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for [[ profile] betenoire_rp] - AU Plot Details for Sam

For the purposes of the AU event, demon!Sam and his Dean are swapping histories. This is just Sam's side and information that he knows. Em will be making her own determination on how she's handling a BB!demon!Dean.

Sam is the younger brother, born four years after Dean. When he was six months old, there was a fire in the house - some suspect is started in Dean's room, some think it was his nursery. Can't really tell which. Anyway, Mom died, Dad swore to hunt the thing down that killed them, yadda yadda yadda.

Dean was always a little bitch. He was all like "mom wouldn't want us doing this. She wanted me to go to school and be something". Sam only knew this hunting life and was totally Dad's little soldier and his favorite. He took to hunting like a fish to water. As they grew older though, Dean and John fought more, and Dean was talking about college. Sam was in high school and Dean gets accepted to college, and there's a huge blow out and Dean leaves the family.

Sam's ubber pissed about it, and he and his brother stop talking. And Sam's starting to care more about girls anyway, so he just sticks with the hunting and flirting with the girls in different towns.

Years pass. Sam drops out of high school and gets his GED. John starts letting Sam hunt on small hunts on his own when he's 20. Sam's grow up into one of those tall, dark and handsome men who can get any girl they want, and he takes advantage of that fact often. He's also grown up on tv and relates his world to what he's seen over the years that way. he's a master shot and knows how to hunt pretty much everything. He's a genius, just like his dorky older brother, but doesn't tend to use that intelligence all that often outside of a hunt.

When he's 22, however, John doesn't return from a hunt and Sam, freaking out, bites the bullet and looks for his brother to help him find Dad.

Stuff happens, go back to hunting and trying to find Dad. Dean starts having freaky visions about people dying, they find Dad, Sam almost dies when the YED finds them, car accident, John sells his soul for Sam, keep going through canon we already know, then Dean gets kidnapped by the YED and Sam isn't able to save him in time before Jake stabs Dean in the back and Dean dies.

Sam is broken and can't think of living life on his own. He's only 23. Bobby keeps a good eye on him though so Sam isn't able to sell his soul. Then a year later he finds a demon in the shape of his brother hanging out in his Impala's backseat. Eventually he figures out that it's Dean, escaped from hell but broken beyond belief.

Sam swears he's going to protect his demon brother from any hunters who even think to try and screw with him or send him back. however, Dean is a little pain in the ass who thinks that life is a giant game of hide and seek, and disappears without warning and sends Sam off on an adventure to find Dean's ass. Usually Dean ends up somewhere that there's a job to do, and when it's done, it's off to find him again.

There are days Sam considers just not bothering to look, and thinking Dean would get bored and come find him. But he's too overprotective of his brother to actually do it, and just curses and gets back in the Impala to look again.

Looking for demon!Dean is like looking for John all over again.