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Player Info
Name: Alison Sky
Age: 33
Contact: / AIM: alisonsky21 / plurk: alisonsky
Characters Already in Teleios: n/a
Reserve: Link Here

Character Basics:
Character Name: Sam Winchester
Journal: [personal profile] likely_evil
Age: 28
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon Point: Season 6, Episode 3 - The Third Man


Class A: 329 years
Deaths: averaging 3 an episode = 321 deaths.
Major Betrayals: 8

Class B: 130 years
Giving 20 years a season for Breaking/Entering, Fraud [credit card and pretending to be a FBI, priest, cop, etc], and property damage, and an additional 20 for the year with the Campbells before season 6, and 10 more for the beginning of season 6.

Class C: 4 years, 4 months
  • Falling in Love with the Wrong Person [Madison, Ruby]
  • Drinking Demon Blood [at least 10 instances]
  • Salt & Burning Corpses [40 in lifetime]

  • GRAND TOTAL: 463 years, 4 months

    Canon Character Section:

    Meet the walking encyclopedia of weirdness


    Sam is trapped in a transition period, something that has changed a lot of his normal personality traits, and none for the better. He had sacrificed himself to save the world from Lucifer on Earth, and had come to peace with all the wrongs he had committed that had set Lucifer free in the first place. He died, and wasn’t expecting to come back.

    Crowley, of course, had other plans and pulled Sam out of the cage. However, the process wasn’t easy, and he left behind one teensy little thing: Sam’s soul.

    Without his soul, Sam lacks the ability to care. He doesn’t feel anything emotionally - he can still feel physically. Things are black and white now to him, where before he was the one who urged others to look beyond that into the shades of gray.

    He still has a connection to his brother. However, it’s no longer defined by emotional caring for his well-being, or even about how his brother feels. Dean is his brother, and the bond is a familiar one. He trusts his brother to do the job because it is what they do. He knows his brother will have his back because they are brothers - not because Dean cares. Family is still important to Sam, but only because of the protection that comes from them, and knowing that there is unspoken trust between them.

    Sam still has his intelligence, but lacking his emotional responses that would bring it out, he actually is less prone to use it. The book smarts from being a hunter and knowing his monsters and how to hunt them is still there, but a lot of his social interacting intelligence is gone and replaced more with a base response to physical stimuli. He doesn’t see the smaller hints that something is off when working on a case or talking to people. He doesn’t really do a lot of research beyond getting the basic facts that he needs, if he researches at all. He just processes what he sees and deals with it without thinking of repercussions or the feelings of others. An example is letting Dean get turned by the vampires without interfering. To Sam, it was a tactical move to be able to find the nest and knew his brother could hold out on finishing the transformation until the job was done and Samuel could give him the cure.

    He also has no tact or brain filter, and just tells things like they are to him. Any pretense of shyness is gone, as well as most of his manners. He knows how to manipulate people to give him what he wants. He also tends to keep his body on adrenaline highs, which he gets naturally from hunting, as well as some extracurricular activities like exercising and sex.

    The innocently puppy is gone, and what’s left of Sam tends to scare those that knew him. Sam himself knows that something is wrong with him, but he just doesn’t seem to care enough to figure out what it is. There is even a part of him that thinks he is better off this way and doesn’t need to have emotions get in the way of the hunt.

    Powers/ Abilities:

    Sam was trained by his Marine father, so he is highly skilled in hand to hand fighting, weapons handling, and ballistics. He also has learned through years of experience how to investigate crime scenes and solve those unexplainable crimes. He’s highly intelligent and can absorb large amounts of information, and his brother has described him as a “walking encyclopedia of weird” on more than one occasion. Languages come easy to him, and he’s shown that he knows a good portion of Latin, and basic understanding of Spanish. His knowledge of Latin and the encyclopedia of weird in his head also allows him to understand and perform some magic spells and rituals as long as he has the instructions in front of him or has done them often enough to memorize them.

    Before he died, Sam also had powers that came from his demonic blood. It started off as having death visions that were connected to deaths of people connected to the other children that the Yellow Eyed demon had chosen. He had also shown one instance of telekinesis when he was trapped and needed to save his brother’s life. It also made him immune to having his mind manipulated by psychic means. After Dean’s death, the demon Ruby started to teach him more, to the point where he was able to kill demons with the power of his mind. The power was amplified by ingesting the blood of the demons from his world. He would also go through bad withdrawal when he was crashing from a “power high”. However, since he died and went to hell, he hasn’t shown any connection to his old abilities.

    Without his soul, Sam has shown to have a few things that he’s resistant to. Sam doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and the lack of has no repercussions to his body. He’s also resistant to powers of other creatures that would affect humans - for example, in 7.10 when the goddess of truth tries to force him to speak the truth, he is able to lie without a problem.

    You can tell what season it is from the length of his hair...

    Actionspam Sample: Careful, it bites when asked

    Prose Sample: Helping Dean Mourn the Dead

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