likely_evil: (Fun - It Wasn't Me! :))
Sam Winchester ([personal profile] likely_evil) wrote2010-09-28 12:16 am

[ooc] This is not the Alison you're looking for.

In fa/ct, this isn't an Alison at all. This is an Emily posting for an Alison.

This is just to say that I'm taking over her Sam journal and am going to use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! [cackle cackle ... cough] Ahem. I mean that her business trip has taken a rather negative turn and she has found herself without internet. Business trips are clearly cruel, cruel things.

She will be back on Wednesday to do fun plotty things with you all, but for right now, there's not much she could do.

That will be all.

EDIT 9/28/10 @ noon - I HAS INTERNETS! It will probably die on me in another hour. I'm in the middle of a state park so it's not really easy for the people to get here to fix it when it goes down. So I'm on slowatius until tomorrow, but will try my best to rep as I can.

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