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That sure wasn't on the Jersey Shore...

Sam hadn't told anyone he was alive. Ok, that wasn't true. His not-dead-yet grandfather knew he was alive. So did some cousins that Sam was still deciding on if he wanted to trust. And yeah, Bobby knew, but he was under obligation not to tell.

Dean didn't know, and that was what mattered. Bobby kept him in the loop on how his brother was doing, but otherwise he didn't go near. He wasn't about to bring him back into the insanity that was surrounding him. At least not until he figured out what was going on himself.

It was a werewolf that was able to change whenever it wanted, and was racking up a nice death toll in the Garden State. Sam and Christian had gone to check it out, but a call from Samuel had Christian going back early while Sam finished up the job.

Sam had no idea that the were was waiting for such an opportunity. It was the middle of the day on the half moon, and Sam found himself struggling to keep his life as the full sized were snapped at his neck and slashed at his skin. The proximity made the gun muffle as Sam managed to kill the were, but he wasn't able to avoid onlookers as he stumbled out of the alley holding a dislocated arm while his shirt was quickly becoming saturated with blood around his shoulder.

Luck brought him to the automated doors of the clinic and he managed to take just a few steps in before the blood loss caught up with him and he passed out right in the lobby.

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Hadley was on her way out the door.

It wasn't that she was against helping people. She was a doctor. It was her job. It wasn't even that she wasn't aware she was in the hospital. It had just been a really long day, and she was looking forward to going home, taking a bath, and trying to soak the rest of the day away. Or, at least, that had been the plan when a tall, bleeding man stumbled his way into the entrance of the clinic and passed out right on the floor.

She thought it was a little unnecessarily dramatic, but that was just her.

"Someone get me a gurney!" She dropped her bag where she left it, and rushed to his side, checking his back for injuries, before rolling him over onto his back, checking him over as she went. "Sir? Can you hear me?"

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She made note of the dislocated shoulder, and moved up to get a better look at him. She checked his eyes with a penlight to make sure he could still focus and wasn't going into shock.

"Can you tell me your name?"

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Hadley really hoped that you weren't too attached to this shirt, Sam, because she's pretty much going to destroy it. As the other doctors pulled over the gurney, she grabbed hold of the shredded ends of the sleeve and yanked it open, trying to get a better look at the wound.

"I can't tell through the blood, but bite mark or not, we gotta get this shoulder popped back into place first." She grabbed another one of the doctors, before shifting behind Sam to brace him. "This is gonna hurt."

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Hadley slid an arm across his chest to keep him upright before nodding to the other doctor. "On the count of three -- one, two ... "

And with that the doctor pulled, then pushed, forcing his arm back into the proper socket.

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"Alright," Hadley sighed, still supporting him. "Let's get him up on the gurney and take him to the ER."

The doctors around her did as they were told, helping her lift him up onto the gurney and starting to roll him towards the other end of the hospital.

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She gave his hand a squeeze, and a small smile. "It's my job. Don't worry about it."

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Hadley wasn't technically supposed to be in the ER, but she made a point of coming by to check on the patient every once in a while. Now happened to be one of those times. She spotted him trying to make a break for it, and dashed over, covering his hand with hers.

"Not so fast, Sam. You were out for a while."

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"Well, you're not supposed to be thinking. That's my job." She moved her hand to his good shoulder, gently pushing him back against the gurney. "But I'll lower your dosage. How's that sound?"

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"The hospital can contact him for you if you give us an emergency contact number," she said, picking up the chart to go over his paperwork. "We tried the one filed with your insurance, but the number seemed to be disconnected."

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She moved over to his personal effects and fished out his cell phone for him, before handing it over. "No phone calls. Just give me the number."

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She smirked. "I can handle grumpy. I work for the personification."

She scribbled down the number, before placing the phone out of his reach, and heading back towards the nurse's station. "I'll give him a call. Stay put."

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Hadley had a quick, concise conversation with the man on the other end of the phone, and handled it as professionally as possible. As soon as that was finished, she hung up the phone and made her way back over and replaced the chart at the front of his bed.

"Your grandfather is aware of your condition, and I told him that we're keeping you overnight for observation to make sure you're not gonna drop dead on us for no good reason."

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"No," she said, shaking her head. "But he does want you to call and check in when you get released."

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