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From the Mun: Charity Drive - Fanfic Style

So if you haven't heard through Facebook, Twitter, or me being annoying in person, I'm actually fundraising for charity. The Special Olympics of Tennessee has an event called "Over the Wall" in which instead of doing some kind of run/walk event, I get to rappel down the side of a 27 story building in downtown Nashville.

Yes, I'm crazy. But that's why many of you love me :)

However, I have to reach a $1,000 minimum to be able to actually get to take the plunge, so to speak. And I figured that, hey, I know a great way to not only do my fundraising, but to also give back to everyone who helps me help the Special Olympics.

So I'm going to be doing a Random Acts of Fiction Drive to go along with my fundraising.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to my fundraising site and make a charitable donation in any amount that you feel you can give. Remember that even a single dollar can go a long way for this group.

2. After you donate, leave a comment here about the kind of fic you want me to write, and an e-mail address I can mail it to you when completed. The fic will be especially for you and not published on the web (unless you want me to share it with everyone).


A. I'm going to go with the 4 words for a penny rule. So if you donate $1, you will get a fic around 400 words. $5 will get you around 2,000. So on and so forth. I will cap it though at about 10K just so that I can be able to get the fics written on a timely basis. All fics will be finished and distributed by December 31st.

B. I will write fanfic, fic between characters we RP together, OR Original Fic. Obvious disclaimer here about any original fic written will be copyrighted to me and not for distribution for monetary purposes. Fanfic obviously belongs to whoever person originally created the world.

I. If requesting fanfic, let me know what world you want, any specific characters/pairings, and anything in particular you would like to see happen. Feel to get as creative as you want! Just please remember that I don't write slash unless it's canon, or wincest.

These are the worlds that I can write you decent stories from:

Star Wars: Rogue & Wraith Squadrons
Buffy / Angel
Young Riders
X-Men (mainly Quicksilver or Nightcrawler. pre House of M or X-Men Evolution.)

And these are the worlds I know but haven't tried my hands on and can try to write:

Dr. Who / Torchwood (Who = season 1/2, Torchwood season 1)
Smallville (up through season 4)
Falling Skies

II. If requesting RP based fic, fill out this form:

Which Game:
What Characters:
When in their storyline:
Any ideas on what you want to see:

III. If original fic, I will e-mail you for specifics on what you would like.

And if you just want to donate and don't want fic written, just let me know. You'll still get a big hug from me.

Also, feel free to share this post with anyone you think would be interested in supporting the Special Olympics! Even if I don't get to jump, all the money still goes to their organization so it is for a good cause.

Thanks guys!

*~ Alison ~*

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