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Fic: Awkward Single Dad Moments: Bra Shopping | for Wizera & Emily

"Listen, you had a choice. It was me, or your uncle Dean. Who would you rather be here with you?"

"That's not the point, Dad."

"You said you needed to go shopping. so we're shopping." Sam Winchester took a moment to avoid looking at the woman who came out of the dressing room with a lacy teddy on to examine herself in the mirror.

"Yeah, but do you see anyone else in Victorials Secret with her father?" The fourteen year old Olivia gave her father a look, too annoyed to be amused at her father's cheeks turning pink.

"The longer you complain, the longer your father is going to be in here embaressing you with his very presence." Sam raised an eyebrow, then looked at the table near them with polka dot bras. "So, let's get this over with."

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Olivia muttered, looking at the same table, then pointedly sighing in frustration and walking away from Sam to look at a wall that was full of lace and low cut. Sam gaped, following her.

"Don't you want something a bit more... covered?" he asked. "I mean, you have to lug that cello around and the support..."

Olivia turned around, putting her hand up. "Okay, ground rules: unless you have the breasts, you don't get to make an opinion on what is on them."

"Unless I get to make an opinion, someone needs to get a job to pay for what is being bought," Sam countered.

Olivia threw her hands up in frustration, and at that moment, a woman with a nametag made her way over. "Can I help you?" she asked, looking from father to daughter.

"YES!" the Winchesters replied in unison.

Sam sat outside the dressing room, his eyes wandering around the displays while the saleswoman and Olivia went through the whole process of figuring out her size - Sam didn't want to know - and getting a few "fun" but "tasteful" bras that would make both of them happy without Sam having to see what they actually looked like on his daughter and fearing someone would call the cops on the single father being a pervert.

As he sat there, he was checking his phone for text messages from his brother that weren't cracks about Sam buying a bra. It wasn't until he realized that his light was gone did he realize that someone was standing over him. "Excuse me," the voice asked. "I could use a man's opinion on this."

Sam looked up to see a blonde in a tank top and a tight leather skirt standing nearby, her low-cut shirt revealing one of those low-cut bras that Sam had been stearing his daughter away from just moments ago. "Um... sure?" he answered, glad that his voice hadn't sounded like a squeak when he answered her.

"If I was going to seduce a guy, say someone tall, dark, handsome and with the most amazing green puppy eyes I have ever seen, do you think this would work?" She held up a red leather corset with black piping that was paired with a black lace thong in her left hand. "Or this?" she switched his attention to her right, and it was a white teddy that had black underlacing around the chest to look like a bra underneath, and a matching panty that the tag said was a split-crotch.

"Actually, he's more of a plaid guy with simple but practicle tastes," Olivia spoke up as she came up behind her father with three bras folded in her hands.

The woman looked at the glaring teenager, then Sam and shrugged. "Thanks anyway," she said and quickly walked off.

Sam looked up at his daughter and then sighed in relief. "Thank you," he said as he stood up and stretched his legs.

"I just can't take you anywhere," she muttered, nodding her head to the counter. "Can we go now?"

"As long as you have everything you need."

"I do."

They went up to the counter and Sam paid for Olivia's purchases, and as they were heading out the door Olivia had to ask, "Dad, what is the point of a split crotch panty anyway?"

"Ask your uncle," Sam replied, not wanting to go there.

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