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Sam Winchester ([personal profile] likely_evil) wrote2011-06-22 07:38 pm



"Yes, Olivia, it’s a pony, and it’s just for you."

"Lemme down, lemme down!!!"

Sam carefully lowered his now six year old daughter off his back and let her run out into the field that had a white pony with a saddle standing just behind a wooden fence. The rest of the birthday party had followed behind him, and all the kids that Olivia went to school with took off running to see the pony. There were two other ponies in the fenced area for the other kids to ride, but the white one had been decorated to look like a princess’ personal friend.

The smile on his daughter’s face as the riding instructor lifted Olivia onto the pony made all the torture planning this party had been fade from Sam’s mind. Some of the mother’s stopped as they walked by to tell Sam how much they enjoyed seeing such an attentive father, and how thoughtful he was. At one point, he even felt a piece of paper slipped into his hand, and when he opened it, found Jessica’s mother’s phone number with a lipstick kiss on it.

"Let me guess, that mother is thinking about having a Winchester Two for One special," Dean came up behind Sam, slapping his hand on Sam’s shoulder.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about."

"Can it. I got her number too… plus a few others. I didn’t know Olivia had so many single mothers in her classes. I should take her on a few field trips."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Go make a kid of your own to use as bait."

"Why, when yours is already potty-trained?" Dean licked his lips, looking around. "You did a good job here, Sammy. Though I figure you’d know how to pull off a pretty pretty princess party…"


"You do realize you’re going to have a problem though when this is over, right?"

Sam turned his head to look at Dean. "You mean beyond a hyperactive six year old high on sugar?"

Nodding, Dean pointed over at where Olivia was hugging the pony’s neck. "She does know that at the end of the day, she has to give the pony back, right?"

It took a few seconds, and then Sam closed his eyes and groaned. "No, I didn’t think that far ahead."

"Good luck on that," Dean said with a laugh before starting to walk towards the rest of the guests. "I’ll see if any of the ladies need a ride home after the party."

Sam pushed off the tree and started to walk towards his retreating brother. "Hey, you’re supposed to help me clean this up!"

"Priorities, Sammy. Need to make sure all the ladies get home safe and sound." Dean gave Sam two thumbs up, then went and stood by Jessica’s mother and let his hand slide along her waist.

Sam just sighed and turned to start cleaning up the mess, trying to plot a way to gently break the news to Olivia that she didn’t get the keep the pony.

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