact Preferences: [ profile] alisonsky

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